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  1. i got a amd 4000+ 1 gig memory x850 xt runs smooth om medium 1024 x cant put textures on high for some reason
  2. http://img263.imageshack.us/img263/2203/graw2ki.jpg
  3. lamermode! BO IF U LEAVE I WONT BUY THIS GAME! lamermode! nah joke anyway i think it sux u let people like that influence u and ###### it up for the rest. i know enough people here who are verry thankfull of what u do. graw looks like a great game uve done a great job but i guess this is why almost 0 develpers visit forums cause of people bitchin over nothin.... anywayz gonna miss u bo... and remember we still got a unsettled score! cya on tha battlefield honey!
  4. ur free to make 1. beside a real rvs player needs a g36k! ← Haha ya the G36K was my favorite weapon too, but the Famas was the most popular weapon in the non-cmag groups. ← in us maybe in europe all top players use g36k.
  5. ur free to make 1. beside a real rvs player needs a g36k!
  6. man i would most def buy the special edition of graw if they included a topless Bo holding a g36k
  7. i doubt i dont use guns that make me look fat
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