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  1. They will make us as happy as the console fans!! <---rumors of delay Lucky dudes with consoles.....
  2. Rav and some of us SCE players enjoyed this map without any problems 2 nights ago great map and lots of action!! I am not sure if Rav made any changes to the version we were playing before he released it to the public.....but the version I have works without any problems...just tried it. Rav should be on later tonight and maybe he will check the post here and give you some insight on the fixing the problem!!!
  3. Flippin Pump...... ..... as you can tell by my sig!!! Thought about getting R6Vegas, but don't like the sounds coming from the fans. I will only buy Vegas if GRAW2 gets delayed just for something else to do with my free time!! GRIN BOYZ we are counting on ya...now KNOCK OUR SOCKS OFF!!!! Hope they can bring back the excitement of multi-player matching, which allowed the Ghost Recon Original to be forever in our hearts and minds!!
  4. Thank you 5timechamp...and yes I do have a larger version, but GR.NET has size restrictions!! It would be nice mabye just for map modding. I heard through different people that CRYSIS will possibly have a map editor out prior to its release...this is unconfirmed though!!
  5. Would it be possible for us Modders to receive the Map Editor before the release date of GRAW2.....that would be too cool!!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Well I just thought its worth a try!!! Respectfully, A long time PC Gamer looking forward to the release of GRAW2
  6. Hey for those of you who like the castle day graw and dont like the HH or Siege zones, would you please give me some feed back to make it better! Let me know where to put the zones...spawn and otherwise. I would like to revise maps. Thx SCE_COB77
  7. Does anyone know how to get the steep terain...where is it located...ind, ghetto.ect and is it in the static?
  8. arrow up or down...before you place the static item, you will see the squares change z plane level!!! Z plane Z plane....Boss!!
  9. Play TDM, HH and Siege in this remake of Ghost Recon Castle Day. Complete with 6 Watchtowers, small and large ruins. Same great map as CastleDayGRAW ...but night battles. Hope you enjoy the maps and have fun. Download here===>CastleDay Nights
  10. Check the above post it has been edited, I made some changes. Check your DL time, if it was before my edit, redownload again and install.. download sites are current!! ENJOY
  11. ATTENTION If you have downloaded this map pack before this edit, please redownload and install...sorry I made changes and turned on the searchlights which is a nice effect!!! The below sites are the correct ones. Sorry guys I'm a NOOBIE My first map is now ready for download...Remake of Castle Day!! Map pack includes TDM, HH, Siege. I will continue working on OGRCoop. If you have any comments or suggestions, please fill free to contact me at www.shadowcompanyelite.com Hope everybody enjoys the map!!!! You can download map installer from here ------->CastleDayGRAW_3MapPack CastleDayGRAW_3MapPack
  12. For all you master map modders my question is this...after rendering a map for TDM 3 passes on medium res, do you have to use the same settings and render same map over (another 3 hour process) but for HH and Siege? Hope my question is clear. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
  13. Thanks all for your good words!!! Still working on the map....had some rendering issues with using props that overlapped(flickering). Right now I'm making TDM and will be trying to add a Seige and maybe DOM if the map allows that type of gameplay!! I will also work on getting it ready for [GR] Coop...but will take a sometime to get it completed. TDM should be out soon. Thanks again for your intrest. Sorry Mik...of course HH, I just forgot to include HH in my reply!!
  14. Putting the finishing touches on my 1st map..Castle Day. All you old GR'ers will recognize this one!!
  15. Has anyone had the same problem rendering prop..ind_wall high? Comes out black white and tans!!! This is a very large wall.
  16. http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=39602
  17. This map is nothing like any other map....loads of fun!!!! Ripper did a great job and lots of work. You need to be very careful on this map...because you have to watch your step when your 4 floors up, and it has catwalks..oh and what he didnt mention was when an enemy is near your spawn zone they will be blasted away by a tank!!! Give this one a look people!!!!
  18. This is what worked for me, go ahead and install the maps you want on the server here: C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\custom_levels Edit the above if needed, start the server up, make sure the server started then close it back down. Go back to the above: C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\custom_levels You should see a map_downloads.xml file, open the file and edit the information for each map. Here's my map_downloads.xml for an example: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <ghost_recon_3_map_downloads> <map bundle_name="aw03_powcamp_tdm" address="http://www.xxxxxxxx.com/maps/aw03_powcamp_tdm.bundle" /> <map bundle_name="aw04_ghosttown_tdm" address="http://www.xxxxxxxx.com/maps/aw04_ghosttown_tdm.bundle" /> </ghost_recon_3_map_downloads> Hope this helps. Maybe they can add something like the following: But when you click OK it would restart what is needed, like a mini-shortcut. THX a BUNCH PULASKI......Its a great asset to this community to have DEV's and CompMasters to help us dummies out here!!!!!
  19. Has someone figured out how to enable auto DL and what has to be added in the xml server file to allow this process to happen...any step by step help would be great!!! thx
  20. Rbrad.....comin from another old dude...ya gotta do the MP game. Loads of fun with the right players!! If you decide to dip your toe into the GRAW POOL....look for our server or many other great servers like BDA, ATF, ATZ and a lot of others playin every night!!!! So get your life preserver on and just jump right into the GRAW Killing Pool...you will love it!!!!
  21. thanks GRiN_desmond22 ......all of Grin guys are welcome anytime..... and of course everyone else!!!!
  22. PLEASE Stop wasting your replies on the whinners and slamers of GRAW..you are just "banging your head against a hard wall" (unless you like that sort of thing). Every time I log into GR.NET there is always some smart ######, slamming GRAW, I dont waste my time reading that kind of post and nor should GRIN!! I do read the constructive post wanting to improve the game, they all have great ideas. GR.NET has some fantastic modders and creative visitors that come into their fourms that want to improve an already fun game...so PLEASE JUST LISTEN TO THEM!! Unfortnately the WHINNERS have already succeded in running off BO of GRIN...and i dont blame him for not returning!! I hope the rest of GRIN DEVS DO NOT follow his lead..the GR community NEEDS YOU GUYS. I respect all the GRIN devs and appreciate all thier attention to the continued development of a great game. You guys come in here GR.NET and listen to the GR community and give your honest replies to some fantastic questions..that can only improve future gameplay. RESPECTFULLY and HAVING FUN PLAYING GRAW SCE_COB77
  23. Well said BHH.....everyone is welcome on our dedi and we have had some disrespectfull players on our server as well. The servers do need some control, so we can keep our servers running clean that our boys pay there hard earned cash to operate!!!! Keep Up the GOOD WORK GRIN!!! shadow company elite server
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