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  1. I like many hope you're right BS PALADIN, but while UBI still dangle the noney purse above RSE's head I cannot belive that they will be given the freedom to deliver what many of us want to see i.e GR updated, but core gameplay untouched. I commended GRiNs attempt by moving GRAW2 closer to the original and improving on GRAW and even applaud UBI for not giving us a straight console port, Which could have been an easier money maker and a damn sight cheaper to produce product. However we witnesses Bo and crews enthusiasm for this title on these boards, but what good did it do? Look around at PC titles recently released and upcoming, The fashion seems to include the words MAINSTREAM and CASUAL gamer for any new title to be released!! It seems any game that is deemed a challange for people to grasp is too brave a step for major publishers, perhaps they too have lost faith and confidence in their own products.
  2. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I was under the impression that RSE.. or atleast the people that worked on GR have all long gone so why would they be putting pressure on UBI to release a game that makes us happy and fulfills our hopes and expectations of the original?? I'm sure the developers working on [OFP: DR] aren't putting any pressure on Codemasters to deliver a true sequel to Flashpoint any more than the bods working at RSE. In this current climate I'm sure their just grateful for any work they can get, basically the passion and vision of the originals isn't there!! Now Blackfoot Studios, well maybe thats where the hope lays for us as with Bohemia releasing ArmaII for Flashpoint fans. I'm not trying to be negative, But to pin hopes on RSE saving and bringing back the Ghost Recon name to what we know and love I think is being very optimistic. Regards. P.s. I'm not implying that either games won't be successful....just different!
  3. Still think that GRiN are going to be kept on board by UBI to do Graw3, I can't see why they would change Developer for the PC version... Maybe we'll be getting the dreaded port of the console version just to keep things simpler and cheaper.
  4. Maybe GRiN and UBI could discuss the release of Ghost Recon:prequel I'd buy it!!
  5. OOH...Loved the original arcade game and even bought it for the C64 all those years ago. Nice to see GRiN working on another project that can't be picked apart!! (cough, cough.)
  6. Well I for One wouldn't mind seeing GRAW3 on the PC, But agreed that it's time to drop the Captain Mitchell Hero Story and give us back a true Squad Tactical game. I hope that GRiN does get another chance at it, It's just a shame they Can't take UBI's money and lock their doors till it's finished. As for Redstorm taking over, I didn't think any of the original Team were left from the Ghost Recon Days, so I don't see how that would improve anything. At the end of the Day, You get what UBI want you to get, regardless of who programs it!!
  7. Thats a real shame to hear you've given up on the modding, But I apreciate that theres more to life than games. Thanks for all your effort and time spent modding GRAW 1 and 2, it made it a much better challenging game. Regards.
  8. Having just completed the single player campaign and really enjoyed it and would definitely buy an expansion pack. Multiplayer only would be a no.
  9. Couldn't agree more Cangaroo, There should be a forum set apart from this just for the whingers. I admire their time and energy spent to register to complain, but most the time it's not constructive to the game and it ain't like we've never read it before somewhere.
  10. I think kretzj, what tecmic id trying to say is GRAW or should that be any Tactical squad based shooters are a small market, especially realistic ones. So Ford wouldn't mass produce a three wheel car just because there's a small market intrested! Too much investment for a small return. P.s. I love GRAW2, and think It's a great improvement over the first, and I liked that too.
  11. I'm not quite sure what to say... Although, If the World had turned out to be flat; would have been a lot easier to make!
  12. I think this level reminds me of the good old Days of Ghost Recon, Playing it now and decided on taking Hume for company and equipping us both with sniper rifles with suppressors and having an absolute blast. Moving between Recon Mode, Assault and using the Attack with a well timed execute key press is bringing all the Joys of the original game flooding back. I only hope that GRiN will do an expansion this time round, As I'm sure Once completed I'll be begging for more Right I'm off for another go
  13. I suppose all these reviews prove that there's nothing better than a Demo to show how great a game is, and never trust idiots!
  14. I heard the first zip of a bullet, unfortunately I didn't survive the second. Man, This game is Crazy.
  15. Thanks people for the answers and clearing that one up, But one more question is how do you get the Ghost to look in the direction you want when they are in assualt mode using the cross com without using cover that? or do the ghost automatically scan 360.
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