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  1. When one has made a decision to kill a person, even if it will be very difficult to succeed by advancing straight ahead, it will not do to think about going at it in a long roundabout way. One's heart may slacken, he may miss his chance, and by and large there will be no success. The Way of the Samurai is one of immediacy, and it is best to dash in headlong. Last night I played my friend and fellow team mate BG ScornDrake in several GR adversarial matches. I never realized that he dashed at me all the time and in a way that caught me off guard. He never hesitated, never stopped, didn't try to hunt me down in a round about way that he does when he is sniping. He was determined to kill me off and fast. He suceeded in his task. I never seen such determination in a game before. He was very honorable in not gloating over his kills but instead offer suggestions on how I might live longer in the game. He also told me to read a book that he has read and own. I did as he suggested, I am impressed that he is well indept in many cultures and ways how to improve one self in real life as well as in online games like GR. Hagakure: The Book of the Samurai
  2. This reminds me of a joke my old Drill Seargent pulled on my buddy at Ft. Knox of 59' durring my boot camp! "Soldier go down to the supply, and bring me back a box of grid squares", Drill Seargent ordered my buddy to do. Off went my buddy to supply. 20 min. later he cam back with a blank stare. "Where is my box of grid squares soldier?" Drill Seargent asked. My buddy responded, "Supply laughed at me for about 5 min., and asked if I were stupid, cause there is no such thing as a box of grid squares, they only can be found on maps!" How can grids be considered cheating? Hmmmn, only if your the idiot that thinks that they should be in boxxes...
  3. You serious? Quite serious on what I designed in the past. You can hit a target at great distances with a M2 Browning .50 cal. machine gun, plus the .50 cal. round could punch through walls, trees, sand bags, and enemy troop like a hot knife through butter. And if you know anything about the civil war you would know that most rifles were .50 cal or higher. I just wanted a bolt action .50 rifle that could be magazine fed. So I sat down and desigened one that would work perfectly. Btw the old M1 Grand and Carbine were .30 cal rifles and both I have fired and carried in the army, infact were the two weapons I was first issued in the service. Taking the designs of them as well as the new M14 at the time came up with a design close of that of the Barret .50 cal. I sold my desings to the US Army soon afterwards cause no weapon maker wanted to make it for me. "There's nothing like the smell of a .50 cal, so get me a couple..." - John Wayne, The Green Beret
  4. Xio, I believe you that you got the three enemy soldiers in one shot. It was one in a million for a shot like that, but in GR there are several incredable feets to be made. My friend BG ScornDrake showed me one the other day of my Team Leader GEN Ghostdog in the prone position and an enemy hand grenade landed not even 2 feet away and going off and not killing Ghostdog or wounding him. So I know stranger things can happen in this game. Keep on playing and hope you find away to update your game to play on MP!
  5. 1stSgt Arnold, sure he wasn't Benedict Arnold, or direct ancester of him. BG ScornDrake, he never had a chance against you! You were after all the one who trained him on that team. At least he got what he deserved out of his traitorism, a bullet with his name on it via air-express from you! I will personally remember this story and if I ever meet him or any of his team I will show them how to fight with honor. "An honorless dog, deserves nothing but a quick end in this game!"
  6. Well told story my friend, well told indeed. I look forward in seeing more good work coming form you! The funny thing about snipers are that they never miss what they aim for and if you haved survived an encounter with one he didn't miss you, you were never his target. When you are, you will get it like the ones that fell before you! Since I have been playing GR, MP I've taken so far 169 enemy soldiers in my cross hairs in battle as a sniper and have kept a snap shot of each one on disk for my sniper log book! "One shot, One Kill...more then that you just gave yourself away!"
  7. Born October, 30th 1942 on the Rainbow Bridge, Niagra Falls, NY the Untied States side in an ambulance. So I am as my profile says 60! And yes that makes me a war baby! I served in the US Army as a Tank Driver in 1st Cav. as well as in 2nd Armor Div. Yes I know Elvis, and served with him in Germany. Never cared for him as a soldier as a for his music it wasn't bad! I know Vietnam real well but don't care to talk about it. I've seen my share of US military history to fill several books on it but rather spend my days playing games and with my family. My son got me hooked on GR. My favorite weapon is of course the Barret .50 cal. I desiged one in the 60's and had winchester reject it cause it was to much fire power for the rifle. My designs were taken bought by the US Army and Barret used them quite well. I also happen to love my M2 browning .50 cal. that was on my old M48 tank back in the days! But when it come to close quaters I prefur my M1911 45. cal handgun, that gun saved my life more then I care to count. I salute you all for playing games with us old timers as some have called us. To me I will always be a kid at heart.
