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  1. Love the TRR idea Lightspeed..played it last night. Had a problem with one of the spawns. Spawn in a boxed in area that I could not get out...surrounded by the hillside and buildings!! Also.... I think it would be a great idea to change all the names back to the original ones and not hardcode any server settings IMO Here is a pic of the spawn problem!!
  2. that your completed mods are being use on our server...but also available for download in our download section with all PROPS GOING TO YOU GUYS where it belongs. We also put " your names up in lights " so to speak in our server info for our GRAW2 dedi... So thank you guys again..... thank you GRINNers for GRAW2 and also making what these guys do possible!!
  3. Has this best under any testing yet...Canga? Nevermind...I seen the other post
  4. If it's done, then yes. I am sure the rest of us are anxious to give it a go. The screenies that you have posted has gotten people excited about it.
  5. I think we all need to send Biro $3 dollars each...so he can take off work for a few days so he can work on the maps all day long until the money runs out!! 3,392 hits X $3 each =$10,176
  6. Same... i'm sure since it's MP gametypes SCE would love to beta test against another team LOL Big Roger that ROCO... Looks great Beaver... Damn
  7. Please do I love the game, have no problem with AI and think it shows promise and the fruits of hard work. Go ahead and send us the link to the game you made so darn perfect so I can have a friend steal one for me and then complain about it. It's cool. if someone else enjoys this game, then I'm happy for them. May they continue to enjoy it, and the excellent mods this bunch is sure to produce. As for the comment about a game I made, I can only imagine if I had a development studio and a couple dozen experienced programmers and our own game engine and the previous episode's experience to draw on, I might hope to make a damned good one. All the makings were there in GRIN's case. Much as I like that bunch, though, I can't stand by this product. I've vented. Haven't bothered with finishing the SP campaign, and not sure I found it interesting to ever get back around to it. I might just have to strand Mitchell and crew on that bridge... I can't say for co-op or sp but Rabbi... MP TDM is back to old GR1 style. So much that TWL has 25 Teams from North America sitting in the power ladder. Some of the old teams are there. AFZ, AOD, 30+ for example. The server controls need work but it's matchable and a blast with the gut wrenching sneaking around corners and bush hopping that we all loved. I agree Roco....I am getting my ###### powned in GRAW2 just as I did in GR1!! Its a lot of fun matching.
  8. Can anyone give me an example of the xml file for coop mission and campaign to run on a dedi !! Thx ahead of time.
  9. Looks like all the servers that are patched show up as a question mark for the ping!!
  11. Great job GRINNers...... Have an Audigy 2 ZS also but I can only select 'generic software'. My sound in arroyo is almost none existant. I can't hear my footsteps (except in spawn) and once I leave spawn they disappear and other players footsteps come and go., sometimes I hear them and sometimes I don't. The MP demo recongized my soundcard but the SP Demo and Retail do not. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling my sound drivers but to no avail. Anyways, patch looks great and looking forward to it. Me too BOTA..... running Vista 32, don't know if the OS is the Issue!!
  12. Wolf....... will the spawn zones be placed in the map like they were in GRAW? Designated with the square and then placing spawn dummies through out particular spawn zone. When I placed the zones in my castle day map I made, they were spread out over a large area of the designated spawn in my 1st version of castledayGRAW.
  13. Thx Joker.....that helped!! I think I've got now.
  14. Can you walk us through the process on how to add to the ban list.. ..newbie server Admin here!! We ran into this guy on one of the servers last night...had to play else where our server was down.
  15. Our Server is set up 3 Spawns 7 minute rounds on TDM .... ... 5 on HH and 10 minute rounds with 35 points!! Kind of a nice balance!!
  16. the Scrim was a great time...sorry I couldnt get the dedi in order Maximus...still learning We had so many that wanted in we had to rotate players. Lookin forward to more of this fun!!
  17. Has anyone hit the "L" key in the editor...places a Ghost pointing weapon upward. Also how do you exit the editor?
  18. Could you please identify what these options mean and what are my choices please.....I'm a Dedi Newbie!! <server_settings type="hh"> <match_length value="9"/> <match_points value="110"/> <round_length value="5"/> <spawn_time value="15"/>
  19. HELP ME PLEASE Ok I have a question...this is the first time I have ever set up or had anything to do with a dedi!! Password for entering the server...how is this written Which line dictates map being played 3 times on all modes? HH TDM Siege RSVA <server_settings type="hh"> <match_length value="10"/> Is this time? <match_points value="60"/> <max_deaths value="5"/> <max_players value="24"/> <round_length value="10"/>Is this how many rounds...what are the options? <spawn_time value="10"/>Is this the seconds before you respawn? HELP ME PLEASE
  20. Just login on XFIRE, I can see everyone listed so far this will make commutation between Clans so easy ......Excellent idea Morph!!
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