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  1. Something like frostbite would be just fantastic for graw! The combination of long range fighting and close quarter combat inside the various instalations gave me the best gr experience ever. Winter war in Sibira or some place in the Eastern European countryside would also be good.
  2. Just got my game today(dvd version) and have tried out the domination mode. the buttons Ive configured on my logitech g5 mouse have the same problem you are talking about. i did not have this problem with the demo expept for that mousewheel bug wich is already known. Use this mouse every day when playing RO so I know its not a problem with my mouse, its with the game. Gonna try with my old logitech dual mouseman later today to se if theres any changes. This game needs some serious patching !!!!
  3. That would be really nice, but we will probably need for a mod for that to happen. Think this game is going to be good, but I hate those helmets and that tacky shoulder patch on the right side. Rest of the uniform isnt that bad. Would really apreciate a few caps and a bonniecap.
  4. Merry xsmas and happy birthday to all of you!!!! See you out there
  5. You are right about that . Im working on a new id for the release. Hopefully something good slips through my mind one of these days.
  6. I think just the ones for your teammates did, honestly I dont remember ← think armpatches that where made later with the glowing effect in mind where alright. Someone In a clan i was in made a new one for us that didnt glow. We never used it though cos the one we had looked so good!
  7. a mate got a 5700 card and he runs Oblivion and bf2 on that with no problem. Maybe you can run Graw. If so, with low settings and fps around 50 i guess.
  8. well, Ill probably need a new one but cant figure out what that should be
  9. Yes, that would be great. I wish for and expansion with maps from the Eastern European countryside: Big maps with forests and small villages
  10. What's BST ← yes please, what is that?
  11. Auto download of content from a remote server would make this game even greater. And much easier to use for a lot of people. Most of us who play tactical shooters know how to install a mod and make it work even if the instalation is "clumsy", but for a lot of people its to much hazzle cos they have to: 1. find the mod ". 2. install it. So my point is this: If we get that auto thing, then we get more players playing mods. The game lives much longer and we are going to stay happy for a much longer period before we start whining about that we need a new shooter.
  12. I use a usb headset with built in soundcard for voip so i can have coms on headset and game sound on my speakers. Used to be a lot of trouble with it earlyer(runing 2 soundcards), but with the new versions of ventrilo thers no problem. Works good on skype too. Havnt used Ts in awhile so i dont know if they have sorted out the problems with running 2 soundcards there. Have used it with Ts and it used to workfine most of thetime but sometimes I had to rebot to make it work right. My headset is a bit worn out so Im thinking about getting a 10$ card to only use for coms now.
  13. well, 16 players isnt exactly an army, is it? And with those chestrigs used in Graw, I really dont see the need too get back to the support lines to to gear up again for a 20 to 30 min firefight.
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