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  1. It wont be long now before option 4 becomes a reality and ageia is wiped clean off the map by both ati and nvidia. hahahahahah.....
  2. Just to clarify, you do not need a SLI rig to take advantage of Nvidia's new physics drivers. It's just highly recommended. A single card setup will work, although performance will be quite poor. ← It seems that Nvidia and ATI want rather large bits of the physics processing pie. mmmm.... should be interesting since they are massive compared to ageia
  3. In simpler terms: If you want Aegia PhysX, you have to have a PhysX PPU installed. If you don't have one, you still get Havok physics. If your video card is high end, you will get extra-pretty Havok physics. ← it`s a shame you cant buy the damn card at the moment....wonder if that will change.....
  4. The new functionality will be via drivers, but again, this will not provide hardware accelerated Aegia PhsyX support. You will still need an Aegia PPU to take advantage of GRAW's hardware physics. All the Nvidia/ATI updates will do is provide some acceleration to Havok's software physics, assuming the title uses Havok's engine, which GRAW apparently does. In other words, those with high end video cards will see some performance gains when using the low end physics engine for those without the high end Aegia hardware/software support. ← Right first of all nobody said the new dri
  5. There will be hardware physics support for GRAW`s built in havoc physics engine(assuming that GRIN use havocFX) this summer from a new foreware 85 driver. this will effectively give hareware accelerated support for physical calculations for anybody with a nvidia graphics card from the fx range upwards..... I am sure ATI will offer the same support through a new catalyst driver... Just thought i would let everybody know this...
  6. Well said..... Never has there been a development team more deserving of respect and gratitude for reviving and breathing new life into a classic game. They have been here with us listening to our comments and implementing our thoughts and ideas into what hopefully will be a cracking game. They have listened to what we have been saying now and i am sure will be listening to us in the future providing us with first hand information which they do out of their own generosity and not because they have to. As the saying goes you cant please everybody all of the time, but you can please so
  7. Yes. And no stabbing but shoot with silencer. ← again thanks for reply bo........your the man
  8. Scent, smell, or stench? AI don't have a superhuman 360 awareness, so yes, if you're quiet you can sneak up on them an put two quick ones in their neck *THUD* *THUD* (we need a smiley with a silenced Beretta!) ← Nice... thanks for response Desmond
  9. but seriously it would be nice to pop someone in the back of the head with your gun though yeh
  10. Just a question that i would like to put to GRIN. Is it possible to to literally sneak up on a mexican soldier and either shoot or stab him in the back or head in a sneaky stealthy manner?
  11. Too true It`s like i have been saying all along.........RESPECT THE GRIN
  12. I think being the first game out to support the ageia processor might just help to sell a few more copies.......... I bet Bo and the others are celebrating right now even before the game gets into the retail channels......GO GRIN :g_cheers:
  13. I wonder if there is going to be a third trailer
  14. just wondered if there would be support for the track ir 4 pro with either a pacth or expansion or through some other means in the future?
  15. I think i might of just wet myself If GRIN is not the greatest development team on this planet then i must wear knickers on my head and call myself hermes.
  16. Keep it up GRIN... Respect to you all at the the office especially Desmond for having put up with us talking about the graphics all the time . Shown us what a dev team should be like and actually care about the community. Big thumbs up p.s. Please Please Please be the ones to make the expansion packs....
  17. So how about it BO. would you consider looking at this device for possible intergration into GRAW if not soon then in the future, maybe included as a patch in a expansion pack or something? I mean you have obviously thought a lot about body awareness but i think this would improve environment awareness no end. I know armed assault will be coming out with intergration of this device. From what i heard it improves a persons ability to survive immensely in an hostile environment. Congrats on popping the champagne by the way. You all certainly deserved it after listening to us on this forum
  18. great , i suppose thats why we get the drops, while the game loads ← GROOOOOOOOOOVY! Respect the GRIN
  19. I think i have just pooped myself over that halo jump Respect the GRIN
  20. The sensor goes ontop of your monitor and points at your head. You then wear a special tracking cap with a small three prong arm attached to it. When you move your head the view changes accordingly, so for instance if you lean forward then tilt your head down say to look over a low fence then the view will do likewise. It is really very neat. I really do hope GRIN sometime in the future could maybe intergrate it into GRAW. Respect the GRIN
  21. You could be right there, but it would be a waste to only use those 6 degrees of movement on an external view.....hardly immersive.... Respect the GRIN
  22. yeah, FPs animations are pretty weak in Graw, and thats the only thing that disappoint me in this game, because i was so into first CG Graw trailer's movement Respect GRIN! EDIT: oh i mean this footage: http://www.gametrailers.com/player.php?id=5872&type=mov ← Maybe you should wait until you play it before becoming too dissapointed with the animation... Respect the GRIN
  23. Well i do know that the antec p180 is a one of the best cases out their and is very reasonably priced. I would suggest you buy your own psu from seasonic, tagan or antec as these are very good and will last a long time. Intel processors have never been very good for gaming but are better for video encoding on average than amd... Things might change by the end of this in regard though........ Respect the GRIN
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