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  1. Do you have a legal copy of XP? Because if you dont eventually you will run into the "verify you Win software" if you dont have a legal or a copy they can verify then you cant really get further than that. Some ppl have corporate copies and use one key, eventually MS will get you. Maybe thats your problem maybe not. Death
  2. I would have to agree with you on that as well. If we have a demo and its good I will pre-order like last time. Although I have high expectations on GRAW 2 it will be a wait and see. Lets hope all is great when it comes out. Death
  3. Will there be a built-in map editor like UnrealEd? That would be a cool feature to include in GRAW 2. Just asking... Death
  4. I got that screen at home myself, and it's working great with GRAW. So it works great for you huh? Good then I am definitly buying it. How is the light bleeding? I heard that only in real dark or blacked out areas of a game will you see light bleeding. Thanks for your opinion though, it is appreciated. Death
  5. Judging from screenshots, it seems to be day/night cycle, too many light changes to be a fixed option....I hope so at least Yes I think it has been confirmed to be a day/night cycle. That will be a cool feature. Death
  6. The Geforce 7800GS is the highest model AGP card I think you can get, the rest are PCI Express, and ATI/AMD the x1950 Pro is the highest AGP card you can get. I am looking for the very same thing, so let me know if I'm wrong. Either way both cards can be had under $200 on newegg. I consider that to be a good deal. Both cards have Shader Model 3.0. Death
  7. Most deluxe boards have them... if you can afford 3 drives ai think you can drop a few bills on the deluxe. Just my thought. I will take all of that into advice. I can get 3 100gig drives the prices have gone down alot on hd's. Death
  8. You could also try www.frozencpu.com They have everything you could possibly need for case and case modding. Death
  9. So how do you like that MSI board? I thought about adding that to my upgrade list. I suppose that supports one single core cpu's? IS that a 939 socket? Thanks for your thoughts about the board. Death
  10. Yes the excitement is building. By time the game comes along I will have new hardware to try that baby on. Death
  11. Thats actually great because I will be getting a new 22" Samsung 225bw Widescreen 5ms LCD monitor from Newegg and I was wondering about that very question. It's native reso is 1680x1050 so I am looking forward to playing GRAW and GRAW 2 on it. Death
  12. I have just bought the new lian-li box case (mid-tower, review its dimensions and the hdd box at the pci-e top right area) and the 8800 gtx gets into it. As Coling said it's sized over 260-275 mm, at least my asus vga. regards I like those cases, I thought of buying it but this Raidmax I have is decent enough for now. I have still yet to mod it to water cooled like I want to. Death
  13. Well if thats the case then it really limits the sales of them game, or forces ppl to buy this card. Either way I aint buying it, unless It does a magic with games. Death
  14. I only have a single drive that I partition 3 times, C drive, Apps drive and Games drive. I am about to get new drives and use Raid 0. Since I have never used raid, you should still be able to partition each drive right? Or partition them as a sinlge drive? Essentially what I want is 2 drives, Sata, like 100-150 gig's, put them in a Raid 0, then I wanna use another drive, maybe the same size as a backup drive. I suppose that is possible huh? I have always built my pc's but I have never used Raid before. Death
  15. Yes I know about that, so I guess the news page is essentially the home button if you wanted to go back to the beginning of the website. Either way just making a suggestion. Death
  16. Alot of that could be crappy sound drivers that was used in the development of the game. I know that the Unreal engine uses crapola sound software and that has caused lower fps. I know in RVS if you turned down you sound excelleration you would get a few extra frames. I think putting ram on the board helps with that. At least I think. Death
  17. If there is to be a ingame voip, it would be nice to have the ability to be customized, such as creating your own channel with the ability to lock it so you and your clan ppl wont have to worry about idiotic ppl talking out the side of thier necks. Either way I hope for the best Death
  18. I will be upgrading to that card soon, I havent read much about X-ram. Death
  19. I guess we will have to wait till official list. But I am hoping for a wider selection this time around. I am sure GRIn will deliver. Death
  20. It is a sweet thing. Because of it GRAW 2 will be a better game. Lets move forward. Death
  21. I think they said the card is 11" long, I think, according the Newegg reviews. You will need a full sized atx case, like a tower case. This is the case I have(just as a example): http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16811156148 Well I hope it helps, because in a few months I get my 8800gts. Death
  22. I am sure this had been thought of, but is it possible to add a home button, or go to the front page by clicking the Ghost Recon image at the top of the page. I guess you have to embedd the url. Either way just a suggestion. Death
  23. I know GRIN was the first for the physics cards, but with dual core cpu's and soon to be dual core gpu's do we really need a separate card? Plus I havent heard many games use this yet other that GRAW. But I might be wrong on that. death
  24. Ditto. Agreed, plus you have these kids cursing up a storm with this type of chat. I have friends that have stopped chatting online because of this. But either way TS works for me.
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