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  1. Well the last few days I have really gotten into playing online GRAW. My first impressions is that it's really competetive, nothing easy. I am hopefull for more upcoming official maps, or player maps. I am still getting disconnects from time to time, but not to bad. The one thing I dont like on some the small maps, like TDM/HH is serious Nade spamming. More in particular the granade launchers from the Scar's L and H. Hopefully in the future the kit restrictions will come into play, I can see alot of servers restricting this on small maps. Either way I hope to see more MP stuff coming soon. Till then.... DeathDealer....
  2. Yeah I read reviews of them, really great stuff, I just ordered them on Newegg. The user reviews are very high. Thanks for bringing thi=em to our attention. DD
  3. No modified files here my friend. I know you guys are addressing it and are aware of it. Could it seriously be GS? Hope to see direct IP coming in the future. Go GRIN... DD
  4. Same problem here, but wasnt 1.16 or 1.20 patch supposed to fix this? I can try 4 times and might stay on 1 outa 4. Thats sad, I have a great cable connections, very steady, maybe it's GRAW, and not us. I do like the game though, plz GRIn check into this more??? Maybe it's pathetic GameSpy, which I bet it is. Then direct IP would be preferred. Hopefully with the upcoming patches this can be addressed more. Thanks GRIN!
  5. Ok I got mine to work a while back ago, simply go into your software for Logitech or MS, and set the middle mouse button to "generic". That might help some, because I use my middle mouse button to enter commands. DD
  6. Good question. There should have been upon release, but thats another subject.
  7. I can't believe people are actually reponding seriously to this drivel. A 32 player server with everyone loading and starting at the same time and place? And then what? Join arm-in-arm and skip across the battlefield? You expect 16 perfect strangers to work and fight as a cohesive unit? In a public server nonetheless? Thats not likely to happen. I will have to wait to get home to give my opinion on that. So far what I here is sorta troubling, but we shall see.
  8. Good point Judge, I am still with GRIN, but I spend most of my time with FEAR, COD2, SWAT, RVS.
  9. EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!! If the game had been completed PRIOR to release, then this would be issues right now would they? I'm having problems understand the logic in rushing to the point of releasing an UNFINISHED peice of software. Why the sudden rush, we had already wait 3 years what would another 3 to 6 months have been? Thats a good point actually, why not wait another 3-6 months and get it right. I think GRAW had/has the potential to be a great game, but when it cant even trump the amount of players playing MP on 3yr old RVS (average 400-500 a night), then thats SAD. Now I know not everyone play's MP or buy's the game for MP, well for them it's not a bad game I guess. Either way I hope for the best...
  10. Not to bust you or give you a hard time but if you search just a little bit you will get a good opinion of the game. I personally like the game, and it will get better as they release the additional patches with Mp modes. I DONT think it is console kiddy at all, certainly nowhere near the console kiddyness of Lockdown. I think SP is very good and I am still enjoying it. MP is ok but getting better. Also I just started messing with WOW, I did the 14 day trial through Fileplanet and I like it alot. I am like level 6 Paladin (with only a few hours of gameplay). Hope I helped you, I think GRAW is really good, here is how I rate it: SinglePlayer: (B+) Multiplayer:(at game release) C+ (with patches and additional MP modes so far) (B) Gameplay/Format/missions: (B) Graphics/sounds/performance: (A)(for higher end systems) (C+) for lower mid-end systems) Well hope it helps..... DD
  11. I mourn your loss If the Cd gets hot then it possible. I pulled my fear dvd out of the driver the other day and it was very hot. Other than that I have never had that happen to me b4. Hope it works out for you.... DD
  12. When I set my preset kit of Special and add Extra Primary Ammo it works fine, but then the next time I go to my special kit and click to remove the extra ammo my game crashes, this is the second time it has happend, first time, only way I could fix it was to reinstall my game. Cool maybe the GRIn guys can fix that for you.
  13. We need direct ip badly. Plz GRIN can we have that? DD
  14. It would be cool if it were soon. But then again, test, test, test. I am willing to wait. DD
  15. It could be said that in 4 years console's will overtake PC's in gaming power, speed and precision. It only makes sense if you really think about it. So hey I can produce this game, get it right the first time for the console(since it's only 1 set of parameters), dont need to really support it with multiple patches and all. If you look into you can really see it going downhill. HD TV's are getting cheaper TV LCD's are getting cheaper and better. So who says you cant have a great gaming experiance with that kinda setup. And since most homes now have a pc and a console, the pc is fine for browsing/email ect... And the console is the main gaming platform. For console game developers its the perfect world. Well anyways, I love PC games and hate the console junk. For me there no replacement for the mouse keyboard combo. Well thats all....
  16. Don't stop patching now guys. You have only just begun to address the many unresolved issues. By the way, how is the "July Patch" coming along? Is it on schedule for release this week or next week? silent_op That would be nice....
  17. Whenever Oliver posts its a post that beats a dead horse... a guy who has uninstalled the game and says he only cares about single player.. and seems to post something negative EVERY day.... if you don't wanna wait for the patches find a new game.. if you do wanna wait do it in silence since your not saying anything new or good... you have beaten the dead horse now there is nothing left of it so stop pounding the ground Just for you, dear boy, is a link that may help: http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...st&p=396465 Thats what happens when $$$$ is considered b4 quality. Now I know you gotta make the cash, thats just plain buisness. But in my field of work without the quality I cant get the bigger cash. I think the few and rare quality games(like HL2, FEAR, ect...) are the games that bring players in droves. When will UBI(Publisher, and holder of Clancy,Ghost Recon, Rainbow 6 names) get their act together? Personally I think they are the string/purse holders that sets the schedule, I think, that is. So is it GRIN that's at the mercy of the UBI schedule? AND money desires? Crank it out for a buck because thats ALL they did for LD, they made some quick $$$$, probably not much but something. Then they saw how much the players hated the game and dropped it. I guess they felt obligated to release a patch, maybe not to truley tick players off. But I tell ya being a PC gamers for a long time, there are only a few companies out there producing GOOD games. Games that bring a few hundred thousand players. UBI, should REALLY take a look around, and wake up. But hey is their Xbox/PS2/Gamecube console industry is keeping them happy, then the pc'ers can get thrown the crap or half made stuff. Knock it out, throw it out, and maybe 100k people will buy it. 100k x $50(average per game) = 5 million$$$. Well anyways, I just hope the best for GRAW because I do like the game. Go GRIN.... DD
  18. It must be hardware related, because I have the same system almost identically as your's just 2gig's of ram. I never had those problems. I got a used 9800 pro from my friend and that barely plays GRAW on low (25fps), so 9600 will struggle to run the game. It sounds like the VGA card is being overwhelmed and is crapping out on you. DD
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