  8. LAND WARRIOR SYSTEM's informational site! This will show you the real bases behind the LWS!
  9. Land Warrior System(LWS), was designed to work in conjunction with the Weapon Site, GPS, as well as Communications. 1.) It's not in use here in GR, due to the fact in Multi-player games, you can't set up way points or show some sort of battle plan as the real LWS works. 2.) GR has only type writen command message and no voice comms. LWS has this ability. 3.) GR the Soldier has to peek around and get shot at. LWS lets the soldier use his rifle and is never seen only his weapon. 4.) My favorite one for LWS is this; The OICW can communicate to other OICW's or LWS based weapons for target information. (EXAMPLE: Joe is out of ammo but is looking at a enemy soldier through his OICW, his Team mate Bob is 20-30 yrds away and doesn't see the enemy soldier, however Joes OICW sends him the info where the target is and where to aim the 20mm to fire! Bob fires his 20mm never seeing the enemy yet hits him dead on! 5.) No video communications in the game, meaning you can't see what your team mate is looking at, unless your dead. LWS you can patch his camera to you and you see what he is looking at! 6.) LWS can send for Medic, and other simple commands for quick responce time! This is what LWS is all about! GR doesn't have this as of yet, perhaps GR2 will! To date no sim has actually been able to incorporate the LWS in it or the OICW or M4 w/LWS.
  10. About the jumping part I was saying to be more of a leaping effect so you have a 50/50 chance of surviving a grenade explosion, and yes soldiers can jump with gear on! BTW you look at the gear the ghost's are wearing, no ruck sack on any of them! As for Climbing. The US Army trains soldiers to climb, hence the use of Victory Tower, at FT. Jackson, SC. There are buildings in GR, and more in GR2 due to the view that future land wars will be fought in an Urban setting! I agree that the bunny hopping is a pain. but they should have the leap as a skill that can be done only so many times like a health scale that shows the soldier getting tired. The more tired the soldier gets the less he can jump, run , shoot accurate, ect... Just an Idea!
  11. I've played GR for awhile, and noticed that the M4 w/MasterKey, when using the shot gun doesn't blow open doors that can be open! The whole idea of the weapon for Special Forces to use is for Urban Assault to open up doors fast. This doesn't happen that I can tell! What gives??? I look forward in hearing from anyone over this! This is just as bad as the OICW's 20mm that lobs like a M203 round, and fire like a bullet as it was designed to do in real life and airburst above its target for impact.
  12. Last night had to be the riot of Ghost Recon. BG ScornDrake Seawolves Tactical Assault Team(STAT) and 3 other new recruits and myself played SAF Killhouse Map on Elite about 12 times and we all got wasted real fast by the OPFOR AI. ScornDrake was observing the whole time when he said over Roger Wilco, "Let me take a crack at it and I have something I will play you all over RW while we play." All of us agreed and wonder what he could possibly play to get us motivated over RW! He then instructed us to wait till we heard the first gun shot then rock and roll! We waited as the mission started then the music began to play... "One-nothing wrong with me, two nothing wrong with me, three nothing wrong with me, four-nothing wrong with me! One-something's got to give, two-something's got to give, three-something's got to give... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!..." That is when we all heard the gunfire form ScornDrake! He started the carnage of, "LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR!" He tore through them like they were in slow motion. All he was using was a *H&K MP5. We had won the mission and all of us had lived, thanks to the help and quick lesson ScornDrake gave us. I again was impressed upon how fast and accurate ScornDrake was on all of his 31 kills he made. I also was impressed upon the lesson he taught us all, that with the right motivation and skills, you can pull the impossible in GR! Not to mention for me a new taste in music! I think I will buy that song online, after last nights run! Drowning Pool - Bodies *( I thought ScornDrake was using an OICW but it was Darkhorse that had it, ScornDrake was using the MP5 with Hand Grenades)
  13. Sometimes the Wannabe Rambos come in handy, Just think of them as a diversion to make your way behind enemy lines. Or think of them as a human bullet catch or shield. I know some times they tend to get the team killed and often give away your positions. For the times they do that, simply bleed them quick and set a claymore on their body for the enemy to walk up and try to gloat on their kill! Boom! The Wannabe Rambo has now just become the bait! This might teach the Rambo Wannabes a lesson if not they will be used to a means to decide a victory or defeat, but it all depends on the teams view point! Then again worse case secnario, the whole team is made up of Rambo Wannabes. Then in that case if I were the enemy, dig in and wait for the easy kills to come!
