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  1. I would say if you disabled one of your GPUs you would either (1) lost a few (3-5) fps or actually gain a few FPS at that resolution. SLI sometimes makes a game slower, and when playing at 1280x1024, you're putting more burden on the CPU and less on the GPUs.
  2. I'm just saying anti aliasing is going to be useless in a few years. Aliasing occurs when the video card doesn't have enough pixel real estate to properly draw the picture onscreen, so aliasing occurs. By having higher resolutions, the video card has more room and aliasing becomes almost non-existent. Your opinion on the helpfulness of a thread doesn't belond in this thread, as you are posting off-topic matter.
  3. Those trees are cool! We need to make a mod for other uses, "9600 ATI GRAW trees" for both ATI and Nvidia card users
  4. Have you ever asked your self why you bought two 7800gtx for SLI and yet you only play at 1280x1024, playing high resolutions is one of the main points for having a SLI system.
  5. If you want "anti-aliasing" just turn the resolution up to 1600x1200 or more, if you don't see an option, you can edit the xml and set whatever resolution you would like. I'm currently playing at 1600x1200 and am about to try 2048x1536 just for fun I guess you can set some other settings lower to turn the resolution up if that's a problem. If your video card can't play hardly any games at 1600x1200, then don't blame the developers of this nice game, rather blame yourself for not (1) upgrading your PC (2) just buy a 360 and the 360 version if option 1 isn't viable for you
  6. Starting over is annoying. No military person would be so dumb that when he was on the field, if he ran out of ammo, would not take another gun that's lying on the ground. This needs to be fixed via a patch, not "Oh, I ran out of ammo this level, let's do it all over again."
  7. Well, while running around, it did an automatic save. Now, whenever I start from the save point (or at least once, as I haven't tried it more), it gave me "9" ammo, or at least, that's what it reads in the thing. The gun won't shoot w/ this "9" ammo and the chamber isn't open like it normally is when it is empty, so that's just a little bug. BUT I still need ammo!
  8. You can sometimes, but I have ran all over the map and can't find any guns, pistols, etc. w/ the same ammo. I found som eearlier, but don't have anymore.
  9. use you teammates! iran out of ammo and use TM's cover all the time ,while im in the picnic one died completed the mission... ← No, my teammates won't shoot the tanker, and I don't have any 'nades, I had to use them to kill the enemies when they were swarming toward me and my teammates were standing looking around, and wouldn't "attack" because they didn't have a shot because they wouldn't move!
  10. I dunno, but there is a gun-shop worth of guns laying around, yet my character is so retarded, he won't pick any guns up.
  11. Edit: I went back, started mission over, used the default gun, and also equipped the grenade launcher, it is FUN So how am I to get ammo?
  12. :Db::Korven+Apr 29 2006, 03:46 PM--> QUOTE(::Db::Korven @ Apr 29 2006, 03:46 PM) MORE SPEED TO IT? ARE YOU DRUNK OR SOMETHING? ← Well seeing I have never drank in my life, that'd be a no. Previous GRs were, you crawl on the ground, near a tree, over a hill, see some chubby guy behind some sandbags entrenched, you approach him, then someone floating in the air shoots you, or so it seems, because you have no idea where they are!
  13. I'm sorry folks, but the prevoius Ghost Recons pale in comparison. This game is much more entertaining and has more speed to it. I have had the previous Ghost Recons and I always wound up not playing them after a short time, but this one is keeping my attention rather well. Thanks GRIN
  14. I didn't say I want to play the whole game w/ cheats (though I did that with Far Cry, and Quake 4, and a few others ) but I just want to see the environment and see the physics, even though I don't have a PPU yet
  15. I know on the old GR, you hit the tilde button or was it the numpad 'Enter' button, I forget, but anyway, you do that and you would enter "superman" I think and that would be invincibility. So any cheats so far for this game/demo? I'd like to explore the city, but they keep shooting me
  16. Yes, and UT2004 has an Nvidia logo yet it runs the same on ATI cards. A lot of times games are just "branded" w/ a certain logo because they'll get kickbacks for doing so. Like Intel having a bunch of COD2 advertisments, yet COD2 ran best on AMDs.
  17. Hey everyone With a 3800x2, 2gb Mushkin Extreme PC4000 RAM, and a 7900gtx 512 I get, Minimum Frames Per Second: 24, Maximum Frames Per Second:54, Average Frames Per Second: 40.574 This is at 1600x1200, 16af, everything on high, and no PPU. My card is currently not overclocked (though this card does overclock better than a lot of other 7900s I have seen), but I am waiting for Nvidia to release some good drivers for pushing this card.
  18. No, it's not stupid that you need 512vram for high, as on some games, it will chug and sutter if there isn't 512ram. Besides, there isn't too much difference between medium and high. I think I fixed my 7900gtx 512 problem, as I think the artifacting was due to an Nvidia driver. So I installed the driver that came w/ my video card and now it works fine it seems.
  19. Hey ya'll, while I had my 7900gtx 512 installed it would let me set it to High for the textures, but now I'm RMAing the card because it is getting geometry in BF2. So I went and installed my 7800gtx 256 and it wouldn't let me set it to high anymore, so yes, 512mb of vram is required for high
  20. Hey Is that the stock clock of the 4400? I am wanting to OC my CPU, but have been a little hesitant so far. How are you going to fit the PPU in there w/ your SLI cards and the X-fi. See any fitment/space/heat problems?
  21. Well, you can get sound cards for rather cheap The X-fi is a great deal at $106-121, but you can get them for $10-50 or so.
  22. Well, I overnighted a 7900gtx 512, got it OCd to a stable 715/1866 (tested by 3D Mark 06 a few times and several games), X-fi Extreme Music sound card along w/ some nice headphones should be here tomorrow as well All this to get ready for this game, and then for UT2007 However, I'm going to have to slow down on spending so much money on my PC, as I still have a little bit left of my school bill to pay off So are you and your PC ready? We are at the door, we are about to go GRAWin' <---I love this little smiley
  23. I mean, who buys an OEM PC anymore who is a "hardcore gamer"? Unless you have money to burn, there is not reason paying $5000 for an OEM PC that'll be oudated after a while. But as to my main question, any news on when these PPU's are going to be out [to the general public via NewEgg, etc.]?
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