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  1. Can someone help me...can't get the editor to launch, what does this line mean? I did everything as instructed to no avail.
  2. I sent a PM to one of the GRIN Team and informed them of the glitch a couple of weeks ago, with pic. No response from this person.. ..not sure if the GRINners only get PMs from select people or what! Not even a "Thanks, we already know about it', or "kiss my ###### and go away". Well anyway......I posted the results of this glitch, but not the way to enter the said glitch !!
  3. Sui317, don't ya know I can't Read or Swim!! CHEATING LOLOLOL ......I was just exploring, taking a dip and then fell into the abyss!!
  4. Does anyone know what the clan match setting does? Maybe it stops the random team setting!!
  5. Definitely Timber...thats so [GR] style!! I have a great time on Fort as well.
  6. United International GRAW -2 Modding Association Kinda like a United Nation for GRAW2 modding I would be up for assisting in the modding area....I only did a couple of maps for GRAW, but hopfully Tom Anger(SCE_FATMAN), RavanousNC (SCE_RavanousNC) and SCE_Ripper will want to join in the modding fun!! Let me know if I can help in any way!!
  7. You old timers will love this new GRAW2, I am not bull$hitting you one bit and I am not just saying this to build hype for the release. The map styles are so similar to the original GR, they will bring back fond memories of years past. This game is no comparison to the first GRAW....after playing both, GRAW2 is what we wanted to begin with. The Demo did not do GRAW2 justice!! SO COME BACK TO AN OLD FRIEND(GHOST RECON).....GRAW2 IS ITS SUCCESSOR!!
  8. UBISoft....please reconsider this action, we all want,what you and Grin want!! A SUCCESSFUL RELEASE OF AN OUTSTANDING GAME...YOU NEED US, JUST AS WE NEED YOU!!
  9. They are doing a Great job in keeping us fans tune in for the release of GRAW2. All the media and info flowing our way..... it gets better and better with each addition to the long list things we have seen this time around!! THANKS AGAIN
  10. I thought thats how RvA works ....remember you can place C4 on three sides of the ADHT...not just one!! Maybe I misunderstood you commment. Sorry if I'm wrong.
  11. Isn't that a compliment? Seriously. To me, it says: If you're not a ###### and actually want a challenge, play the PC version. (Before someone has a hissy fit, that does not mean that console players are morons). Now class.....lets sum up the above paragraph and make it more direct and to the point!! Here's how it should read...
  12. Whats your opinion on Downloading Full Version of GRAW 2 from UBI Digital Store? I have never downloaded full versions before....I'm a D/L Newbie!! 1. Yes 2. No 3. Indifferent If ya could....... give me a short answer why. THX!
  13. Bingo. Common Wolfie.....no explanation!! "Throw us a bone here".
  14. How does the game go gold......can you explain it to me!! I have always wondered about such accolades .
  15. It sure does look like GRIN_BO is having a good time in the video!! Wait or maybe he's laughing @ us!!
  16. Could you tell us what the meaning is , if any...the use of an old fashion saloon or player piano and the broken 8mm video effect in the GRIN part of the intro? I like it... being an old timer myself! I was just curious who came up with this idea and does it have a interesting background story for the group @ GRIN!!
  17. GRAW2 GRINners Tribute Dance... This dance is dedicated to the GRIN GANG!! [Merged into existing feedback thread]
  18. DOWNloading from fileplanet now......woot woot!
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