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  1. The term nextgen shouldn't really apply to any game currently released or slated for release that can run on currently avaliable hardware. The 360 is current generation technology as of the time it was avaliable on store shelves. Using the word and applying it to current games or hardware just makes you sound like a tosser IMHO. The term 'nextgen' was born when people were referring to the 'next generation' of consoles and the sorts of game titles they would be capable of. Since then it appears to have *stuck* like so many bad terms and is casually tossed aorund by people who have no clue what they're actually talking about. Live in the now - stop talking in the past tense. Sorry for the rant, that term just grates on me because the way most people use it, it doesn't really *mean* anything.
  2. People who already have their pre-orders of the full game said that it didn't ship with any mod tools on the CD/DVD.
  3. I gave it a 7. Haven't had any issues running it, so I can't complain there. I docked 3 points for control, gameplay and AI issues. Most of which I hope can be fixed. I've played the campaign through more than 10 times now, 4 in SP, 7-8 times in CO-OP over VPN LAN. Visuals & Sound: It's not the best looking game around, but it definatly has it's fair share of good moments. It's also set on a larger scale than most FPS games and I've only seen 1 level so I don't want to judge it too quickly. AA support would be very nice, as would an in-game option for turning off HDR/Post effects. The ghosts seem rather fat (no, seriously, watch the intro video then play the game) and the orange dayglow uniforms really do stick out at points. Weapons look and sound great. The echo and reverb of gunshots near and far is superb, although I would have liked louder bullet impacts with more smoke/debri being kicked up to help with the suppression feeling. Oh and the explosions and environment destruction are amazing (wihtout PhysiX card). The light/dark auto adjusting works well enough, dark areas are nice and dark when in the sun but bright areas seem a little underexposed when in the dark. Controls The controls are great in some parts, fustrating in others. General movement and placment seems good. Prone aimaing is a little naff and could do with some tweaking. The slides and peeking are great. The run bob isn't so good for those sensative to motion sickness in computer games. Weapon/Kit selection really ought to have it's own bindable keys. You usually need to access grenades or the GL in a big hurry and a menu system just doesn't cut it. Tactical ordering seems a little clumsy and some of the binds for these controls don't work. The middle mouse + mouse wheel for tac orders seems clumsy too. A fly-out menu similar to BF2 would be a much more elegent solution for this. Being able to pan around the overhead tac map using the WSAD keys instead of the mouse would speed up usage of this screen considerably. Gameplay I'm worried about the accuracy for MP, it seems a little too good, perhaps even to the point on making the sniper rifle somewhat invalid. Different MP maps may dictate how effective the M99 really is though. Accuracy when moving is also higher than I expected. The Grenade Launcher tends to go awwy when fired every now and then (like hitting the wall next to you but not exploding), as does rolling hand grenades along the ground (stopping 4 feet in front of you). The overall blast radius of grenades also seems a little limited to me (smallish kill zone). You and your teammates can take more hits than the enemy on easy/normal didiculty. Difficulty levels don't seem to alter the AI too much (need more levels to play to really get a feel for this though), nor does it seem to effect the number of enemies. Being wounded also seems to have a rather limited effect. Destroyable cover is a big plus. AI Enemy AI makes very good use of cover (most of the time) and those fixed MGs are a nice peice of work. Team AI are a little slow and could make better use of cover. They react poorly when under fire (seem to wade right into gunfire at times) and desperatly need a fall-back order. AI with a SAW doesn't suppress too well either despite my best efforts to get him to do so. The sniper and rifelman AI seem good, the sniper was sharp, accurate and quick when given good areas to field/cover. MP CO-OP Having the mission fail when the leader dies is too limiting. Didn't experience many LAG issues despite playing via VPN LAN from Australia -> US & UK servers. More spectaor options would be nice. On a whole I'm quite happy with it. I've drawn issue with things that most also seem to have problems with so here's hoping the first patch gets this closer to a 9.
  4. Anyone on hamachi? Nemon setup a bunch, NemoNet_2 though NemoNet_9. There's 2 ppl on there atm but no one is playing.
  5. No it won't. :wall: See my above post. I so wish people would check their sources before posting crap like that.
  6. I wouldn't trust the system requirements lab as far as I can throw them. Not to mention that they're using the old system requirements. Latest minimum requirements are 2Ghz CPU, 1Gb RAM, Nvidia series 6/7 or ATI 9600XT (or better)
  7. Australian mirror (Internode network) via 3D gamers http://www.3dgamers.com/games/ghostrecon3/downloads/ I can't direct link to the file on the internode servers, you have to click through via 3D gamers. It's pulling down at full speed for me though.
  8. Probably because they are in the process of mass producing the DVD's and CD's, and packaging them all...at least that is my best educated guess. ← Whoever educated you towards the idea that game developers actually pack the games into boxes needs to go back to school.
  9. They're the same resolution as the images on the UBI site, you just have to right-click and select "view image" (or save to disk) as the the sillly UBI web designer is squashing them into that silly pop-up window. Pop-up windows and forced image resizing...
  10. Spike or Dracusis or Drac or Vagabond or MissPiggysLoveToy Depends on the crowd I'm playing with. I mostly used Spike and Dracusis in GR1 though. Dracusis and Vagabond are my BF2 names, Drac and Dracusis for CS. Dracusis for everything else, although not so much nowadays as I grew tired of everyone saying it wrong on comms or asking what it meant. MissPiggysLoveToy, well, it's just fun to own people with that tag on. Gets em all worked up.
