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  1. Wow you think 40 frames is playable? Don;t give me that BS. NEWB
  2. Seriously, try aspect ratio to 5:4, it helps a bit. Then 16:9, but you will have to get used to elongated objects.
  3. Ok then it's decided. This game is only for the powerhouse 4k+ $ Uber dude's PC people who think thier %^%$ don't stink. Hell you think in todays PC gaming world you would try to make compatibility to apease a wider audience and ultimatly gain sales? I'm sorry but My pc is more then powerful. I'm not puting down 3k on overpriced hardware for one lousy game that does not even look all that great. So keep defending it for your life, but untill I see fixes this game will go down the drain faster then a dead goldfish.
  4. turning your aspect ratio to 5:4 helps s small tiny but not much little itty bitty bit. But yeah... I agree but if it were not this close you would not be able to see a damned thing in the distance. Turn your ratio to 16:9 and you get about a 90% pitch but things become elongated and you can't see hardly a thing in the distance. Kinda cool to try tho.
  5. I feel ya man. I almost want to give up on gaming as well after this. But I played some co-op with my clan mates and had some fun time even tho the game does not run top notch as I am used too. In MP mode things seem to be smoother... So mabye that's something to look forward 2. Heres some tips I did to get as much Frames as possible and I have about the same settup getup as you. 1. Install new drivers . 2. Get rivaTuner from Guru3d.com 3. make sure all settings are on performance and optimized after switching it to advanced mode. 4. Using rivatuner make sure Vsync is forced off, triple buffer off, and pre-render limit to 0. 5. Resolutions above 1024x786 will kill you. At most go with that 1100 by 800 setting. 6. Turn off lighting-shadows. Turn aspect to 5:4. This gives you better FOV vision (Slightly - and kinda reduces jaggies IMO. I may be forgetting things, but I dunno anymore. This engine is like doom 3 trying to do distances, so yeah it is taxing systems the point of retardedness. Good luck!
  6. Thiers nightvision? News to me. How do I use nightvision?
  7. Yeah why was this topic moved lol... Blame Colin for this. He probably looked at the last couple post and decided it was a tech post. But it is actually a GRIN bashing game hating post!. Is thier a forum section for those?
  8. I'm afraid you still won't be able to use AA. But I could be rong....
  9. The reason this game runs so bad is simple. Forced HDR. Forced Vsync (The biggest system killer of all time) Look at my post on how to disable HDR, it will help you a little but it's mainly the Vsync doing the most harm.
  10. Nice! a satisfied customer!! Let know how it works. And let us know how much better the game is this way
  11. For those who hate it like me or are looking for frame improvement. Props to DME_MP for showing me this. Anyways Go to your UBISOFT/Demo/GRAW/Data/Settings Now open the Renderer settings file with (Notepad). Find where it says Post_Effect_Quality, and change the value to "false" ENJOY! Game looks feels and plays so much better now. NOW FIX FORCED VSYNC AND MOUSE LAG GRIN!!!!! That is all.
  12. I have the same problem. I feel it's a combination of Forced Mouse smoothing and Forced Vsync.
  13. This problem (For me anyways) is also a combination or not being able to turn down settings to get a decent frame rate. Being able to turn off HDR and Vsync will do a world of favors....
  14. Ok heres my setup. Amd 64-3000 2gig (ddr 440) 6800 gt oc Audigy 2 zs Now i'm not sure whats happening here, either it be thier way of forcing body awareness or what but it's bad enough to the point of unplayable for me. It's not my frame rate as I'v tried every and any setting possible and it seems I stuck with 45 or so+ sometimes only 35+. Framerate is another issue tho and i'l touch up on that later. I think the problem is mainly due to the fact that they seem to be forcing Vsync (For some ungodly unknown reason!!! I hate Vsync and it eats up resources wich = bad framerates). Vsync is usually the reason behind mouse lag or unresponsivness. Other then that I think it's an overall lack of graphic custumization. 1. I am unable to turn HDR off. This eats up frames and IMO looks bad. 2. No Vsync toggle. 3. If I go with 1024x768 or lower res my game completely lags out... But if I use anything above it's fine?? WTH is that all about? So basicly the game runs smoother at higher resolutions... It makes no sense... 4. Ontop of that i'm sure thiers other things i'm missing. But whatever. It's unplayable to me. I gues i'm an unlucky one.
  15. Yeah it happens and it's annoying.
  16. It's only when you have like 10 fps [aka bad pc], everything feels heavy and everything you do happends later. ← So my pc is bad? Amd 64-3000 Oc'd to 3500 2-gigs at 440 6800 gt oc..... The big problem is lack of graphic custumization. Why can't I turm off HDR? Why can't I turn off Vsync? Sorry to say but this is crap. Half of my mouse lag issue's is probably just that. The fact that Vsync and HDR is FORCED!! and are the 2 biggest killers of framerates, wich BTW I get around 50+. Fix your game GRIN I tryed playing it a little more and it is simply UNPLAYABLE! No wonder thiers no MP demo before the retail, becuase it will suck with these unresponsive controlls.
  17. Sorry to say but this game is just a show of (look at what I can do with graphics) over gameplay. Negatives. 1. Even if you have a powerhouse computer it is still slugish. 2. Looks like you are stuck with (SMOOTH MOUSE) on and can't be turned off!!!. So your movement is always delayed a good second, and that is my main gripe. I can barely aim with that crap. 3. O lets not forget how Orange your teamates look. They stick out like a lightbulbs and it's so unrealistic looking. 4. It's impossible to go prone and shoot anything... Shurr shur realism blah blah... I just can't wait to see people in MP go prone on each other and each shooting over each others heads becuase thier aim is 5 feet into the air. But once again GRIN, you need to do something about that smooth mouse or whatever is going on. It may be your Idea of body awareness but it just ruined the game for me.. Along with bad HDR with bright orange colors... Positives. None really, the negitives outway anything positive in this case.. Thinking of canceling my pre-order untill this mouse lag thing is fixed. 1. Nice sandbags lol...
  18. Get a shower while Downloading. It will probably be your last.
  19. HDR rendering simulates how a camera would view the scene more than it simulates human vision. No game has simulated how our eyes really see yet. And it is indeed a post processing effect. It's not like particles or anything that are "physically" in the scene; it's applied to a floating point buffer (if Grin is using FP16 blending, anyway) which is rendered on top of the scene, not into it. ← That's fine and dandy, but I don't like it,never have and most likely never will, I would like an option to turn it off and have regular textures.
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