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  1. i got a amd 4000+ 1 gig memory x850 xt runs smooth om medium 1024 x cant put textures on high for some reason
  2. http://img263.imageshack.us/img263/2203/graw2ki.jpg
  3. lamermode! BO IF U LEAVE I WONT BUY THIS GAME! lamermode! nah joke anyway i think it sux u let people like that influence u and ###### it up for the rest. i know enough people here who are verry thankfull of what u do. graw looks like a great game uve done a great job but i guess this is why almost 0 develpers visit forums cause of people bitchin over nothin.... anywayz gonna miss u bo... and remember we still got a unsettled score! cya on tha battlefield honey!
  4. ur free to make 1. beside a real rvs player needs a g36k! ← Haha ya the G36K was my favorite weapon too, but the Famas was the most popular weapon in the non-cmag groups. ← in us maybe in europe all top players use g36k.
  5. ur free to make 1. beside a real rvs player needs a g36k!
  6. man i would most def buy the special edition of graw if they included a topless Bo holding a g36k
  7. i doubt i dont use guns that make me look fat
  8. So as a mexican in mp i could take a g36k? or are the guns the same for both sides?
  9. Perhaps it could be the XM8, after all it shares many design similarities with the G36k. ← dont have the hd version of the 2nd trailer if some1 could check it. im a rvs veteran my g36k is my evrything!
  10. I was wondering, I've seen in a couple screens and also in a few videos that the g36k is indeed ingame though you never see it in hands of a ghost (on the second official trailer, at 01:01, when the ghost is running across and then walking, it looks like he's holding g36k, but I'm not sure), perhaps Bo can comment if ghosts are able to use g36k?
  11. Count me in... Bo im comin for uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
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