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  1. I bet it's A for Assault, S for Stealth and B for... Black Ops?
  2. Noticed a bug in the team selection screen. You can't remove any add ons on your weapon (silencer, scope etc.). You have to equip another weapon and then re-equip the last wepon without add ons. I have a video that can explain better but Photobucket is ######ed up right now so I'll show it later.
  3. I agree. I want to leave in first person too. You guys realize you're not actually fastroping, right? You're just pushing "X". But it's in first person, it feels more authentic. Right now it's more like a movie where the camera circulate around the characters etc. etc. Sure it's "GR1" but everything wasn't bad in GRAW. Some insertions in GRAW were some of the most authentic insertions in any game IMO, even more authentic than Call of Duty Like when you're fastroping right into a firefight, or when you step out of the APC at the last mission.
  4. I got the latest copy PC Gamer SWE today, and it has a review of GRAW2! Since I'm not a good translater I will only give you their final judgement. + Pretty + Great atmosphere + Tactical + Great sound - Buggy - Short 85%
  5. Both. You can quicksave with K and quickload with L.
  6. I think the Ageia driver is required to play the game. It's not just for PhysX card-owners.
  7. Great demo! The AI is very good really. Just a few minor issues but overall it's way better than GRAW1. Like Rookie said, free look for the drone would be great, but I would also like free look for my teammates at all time. That is, you don't have to bring up the order menu to get free look. Noticeable blood splat when you shoot someone I think I know what the new cover-thing is (AI only). Video Or did that already exist in GRAW1?
  8. Also available at Fileshack. <--- Fastest mirror (requires free signup) Only 1.77 gig
  9. Not sure I understand, if you could go into the technicallities between VOIP and Teamspeak and your teamspeak-thingy and how they differ that would help. Unless you are talking about back-end QoS from your ISP ? Voice over IP, be it teamspeak, ingame, or another 3rd party is still voice over ip unless they have changed it to text-to-speech which would be interesting. I can't find the topic right now, but it has been mentioned that the game will ship with a 3rd party program aka Teamspeak, with some sort of 10-14 day trial of something that has to do with Teamspeak. When I say "real" VOIP I mean built in VOIP as in CS or BF2.
  10. http://ghostrecon.uk.ubi.com/newspost.php?news_id=6130
  11. I think it will ship with some sort of TeamSpeak-thingy. Not "real" VOIP, just a 3rd party program.
  12. I bet that's Ageia Island. Only PhysX-card owners can play that map though.
  13. Wait wait wait... this happens in Blood Money? I have to get this game now. I stopped at Contracts because it was so bad. In the last level, yeah, if I remember correctly. Blood money was pretty awesome overall, much better than the last few. Contracts took only 8 months to make. I think it was supposed to fill the gap between Silent Assassin and Blood Money. Btw, Vin Diesel should have been Mr. 47
  14. Out of gameplay reasons you're stabilized automaticly, otherwise it would be to hardcore. The only way I can see a medic implemented is Medal of Honor Pacific Assault-style... or BF2 (but it looks better in MoHPA). If you get seriously shot you have a near death experience. Everything is in black and white and blurry, you hear your Staff Sergeant or General (not sure) from boot camp in your head and you have few seconds to live before everything fades and you die. You survive if a medic stabilizes you, and it takes a few valuable seconds to do this. In BF2 you get a shock and you're alive again If something like this would be implemented in GRAW2 (or expansion) then a wound model would be extremely necessary. If there is no wound model then skip the medic IMO. Also... no the health bar ftw!
  15. They're sitting next to each other, they don't need voice comms According to Bo there will be a standalone dedicated server that doesn't need a disc to run.
  16. I bet that's GRIN_dalle here at GR.net. Neat. Nice find Joseph
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