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  1. Does anyone know what time of day the DEMO will be available? Another question... is would it be advisable to uninstall the Beta before installing the Demo. I guess there is no reason to keep the Beta...hence answering my own question! Just curious..... <-----Me getting pumped for Demo!! [Merged into the existing Demo thread] DUH...sorry for being stupid...I should of looked before asking!! I just knew my question was old news. I'm just to pumped to think straight.
  2. No load for me...... ! I need more of this crack called......GRAW2, and I need it now!
  3. Yeahhhhhh!!!! Demo JUNE 7th .....beats the heck out of the 20th. Great find Chilly, you made my day!!
  4. Seems to me the GRAW nay sayers, are starting to hit the GRAW2 forums hard and strong the closer we get to the release date of GRAW2. For all the new people coming to these forums, PLEASE judge GRAW2 on its own merit. Download the demo when its released or purchase the game and form your own opinion. Please do not allow the GRAW/GRAW2 NAY SAYERS sway your opinion either way. The old timers @ GR.Net have seen this happen in the past, the nay sayers come out of the woodwork the closer we get to the release dates. DEMO = DECISION.....ITS YOUR CALL!!
  5. I thought I smelled BS......."clean-up in isle 3 ....... clean-up in isle 3"!!
  6. crank-up their GRAW2 Beta recently? I tried today and said ....... unable to write to installation folder. Just wondering if I did something wrong to my beta.
  7. GRAW = GRAW2 = I think there are a lot of us that have always supported and appreciated the GRINNers hard work and dedication. With the anticipated release of GRAW2 the clan fan base has high hopes of bringing GR series back to the level of match playing again. Thank You.....GRINNers for listening!!
  8. The release of an MP Demo, I hope they include the best or a couple of the best maps and enough features to knock our socks off!! The GR/GRAW/GRAW2 community needs a nice size piece of C4 under our ######..... to get our attention/excitement going in the right direction for the release of GRAW2. I hope this is the ONE. Now plant that C4 and knock our socks off!!!!
  9. I have a FP subscriber account but cant get it to DL...crap! Keeps telling me to login again. Downloading now!!!
  10. The more I hear about it.... ......the more I need my next fix!!! HELP ME... LURKING GRINNERS , PLEASE SAY SOMETHING...ANYTHING. PLEASE I CAN'T TAKE IT.
  11. I think Dai-San means in general terms ie; foward, backward, reload ect. Then after setting the common keys, set your specfic keys for your game profile.
  12. You could use the profile for Ghost Recon and then tweak it for GRAW.......just a thought!! I my n52!!
  13. Yeaaahh some news ....disappointed that it will not release this month, but some news anyway!! Does anyone know which group, GRIN or UBI will be making the picks for the beta testers? Do you think that they will choose a cross reference of OS systems and system specs? I would think that would choose equal amount of testers with Vista and XP OS systems. Now all we need is a linky where to sign up...good find FAB...Made my day!!
  14. London, UK– MARCH 22, 2007 – Today Ubisoft, one of the world’s largest video game publishers, announce that the Heads of GRIN (Andersson Brothers) telephone us today to inform Ubisoft and I Quote... "take your contract and shove it where the sun don't shine...we are all tired of your bullsh**t...we will be releasing GRAW2 without yous....GOODBYE!!!!" Ubisoft also announced that losing the contract with GRIN and the award-winning Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon franchise for PC, will not impact Ubisoft’s revenue forecasts for the fiscal year!! Lepew also commented "we are so glad to be rid of those Renegade GRINers and the PC whinners...its such a relief. We can now concentrate on our console line now". Laughing loudly. 24 hrs later....... Sweden-MARCH 23, 2007-Today GRIN announce the next installment in its award-winning squad-based military shooter, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2™ will launch worldwide on PC in March 30, 2007. During the Press release all reporters noticed the Andersson Brothers and the GRIN DEV team where all GRINning (pun intended). When asked why they are all so happy their reply was... " we are all so glad we are rid of Ubisoft and all their games....now we can give the PC gamers what they want!!"
  15. For all you perverbiable.......finger thumpers to the back of the back of the head!!! Most of us are not whinning for information, we are just poking the lion with a small stick hoping to get a reaction. I think most post are like mine...playful commentary!! Most of the time I think the language barriers are at fault.
  16. We can not say, nor hint, anything about the things that you keep on asking us about. I would rather login here with a "anonymous account" but you are only allow to have 1 account, and if I only have one anonymous account, I cant answer questions about GRAW1. Its my job to see what you people think about the game and to see if I can find anything that we can pickup and use in the game that would improve it. So, stop ask, beg or demand answers from us. We will tell you what we can, when we can. Well that shot the hell outa my theory...... " they hang out in here cause they like us" Hey GRINWiking how about I send ya my login and password for the fourms....and I will make the details available to the fourms!!!
  17. All this hand-wringing about a release delay and the devs are surfing the web; just how is that a good thing?? Looks to me like GRIN needs a hall monitor. Or you could look @......these guys are dedicated to the fan base of GRAW, so while they are on there break from work they are checking up on the posting about GRAW2!! Or maybe while on there work break, they just like to hang with us @ GR.NET because they enjoy our company!!!
  18. Lol. That's a girl. She was on another picture in the article as well. easy with calling people girls, I remember when someone thought I was a girl in the original grin picture! aah the humiliation! Didn't you get a haircut afterward? yeah... LOLOLOLOLOL
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