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  1. My copy is sitting at my door right now according to FEDEX, but my new video card doesnt come from Newegg till tomorrow. My current vid card doesnt play the demo very well. But heck I can at least load it up. Peace... Old GPU Sapphire 9600 XT 256ram 4 pipes 128bit interface New Sapphire X800GTO 256ram GDD3 12 pipes 256 memory interface( I am hoping to mod this to the X850XT with the right core, hopefully that is. Let the games begin!
  2. Or go into DXDIAG/sound and turn hardware excelleration down one notch. Maybe that will help.
  3. I just come from the Official forums and I hear the same thing. Actually and very weird people have posted that higher end systems are having these problems. I saw 2 or 3 people post that, and cant run it. Sorry thats all I know..
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