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  1. I just ask for some more info on multiplays forums, below is the reply: So promising info. One thing that hasnt been raised, and hopefully i won't get in to trouble with the admins, is that we know the dedicated server is started via the in game menu. So i assume you need the CD in the drive to run up the game, for copy protection reasons, i can imagine this being an issue. Unless you can also start the server via command line and it skips the CD check, although i would have expected that to be mentioned by now. ← Yeah I asked the UBISOFT buy at the recent multiplay i27 event and he said they were talking with multiplay. With regards to the dedicated server specs there is info here somewhere if you can be arsed to wade through it. FPSforces.co.uk Basically you need a server with high bandwidth and loads of ram but not a good graffix card, only enough to load the ingame menus...
  2. for UK guys apparently UBISOFT are in talks with multiplay.co.uk
  3. Dudes, another pic I found, crap quality I know but it shows how easy it was to start a server from within the game menus. There was a check box for a dedicated server, i guess for if you've got it on a dedicated m$ box too.
  4. ok maybe it wasnt a scissor kick, bad word to use on my behalf. It did look to me as if 1 foot slides out infront for a moment... bahh i dunno.
  5. Yeah, unfortunately I was involved in BF2 tourenments etc so I didnt get the chance to do any more sly screenies...
  6. Yes and its not like BF2SF, where its green and grainy.. its more of a blueish colour. I never used it in a night map, more in darkened stairwells.
  7. Yes there is prone, the anim when you go prone is excellent, kinda like dropping to your knees 1st. There is crouch also. When prone you can shuffle along the floor. Prone was really helping when under fire esp in the coop mode. When running you drop your weapon downwards so there is no run and fire, you must stop running before your weapon appears back at the bottom of the screen. There is no jump, [space] by default is a scissor kick, where dust etc is kicked up onto the bottom of the screen. I've scene a screeny of this somewhere in the community so you probably know what I mean. The recoil on the weapons is fantastic and you cant accurately hold down fire, its more short bursts to get a good shot.
  8. I'm pleased my post has got u lot chatting. I'll check again for anymore questions tomorrow. At the end of the day we will all be playing this game in 30days or so. Some will love it some will hate it. I'm from the old school R6 days and RS and GR1 and its along the same lines. Its realistic, not a shootemup BF2 style game. More from FPSFORCES.co.uk tomorrow. GNight. CK
  9. I think there was 5 on the version I played. I'm sure there will be more.. I did play a few maps, church, shanty town and others..
  10. Those pings were on a lan though?? Yeah I couldnt change the MEx thing to my usual CK
  11. Guys, it's gunna be worth the wait, at last we can play a proper game and get away from medic bag spamming etc etc. I REALLY enjoyed the GRAW experience I had and hassled the tech guy for server info so much he got the ######. There's a good write up on it all at our webby FPSFORCES.co.uk Although there werent many ppl on the multiplayer lan I could see it's going to be excellent. Not so much of the gun-ho style in BF2 where you run into a situation knowing you'll die.. "but heyho, thats a few more points towards my next rank / badge"... Its more tactical and sneaky.... just like the old R6!!!!! hooraahhhh
  12. Hey 1000 ppl just missed out on cool MP then ← Very true, but hey I27/8/9 etc will always be full of narrowminded BF2 fanboys trying to earn cyber medals...
  13. Ok you got to pay attention in MP then. The thing is the only set up is Ghosts vs Mex. So if you did not see any Mex, means you must have been a Mex but never saw your team. Playing Sniper are we? ← Dude im trying to say what I personally thought, if I've upset you because I've given it some sort of criticism then I appologise, but no need to take the ######.
  14. To be honest there were 1000 people at the event and the GRAW stand was empty most of the time. They had about 15 pcs on a lan for GRAW multiplayer and no-one was on it much. We played Church and there was only 3 / 4 of us. All we seemed to do was run around trying to find each other. The map felt like it needed at least 20+ players.
  15. Yeah I'm a bf2 fan and I liked it... but these damn chopper whores or wannabe pilots arent! The whole game has a sepia look to it. The skin / uniform etc was all different shades of dark orange. This pic kinda shows what i mean BUT he's close up. From a distance everyone looks all the same colour. Like a dark orange robot. Unfortunatley the skins on the version i played didnt look very good at all. But hey, the gameplay kicked ass and thats what we want. ← I take it you did not see the Mexican MP opponents then? If they are orange I'm a Bunny Hopper. ← Mr Bo, No I didnt see any Mexicans @ i27, well except one serving behind the bar. Bunny hopper?! pherr scum!! Nice job you've done BTW. I hope you didnt mind the cheeky pics Whoops! lol...
  16. Well, i dont know if it was beta, its 1 month away from release, lets put it that way. So it had to be past beta but it still had a few issues. Overall it was a good experience.... but if you're a big BF2 fan, you wont like it. They're totally different gamestyles.
  17. The whole game has a sepia look to it. The skin / uniform etc was all different shades of dark orange. This pic kinda shows what i mean BUT he's close up. From a distance everyone looks all the same colour. Like a dark orange robot. Unfortunatley the skins on the version i played didnt look very good at all. But hey, the gameplay kicked ass and thats what we want.
  18. On the version I played it took at least 3mins on a monster rig. The screen was black with no hourglass and it all looked like it had crashed. This was beta though.
  19. No, it was ok, no problem imo. Sorry i wrote inside the quotes in the above post... the info is there though...
  20. M4 - the chances are yes but again, im not big on guns. To be honest if you want stories all I can say is i27 was FULL of BF2 geeks and most of the time the GRAW pc's were empty. I'm an original Rogue Spear fanboy so I was really interested in this title. It plays really well and I really enjoyed it. 1 thing that people will moan about is the screen has a wobble to simulate walking / running which is a bit hard to get used to. Its nothing like BF2, which imho is a very good thing. A more detailed writeup on our website mate. Im afraid to say everyone looked very samey and very orange.. im hoping this is fixed. No problem!
  21. Crappy quality...dont see a crap Oh and BTW...yay! MP...rolf EDIT: I would to ask you too , one thing i bother: Is There a Tactical Map In MP? ← Yes it is all crap quality, the vid was on a cheap camera. Considering I was NOT supposed to take any pics its all not bad huh??!! I dont know about tactical maps, I could only sample Church in domination mode.
  22. Dunno? SORRY! NONE on this version. Dont know. No, the gamespy account was ONLY for internet games, lan games can be served by the actual game itself.
  23. That map showed you what section of the map you and your buddies were in. If you're in sector E then that square flashes slowly. It also has a tiny arrow showing you your exact location and direction pointed. I dont know if it can be turned off. I couldnt set up a multiplayer internet server so no idea. Only lan server and NO i dint see somewhere to turn it off. I dont know if it was just for that MP mode. IT WASNT showing enemies.
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