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  1. If u alt+tab while in game(playing) or deathcam u wont get double cursor. Works for me.
  2. Maybe Grin could fix this? Like "cancel" detonation if you're up close to another ADAT, like within 1m.
  3. Is it possible for one Ghost to place C4 on all three ADAT's and blow them up at the same time? That would be humiliation.
  4. I got 3 stars a few times (top score=126) but never Gold star. 3 stars at 100, but how much do i need for the Golden one?
  5. One other thing. Its annoying that Recon wins (by points) even if all members are dead and one ADAT is remaining. IMO Recon failed their mission. If the Rebels kill all the Ghosts (one ADAT left) it would be more natural if its a tie, 2-2. Even better, Rebels wins.
  6. Weapon keys are F1 -F7. Just remapp them to 1-7 if you like. I have my primary and sec on mousewheel, prim forward and sec back. Nades are on thumb button. The rest are between 1-4. In the controls menu only use "Singleplayer Weapon" keys.
  7. And please notice, Tagged Rebels are only seen by Recon(Ghosts) and are Red. Tagged Teammates are only seen by Scramblers on Rebels and are Purple. I and others ahve been gunned down alot of times because of this misstake. Kind of annoying....
  8. Got empty server list, happened to me and a friend. Worked after reboot or reinstall. Sound option not saving at exit. Problem when remapping controls. Weapon buttons not responding on Logi G5 after remap. The game once froze, had to reboot to exit the game. One crash: Crash in application version: 29520.2404 Unhandled exception - access violation C STACK: wrap_oal (???) : alcCreateContext Renderer: threaded Physics : threaded Thats about it after 2-3 hours play. Specs: Vista Ultimate x32 Asus A8N SLI Deluxe AMD Opteron Dualcore 180 2GB DDR 8800GTX Raptor 36GB Audigy SE G15 G5
  9. My opinion in this matter is like this: Spawn Camp = Sit in your own spawn and camp (chicken) Camp = Sit some where on the map and wait for the enemy to come out... not all the whole round though. Spawn Rape = Sit in or just outside the enemys spawn and shoot them before they have any chance to move.
  10. I agree.... too much of the diamond and name on the screen, hard to see if it's a friend or not in close combat. I have cursed Alot over that.
  11. In these servers, usually low ping servers(30-100), it takes several minutes to just load a map. I get a FPS drop that stays around 10-25 (normal is 35-50) and the mouse doesnt respond at once.... ½ sec late. And one of those servers are GRAW Official EU -02. The longer i play on one of these servers the worse it gets. Then im joining another european server with higher ping(110-200) and it works great. Loading takes just a few sec, no mouselag or stutter at all. FPS is great and im shooting and blasting as never b4. I tried to close all other programs, firewall and AV... even change Uploadlimit in GRAW-menu. Nothing helps... My frieds dont have the same problems at these servers though. Any ideas? My specs: AMD 3500+ 2GB DDR Asus 7800GT Audigy SE Im located in sweden with ADSL 17/1
  12. Many thx! I got the same problem today, and thx to you i got it fixed within half an hour.
  13. Sounds like u have the logitech mice. I had the same problem. Go to setpoint settings and make every button u can to Generic. Leave the others default. All other settings i have is default. That solved it 4 me. Hope u get it right.
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