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  1. W0000t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. *Sits down and waves large flag that reads:RELEASE A DEMO DANGIT!!*
  3. Dimmu Borgir: Burn in hell.
  4. Theres an option when you connect to a server that reads:New Server window, check this.
  5. I can see a kinda grey murkyness. Maybe I should actually clean my windows..........
  6. A few weeks back, I heard a parrot had died from it. I was so hoping the newsreader was gonna say it was Norwegian Blue, that wouldda made my day.
  7. I'll join up as I type this. I'm called Warpfire on IRC btw
  8. I love Miss Mayberry by them, its one of my fave songs.
  9. Green Carnation: The Quiet Offspring.
  10. Thats a shame, I like the respawning in GR. Makes it less fun if you get killed within 5 minutes and have to wait 30 for the next map or whatever.
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