  11. Stats could work if you simply award them to the whole firesquad/team as opposed to just the person doing the deed. That way providing cover fire while your teammate flanks and gets the kill is just as much your kill as it is theirs. In domination if points are awarded for securing a sector they should be awarded to the whole team and not just the person who didn't get hit whilst capping that zone (cause he was hiding under a rock doing sweet **** all while his teammates went down trying to drive the enemy back). Individual stats can be kept for things like accuracy, but if you also only kept team/firesquad stats for things like kills and deaths then you'd do well to try and keep your squadies alive, and help them get kills. The downside to this is that you could get smacktards who simply try and drag other peoples stats down as they're all somewhat linked togther (in much the same vein as the people who stand in front of jets/tanks etc in BF2 and force you to TK them so they can punish you for a negative score). Keeping team stats only could also encourage a lot more noob bashing and discourage people from ballancing players based on skill levels on pub servers. On second thoughts this isn't sounding like such a good idea afterall. One of the annoying things about counterstrike is that all too often you'll get all of the good players on one side but none of them will want to switch because it'll hurt thier kill death ratio.
  12. Wouldn't this lead to people sitting right on top of the ammo dump and spamming with their grenade launcher?
  13. I've made a few posts over on the .COM forum suggesting that the modders and level designers who wish to tackle remakes of the GR classic maps form a coalition of sorts to share assets and skills and to minimise the possibility of having 20 different versions of Embassy floating about. The idea seemed to be well received but as we don't even have the game let alone the modding tools there isn't much to do at the moment apart from speculate about what may or may not be possible. I'll float the idea again around the time the modding tools get released. Unless of course GRIN announce their own remakes for GR classic maps. I wonder if I'd be able to get an answer from anyone as to weather or not they have any plans to this end?
  14. What does that mean exactly? That we'll get a MODs forum under the GR.NET GR:AW group soon? I missed the boat with the GR1 modding scene due to University taking up most of my time but I'm hoping GR:AW will provide a 2nd chance for me. I've also got a lot more firepower at my disposal for mod development this time around. .........................
  15. That's probably how things would work. After all, there were a lot of issues with GR that never really got pinned down untill 1.4 (and some never will), and 1.4 was after 2 expansion packs. If the artists and level designers aren't working on other projects, they may be working on additional content for expansion packs. We may also get some ported 360 content. Not sure what how or if that'd be possible though.
  16. I haven't come across a game which didn't allow you to re-map key/mouse assignments for quite some time. I'm not a southpaw, but I'm *very* picky about my key config and I'm an invert mouser. Also, I recall in the preview article from the GR.net members that went to play GR:AW at UBI, one of them re-mapped the keys to his liking whilst he was there.
  17. Yeah, DDR400 RAM will work fine, but I'll only run at DDR 33 speeds unless you get creative. I'm running DDR 500 RAM in my system which only supports up to DDR 400, although its running at about DDR 466 speed as I've overclocked things a tad.
  18. I'm probably not the most knowledge person about Intel chipsets around these parts, but it breaks down something like this... There are three versions of the Intel 865 chipset, all of them support Dual channel DDR, which means you'll want a matched pair of 2 x 512Mb DDR modules. The sticky issue is that the different version of the chipsets support different FBS speeds and thus different RAM speeds. If you've got the 865P chipset then you can only run DDR 333 (PC2700). If you have the 865G or the 865PE chipset you can run up to DDR 400 (PC3200). The free CPUz program should be able to tell you the exact chipset flavour. http://www.cpuid.com/cpuz.php Remember the maximum speed (333 or 400) that your chipset can support and get a matched pair of RAM modules, meaning you buy a paired set of 2x512Mb sticks which are tested to run in Dual Channel mode. All of the major RAM brands sell matched pairs of RAM for dual channel DDR systems. Don't stress too much about things like RAM timings (that's the C2-3-3-8 T1 stuff often written next to it). Generally lower numbers are better but they make little real world difference compared to the extreamly high cost of the lower/faster timed RAM unless you're into overclocking and I'm assuming you're not. Just avoid the no-name and value RAM and you should be fine. Good luck with the upgrade
  19. No global scoring or stat tracking that we know of. That usually leads to bad habbits anyways (BF2 point wh0ring for instance).
  20. Yes, there are tactical points in domination mode. Reading even the first page of the thread before replying can really help, you should try it sometime Customize weapons yes, character no. It's first person view only and I doubt you'll run across too many mirrors on the streets of Mexico City so I can't see why you'd bother with it anyway.
  21. The series 5 Nvidia cards have very very poor shader performance. If the game says you need series 6 minimum, then you're not likely to get anything playable on a series 5 card.
  22. Funny, I remember hiding behind lots of things in GR1 when too much fire started coming my way. Granted, the best suppressive weapon in GR was the OICW's grenade launcher. If you weren't afraid when some of those things went off in your general area then you were either crazy or playing with far too many respawns. Hands up if you were ever pinned flat to the floor as grenades exploded over head in the Embassy back ally ways? /me raises both hands. Although I think explosives were more suppressive than ballistic fire in GR because the entire screen would shake when they went off even remotely close to you.
  23. I agree, it also gives the lower spec'd weapons more play value. If you learn to use those ones well you'll be dangerous in the early skirmishes. For instance, the M-16 in GR1 was pointless in MP. Other kits were simply better, so it may as well not have even been included (in MP at least). If you don't like the idea it sounds like you can simply set a really high starting number of tactical points and never need worry about it.
  24. If the AI is as half as good as GRIN says it is, Co-Op will be a little more difficult to mod as you'll need to ballance the number of enemy AI per firefight with the number of Co-Op players. Although, perhaps you can simply add in more friendly AIs to fill the gaps when you don't have enough hot bodies to play with.
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