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  1. THX Bumbi for your reply...I will give it a try!! Glad to see your smiling face again!!
  2. Has anyone made the M32 available for the MP maps? Would be nice to have on castle day...kinda like the good ole days of GR with the MM1!!
  3. Played on the BSR server last night.. ...had a blast, but I got sooo tired of Ruggbutt shotin me in the #####. ..pun intended !! Everyone needs to get this, lots of fun and with the installer.....A PIECE OF CAKE !! Moderator edit. Do not use symbols or numbers to bypass the swear filter.
  4. Congrats Rpghard...Just to let you know that all your hard work and all the modders are appreciated. I wish I had some of the talent you guys possess!
  5. Come on over and check out SCE... ...www.shadowcompanyelite.com Tell them COBBer sent ya!
  6. SCE now has the CSAR, HH and TRR maps on our server....lets try this CSAR out folks!!
  7. Hey Canga is there anything special settings I need to add to the xml file to activate the CSAR part of the mods?
  8. I will put this up on the SCE server. ..sounds like fun! I will also load TRR and HH maps with it. Hey Canga if I may make a suggestion...on your overhead map you have a lot of extra room. ..maybe you can add the point system to the side of the overhead map!! I just copied and pasted into screen shot from the read me file..you could shorten and just give a quick synopsis!! http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y137/sce_cob77/canga.jpg
  9. OH man did a google search for graphic engine converters...and this is what I found!! Where can we get one?
  10. You bought the game....you have all the rights to do as you wish as long as your not selling it to make a profit. Converting maps to use as MODDED MAPS in GRAW2 would be no different than modeling objects yourself in 3DMax based on every object in the map and reconstructing said map.
  11. I concur......anyone playing the trr mod for the castle day map, we have it on our server.... just trying to get some peeps interested.
  12. Wow thats cool....but also sux that its the only map models available from the good old GR days! Thx for the clarification PaveLow
  13. Can you explain...not sure what you mean by company released. I have no clue is to how Biro did what he did..but it is fantastic!! I thought he brought models from Old GR and converted them into GRAW2 models and textures. Not to make it sound easy Biro..... because if it was, you would have done all maps from [GR]!!
  14. I have an idea...lets ask Biro to give a GR.net tutorial to several modders on doing just what he did on castle day map. Then assign 1 old gr map to each understudy as Biro looks over the project. I think that it also takes an artistic touch in getting the textures just right and thats where Biro is the master looking over your shoulder. It would be fantastic if we had all the GR maps available....just the way castle day was made by Biro!! Would the Master Biro be up to the challenge? Would we have any of this communities Great Modders up to the challenge?
  15. ShadowCompanyElite.com server is now running the TRR Mod. Lets see how many peeps we can get on and test this baby out tonight!! SCE boyz will be on around 8:30 - 9 pm EST tonight to check this out!! COME ONE COME ALL for the TRR TEST........
  16. Hey LightSpeed tried to install TRRmap pack and started my GRAW2 and got a crash message!! HELP! Sat Sep 22 23:41:29 2007 Crash in application version: 0.2989 Custom level bundle trrpack contains an invalid file path
  17. Rugg sent you a PM...count SCE in on this one!!
  18. OMG.....Biro you are brilliant!! "Can you say on the money" After doing a run through of this map it took me back to to the "good ole days" dying so many times for so many years on just that map! It also brought a tear of joy to my eye...now I can't wait to die on it in GRAW2....ASAP. OH and by the way...its up on ShadowCompanyElite.com Server!! WOW
  19. You can play this mode on the " ShadowCompanyElite.com TTR MAPS " Server!! As far as the maps... big or medium, thats the only ones it offers. We had this installed a couple of days ago and no one jumped on the server. I will leave it on our server for a couple of days more and see if anyone participates!! Again....Great job Lightspeed.
  20. City Streets, The Dam, The Villa... ..WOW TUG guys made these maps!! Great Job. ..here I thought GRIN created those Maps!
  21. Yes GL and 1 extra had frag....I like explosives
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