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  1. UBI tells me that my (preordered) GRAW shipped out on April 25th. My question is has anyone else recieved thiers from UBI, that recieved the same message? I'm just excited about getting the game!!!! [Merged into existing thread - Please check before posting] I just thought my heading was alot more catching and figured could recieve more response...sorry I didnt page thru the forms!!!
  2. had to get my in house defibulator fired up after reading this..just had a heart attack!!!! GReat JOB ..to the HOUSE OF GRIN!!
  3. will be playin GRAW PC for a long time no matter what!!! :thumbsup:I am sick of all my other games
  4. Our clan of 75+ members are getting sooooo pumped for the release of GRAW. Most members of different divisions within our clan will be dropping thier current games...just for GRAW!!! I would like to thank all you guys at GRNET, GRIN and UBI for all the excellent info on this game. This fourm has allowed me to keep all my buds well informed about GRAW!!! HELMENTS OFF TO ALL...for keeping us GR fanatics well informed!!!!!!! thx again COB77
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