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  1. Merrry Christmas to you too krise, and to everyone else at GR.net!
  2. I forgot Rome! One of the best shows of them all. Too bad they had to cancel after two seasons due to economic difficlties (most expensive TV show in history). One thing that I really liked about Rome was that they didn't use "famous" actors. If they had used Tom Cruise for example in the role of Mark Antony it wouldn't be believable. I also liked the "shock-factor". Boobs, blood, chopped of limbs. Basically no censor (oh no, he chops his leg of, cut to black screen)
  3. Yes, congratulations Mattias. Good luck at Starbreeze!
  4. Top Gear is my all-time favorite TV show. I also watch House, Heroes, Cops, The Office and of course The Simpsons.
  5. Nice... what do I have to study to become a dev?
  6. Yeah, it would be cool if the game could register not just the moves, but also the current unit stats for the current version of the game. So when you start an old replay the stats automaticly changes to an old version. Sounds easier than it probably is though.
  7. For some reason, recorded games no longer work properly or not at all. I loaded up an old tough one I played a few months ago but the units didn't move around properly. First of all, when I play British I always recruit an extra riflemen squad, but there was only one squad out on the field even though my MP passed 1000. All other teams where also messed up. Then everyone just stopped moving. I remember this bug from C&C Generals. I bet it has something to do with the gameplay changes in the patch but why would it affect the replays? It's a replay afterall. When I tried to load up an old replay between Rocky and me (our toughest game yet) the game just crashed. It also said that both teams where British in the replay menu
  8. Finally! I wonder if I have the courage to pick this up again now when... eh, some stuff is fixed. Still think the puma is rather strong though, killing the AT-gun crew head on and all. Still, I might give it another shot. EDIT: Not to forget the pioneer-spam, but enough...
  9. I would like to see this feature on the GRAW: Injection skin too, please
  10. That's fine, I got what I need up there already
  11. Ahh.. I see it now. Yep, that's a good feature since I like to go to the CoH-forum. Is it possible to make it customizable so that we can put our own favorites there? A personal quick nav, sort of.
  12. I'd say both I haven't played in weeks because the Puma still annoys me. But if it turns out that everyone think it isn't overpowered then I might try and live with it. How about you Rocky? When did you have your last game?
  13. I've now played through the tutorial and the game sure is pretty comlicated. I checked the "market" to see what things I can buy for my ship and even that is complicated since I have no idea what I should buy and so on. It's pretty fun though but it requires a lot of time. Corporations and alliances seem to be a big deal too. We'll see how much this game grow on me
  14. I'm downloading the 14-day trial right now. I'll probably just stick to the trial too since I have no plans of paying a monthly fee to play a game.
  15. Yeah, I saw that yesterday. Minor mistake The engine looks amazing btw. I tried the 14-day trial like 6 months ago. Was a bit complicated imo, but I might give it a try once again.
  16. I've now watched both videos and I have to say that I'm really excited about this title and I haven't been this excited about a game since... Oblivion. I just hope they don't make the same misstake as Crytec which is showing too much of the game and its features before release.
  17. I think it looks a little bit better than Crysis. The wind really adds to the atmosphere which shows that graphics isn't everything.
  18. ...rumored by the public.... Gamespot says he got fired due to a long ongoing dispute with an editorial manager. I don't know what the truth is, but I do know that big software companies have major influence on magazines due to the money their advertising brings in....and as such, their integrity (and judgement) is questionable. It's strange though that the review was changed and the video-review removed. Also, all K&L-ads where also removed. It does smell like a conspiracy, but I doubt that Jeff would be fired because of the K&L-review only. The Eidos forum basicly got raped soon after Jeff was fired btw. Screenshot (not mine) Warning: Foul language!
  19. Wow... looking good. I hope these devs gets a bit more time than Bohemia. ArmA wasn't exactly what I hoped for.
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