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  1. if you remember, GRIN was asking for people to join their test server...meaning they were testing server side fixes...imho that means that bug fixes must be on the way.
  2. We are there... infact have a challenge againt ACTF we are about to confirm sweet...good luck..pass the word as usual to any/all clans u meet
  3. I havent had the problems you have had mik..but drop me an email (see below) ill talk to u about this see if a possible rule adjustment on TWL can make the matches more comfortable for people. However, the way i read ur post means its a GRAW issue not a rule issue. Just email me with the details and ill see if i can dig something up for you to fix it?!??! -Agent
  4. glad to hear..hope to see you on the ladder soon...please pass the word
  5. Just a holla out to you guys from TeamWarfare. We wanted to let all GRAW fanatics know that we just started up our Team Deathmatch ladder to complement the Domination and Power Ladders (26 teams and growing). With the release of Stand alone dedicated server files and admin tools, there's lots of new clan interest. So this is your formal invitation to get your squad signed up and competing. You can click this link to get you started: http://www.teamwarfare.com/addplayer.asp And click this link to add your squad: http://www.teamwarfare.com/addteam.asp You can contact me at agent@teamwarfare.com if you have any questions. We look forward to your competition.
  6. Roco sign up anyways ). hopefully once word gets around the ladders will pick up...as of now we at TWL have the following ladders set up..and a league on the way GRAW: 5v5 No Respawn No TAC Points Ladder GRAW: EU - 4v4 Domination Ladder GRAW: NA - 4v4 Domination Ladder GRAW: EU - Power Ladder GRAW: NA - Power Ladder if you or any team has any questions or suggestions for the ladders please feel free to email me. agent@teamwarfare.com hope to see you guys matching with us soon
  7. i will tell u this...there were times where id see someone..then desmond would come out of nowhere and kill me....they might have a speed hack or something....hmmmmmm lol jk as usual
  8. because i was able to kill you over and over and over ) touché lol hows it going lufo?
  9. because i was able to kill you over and over and over )
  10. ok so its just something got screwed up with the drivers???
  11. ok...built a computer for a friend...installed GRAW...and this is what i got: Crash in application version: grpcrc1.02 C:\source\engine\dieselx\source\utility\Archive.cpp(1871)Cannot complete pending io request Specs: AMD 4000+ 2.4 2 gigs ram 7800 gtx any ideas?? ps..onboard sound..and i get the error when i launch GRAW
  12. i still cant see the GS servers..i get 1-2 in game..but nothing through the GSarcade..what am i doin wrong?
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