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  1. its looking good. i already see more people joining and idling. thanks to everyone going along with the idea!
  2. yea it is. if we get everyone there it will be a great resource!
  3. Hey guys, I'm not sure if this has been brought up before but I'm sure it has. I did a search in the GR:AW PC forum and didn't find anything so I thought why not throw it out there. It would be nice to get the community to idle on Mirc. TWL has started one (www.teamwarfare.com) and I figured well why not try and get people in here. BTW TWL is a ladder/league community for those who don't know. They will also be starting up a branch for GR:AW. It would just be a place for everyone to live chat, share info, and eventually clans can get in here and set up scrims and get organized. It is a useful tool that uses barely any resources so idling in it sucks up no PC energy. I figured it would be worth a shot to throw the idea out there. Here are more detailed instructions on getting it. Download & Install mIRC - Go to http://www.mirc.com/get.html - Download mIRC version 6.17 - Install mIRC Choosing the Server -Put in your name, e-mail, and nickname -Click the sunshine next to Connect to Server button -Under Irc server select Gamesurge:Random Server -Hit OK and go to File, Connect Adding the Channel -Click favorites then Add to favorites -For channel put #twl_gr and click join on connect. Now go to Favorites, more, and select it and join it. -Repeat for #twl_grawscrim if interested when the game comes out to look for scrims to practice for matches. (mostly clan leaders will want to be here) *It says 30 day trial and then its over, but its not. After 30 days you can keep goin! Hope to see yall on there!
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