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  1. I just read in the main PC discussion forum that you might have problems if you have mods installed or have been messing with the .xml files. Go to the general discussion forum and search under the 1.20 patch topic. Hope this helps, but I think you may have to do a reinstall, but I dont really know. DD
  2. I'm just curious... if you sold your GRAW, why are you still here? Thats exactly what I said, take it elsewhere, we still have our copy. DD
  3. No, I thinks it's alive and presents a good challege for persons playing the game on different difficulties. For me I am taking my sweet time. And I am sure people will come out with new maps. DD
  4. That would be nice. But thanks for the patch. Keep up the good work! DD
  5. Well since there really is no SP address's I think I will wait on this one until we see whats all going on with this 1.20 patch. DD
  6. So if I download this which includes the 1.16 will that give me a problem with my 1.16 thats already installed? Thanks... DD
  7. So for you, the (advanced) war is over I'd better do the same thing quickly (to get my money back).... its all going the shape of the pear.... So you sold the game huh. LOL people really need to wake up. Although yes it's not 100% perfect I am still enjoying this good(not perfect) but good game. For people like me who are having fun playing it(and still own a copy) will be benefitted by the upcoming patches. And with the editor and editor fixes/additions people have, and will continue to make maps and mods. And I think it will pick up the pace and become even more enjoyable, and playable. Otherwise personally I dont care to hear the fact that you sold your copy. And since it seems that you dont care, then why waste your/our time posting on these forums. We all have better things to do with our/your time. DD
  8. (I started playing GRAW with a cracked version.) Number 1 you might get banned for even saying the word "Crack/hack/warez stuff". And yes the hackers havenot come out with the new [Thing that should not be spoken of here IAW Forum Rule 3.7] patches yet for the latest game patches, so i know thats what you are looking for, and cant find. But I cant say anything else, but get the full version. (And to the mods, I have the full $$$(paid) version so please dont ban me for setting this guy straight) Thanks DD
  9. I know there is more content coming out simply by the words choosen by GRIN when talking about future patches and content. We know new modes are coming, and with that it's a good chance they will throw in some new maps. Also we know a full editor will be on it's way, and with that will be unlimited content. So with that said the future could, and I think will look brite. DD
  10. ??? What are you talking about?? U start off with enough points for a rifle in MP.
  11. Yes it is glad to see them here. I actually PM'ed a GRIn person about a mouse issue, and he helped me with it. Your stock high in my book.
  12. It might not mean a thing at all. It's just a game, people need to get over it and get back to real life, whether for them it sucks or not, real life that is. Let it gooooo.
  13. I tested that very thing on my system last night and noticed a 1-2 fps difference. I would rather have the better sound. Now if you turn down your sound acceleration then maybe u can gain more frames.
  14. Actually that is a good point and I never noticed that. technically and in real world you would think it would be so but I guess not.
  15. U think you got it bad, my little mid/low end system does barely just enough but yet I am happy and the game does fine for me. I am running: _______________________________ AMD Athlon XP 2800 (2.0ghz)(333fsb) OCZ Plat. Ram Low Timings (2gig's) Sapphire 9800 Pro 128ram Audigy 2 zs _______________________________ I was playing around with the video settings trying to get at least 30-40 fps for smooth play. Everytime I dropped, like textures from medium to low I noticed about 5 fps difference. Thats running at 1024x768(I will not go lower, ugly). The game runs great and looks good(yes it could be better). even with most stuff on low and couple things in medium I am happy. I know alot of people hate this game, but it's value is going up in my book, especially with the patches. __________________________________ Now coming in the mail less than 2 weeks: AMD Athlon XP 3200 Barton (2.2ghz)(400fsb) (Sapphire X800pro 256ram) ___________________________________ Hopefully when I get this I can bump some things up to mostly medium and still get 30-40 fps. Well i'm done... DD
  16. WOW that looks great, and great job my friend. Look forward to testing it!
  17. The problem is, is that the 1.10 patch actually changed the .xml file, from middle button "interface" to "misc" the middle button worked perfectly b4. I think I may have to choice to but roll back to 1.06 or whatever the first patch is. Thanks for the help. DD
  18. People need to seriously grow up and be mature, and it's just a game not real life. Not including this game but thats the reason I dont play Xbox Live, to many stupid immature cussings kids. I was privy to some of what Rugbutt said, hello grow up. Well I'm done. DD
  19. Yes I do need some help, and it would be appreciated. on this topic posted in Tech help: Cross-Com commands + Mouse wheel help: I have tried all the sugggestions as listed, including the GRIn person that posted this: __________________________________________________________________________ Could one of you having this issue please check what date your Settings\ctrl_set_def.xml file was "Modified"(right click -> Properties)? The last patch includes a new ctrl_set_def.xml file, so if you haven't changed anything the modified date should be the 18th of may. Also, if you open up that file, can you find something like this in it: <button id="hud_select" binding="2" device="mouse" group="misc"/> <button id="hud_up" binding="mouse wheel up" device="mouse" group="misc"/> <button id="hud_down" binding="mouse wheel down" device="mouse" group="misc"/> __________________________________________________________________________ And what this gentleman "LFM3" posted: solution to the problem: In the Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\Settings\ctrl_set_def.xml 1.06: <button id="hud_select" binding="2" device="mouse" group="interface"/> 1.10: <button id="hud_select" binding="2" device="mouse" group="misc"/> <button id="hud_up" binding="mouse wheel up" device="mouse" group="misc"/> <button id="hud_down" binding="mouse wheel down" device="mouse" group="misc"/> As you see, they changed the group from interface to misc. If you change the line in the 1.10 patch file to this: <button id="hud_select" binding="2" device="mouse" group="interface"/> <button id="hud_up" binding="mouse wheel up" device="mouse" group="misc"/> <button id="hud_down" binding="mouse wheel down" device="mouse" group="misc"/> I hope this work for you as it did for me. __________________________________________________________________________ I have tried all of those suggestions, including reinstalling my mouse drivers and setting those to default, and (Reinstalling the game and patches). What I will do tonight when I get home tonight I will post what settings are in this file: and my user profiles file. Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\Settings\ctrl_set_def.xml This problem is really bothering me, after going by these fixes and checking both files, (Settings & Profile settings), reloading my mouse drivers for my Logitech MX1000 Laser, the ingame control settings wont let me set ANYTHING for my middle mouse button, unlike b4 I could select activate cross com with my middle mouse button. Sorry for the long post, and I hope the admins wont merge this thread with the old dead one. Any help is very appreciated. And hopefully GRIn when the next patch comes out could you please address this? Unless we here can come up with a quick fix. Thanks again, DD ________________________________________________________________________
  20. Bump, this problem is killing me... Thanks....
  21. Not that I have that kindof setup, but with that kind of serious graphical power I would think you would be much higher than that. I would think u should be close to 100's with most stuff on medium. It seems to me the resolution is one of the biggest perfomance hit. I lose 5-10 frames going from 800x600 to 1024x768. Now imagine the fps hit going from 1024x768 to 1280x1024, I would think at least 20+/- frames. Thats no joke!
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