  14. Last night, I teamed up with BG ScornDrake of Seawolves Tactical Assault Team (STAT), and several others on a server doing some team play adversarial. We both were using Roger Wilco. ScornDrake was watching my six, when the other team made their attack on our position. At all times he made it tough on them cause of how well he used cover to protect him from incoming enemy fire. He took 1 of them that sneaked up on my blind spot, and proceeded to lay down suppressive fire for me to make my escape form my bad position I had taken. The last 3 enemy team members made a last ditch charge on me, while in the middle of reloading my Colt M-4. ScornDrake on the mic shouted to me to run to him no matter what! I didn't understand why until after I seen him run past me, he made a last command, "just make it and get who ever is left that makes it!" I seen that he tossed a hand grenade at them and it had taken one of them out, then while he was getting hit covering me dropped another grenade at his feet. He soon after it had hit the ground so did he, dead! The last 2 ran up to his body when the grenade went off. He had gotten one of the 2 and wounded the other and I then sniped the last one that tried to limp away! I was still in awe over the fact that he would try to keep me alive no matter what, and not knowing me. He simply said to me after the game that he does that for any of his teammates. "Oh come on Stan! Not everything ends the way you think it should! Besides, audiences love happy endings."
  15. I have to agree somewhat on the jumping issue, but if they make the jumping action as more of ether a leap or diving motion (like "Max Payne") it might be better. That would get rid of the bunny hop! I would think another thing that might be fun to add to the game is the ability to use double weapons, like firing two 9mm ...just a thought and nothing more then an idea!
  16. I recently been checking in with my friends from time to time, and heard about Ghost Recon 2. Ghost Recon and it's 2 addon's Desert Seige and Island Thunder are great, but missing the ability of "jumping" or "climbing". These two abilities alone would enhance the game play. Just think about it! A sniper could get on a roof top and find a nice sniping hole and no one would notice where the shot came that took them out! The other thing that would make the game better is "swimming". My brother is a Ranger and he swims almost all the time! It's just an idea! "Patriotism does not have a four year shelf life. Unfortunately polititions do."
  17. Hehehehe! You never post anything small, but that is good! I am impressed upon how well your team motivates it's players as well as try to improve itself and look for new members to an already great team that I have seen so far online! I first heard about you from an Executive from Redstorm Entertainment about your first online war with another team that called themselves the Red Banner Fleet (RBF) and had Tom Clancy himself watch as an observer several of your war games using Rouge Spear. That alone impresses me to want to join up! I have several other friends that will want to join up! Hope to see you on the field! "He exists in a world beyond your world. What we only fantasize - he does. He lives a life where nothing is beyond. But you know what its all a fasard. All his charm and charisma, his wealth, his expensive toys. He is a driven, unflinching, calculating machine. He takes what he wants and then dissapears. You don't find him - he finds you."
  18. I was checking out this game group that call themselves the Seawolves Tactical Assault Team or STAT for short. To get to the point and make this short, they take Newbies and hone their skills in training and from what a couple of them showed me in several games played against and with them they are pretty good at this. They use ICQ to communicate IP addresses for training, and during game play they use Roger Wilco or Team Speak to communicate to you during training. By the taime your done training your up to spead for Online game play! Check them out! I am joining them today! So I hope to see you out on the field! Seawolves.org/stat is there home web site!
  19. Awsome team work, and well told. I'm impressed with how these Seawolves not only play the game as a team but file their games in detail and get rewarded with rank, medals & ribbons, and respected among the other sim base teams that make them combine as a whole. My hats off to you BG ScornDrake!!! ’’Oh, come on, Stan. Not everything ends the way you think it should. Besides, audiences love happy endings.’’
  20. I like the idea of the Online War against a common real base theme. Taking on the Koreans, bold move for an online war. The SeaWolves teams look pretty impressive as a whole divided up among several diferent sim base teams. I can't wait to see this STAT team made up of Rouge Spear, Ghost Recon teams handle an online war. Depending on your outcome afterwards will make a choice on whether or not to join up. I think if you haven't check the SeaWolves out, do so they look like a great online team to be a part of!
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