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  1. Used for door breaches and maybe opening bottles!
  2. You guys are doing a fantastic job with the missions....keep up the great work! There are a handful (10) of guys over @ Shadow Company Elite that have re-installed GRAW2 because of your mission building....we are having a great time! Some of the others in SCE hearing what a great time we are having playing the missions, they are thinking about picking up the game themselves! The work you are doing is amazing.....keep them missions coming! THX Again, COB77
  3. Fantastic News.....I hope all the mods that have had blood, sweat and tears poured into them will be compatible!!
  4. Will any of the info from GRAW of the auto download be of help to try and implement in GRAW2???? Maybe a shot in the dark ...but who knows!!
  5. how did you do the walk through I guess started his own server and set it to start when server is ready, like always. lol you dont know how long i was trying to figure this out the other day LMAO...JJUK! I always set my game to only 1 player also! Hey does anyone know if it is possible to do "Fly thru's" not sure of the terminology? I know there was a mod you could do this in GR...but I can't for the life of me remember what that was called! Wolfiesinging...you know of any way of doing this in GRAW2?
  6. Just did a walk thru of this map....its froggin Awesome !! Great work P@po.....keep them coming!
  7. I wanna try these boyz out...can we get them uploaded to somewhere else for downloading?
  8. I wish the PC Gamers were as lucky as the Console thuds!
  9. This is also required by the server host as well.....right? Is this only for mission and coop play..mp and single?
  10. Patch out now..... http://patches.ubi.com/ghost_recon_advanced_warfighter_2/ ghost_recon_advanced_warfighter_2_1.04_to_1.05.exe 13-Feb-2008 16:28 THX GRINners for the PATCH! Man Tinker you beat me to it!!
  11. Niiiiiiiceeee....does the video have sound? I didnt hear anything...but video is great!! Excellent work Brett....
  12. That S*** looks Flippin great....can't wait to try this out!! Nice work......
  13. Wanted to try the maps and I cant get these 2 or green beret map to work!! Help! Sorry got it to work by copy and paste!!
  14. Anyone tried this map? I cant get it to work!! Help Got it to work by copy and paste...
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