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  1. Everytime i got to add or remove programs and click to unistall the graw demo i get this error that pops up right wheni click it.... how do i fix it?
  2. to roll a nade you ghave to look down and make sure that the lines form under the crosshair type thing, if you normally throw a grenade while looking forward, the lines(which mean the power of the throw)will appear above this crosshair thing, but you almost have to look straight down to roll it.
  3. There really isnt enough weapons, there should be at least 2 more primarys and another side arm. Anyways my favorite is both of the SCAR ones
  4. i have a 6800gt and i can run everything high(textures at med) at 1280x1024 and get steady 20-30 fps which is playable
  5. and i was also wondwring if MEX in mp get the same weapons as the ghosts?
  6. im sorry, i know how you feel too, everythngy change when i got a new computer almost a year ago
  7. do you have a nvidia 5 series card?
  8. i dont know what happend here... http://img255.imageshack.us/img255/838/gra...203510257pv.jpg
  9. The game is awesome, but i havent got very far in it because this mouse lag/issue is very hard to play with btw, good review Ruin!
  10. has anyone found a solution to this? Lowering graphics isnt working...
  11. yup there is something definately wrong with the aiming
  12. ya the jagged-ness is really bad as you can see from this SS i took http://img200.imageshack.us/img200/1210/untitled6mv.jpg (look at the poles and buildings) the lights fell down from when i threw a nade also am i supposed to be moving really slow when i walk? It seems like my guy is taking baby steps.
  13. When i move my mouse to aim it is weird because it takes like a couple of milliseconds to respond and move, i dont think it has to do with fps because its not choppy or anything and i tried messing with the sensitivity but its still like that, anyone else have that problem? CPU: Amd 64 3200+ GPU: 6800 GT 1 GB corsair pc3200 ram 80 gb hdd msi nforce 4 mobo
  14. hmm and i thought my 3mb dsl was fast...
  15. ERROR! System Requirements Lab has received a fatal error and cannot continue. Please contact us to describe the process which brougth you to this error. Cannot locate product application content register_form.tmpl ??
  16. at least we know lots of ppl want to play graw!
  17. you said you dont have an XP cd, download a version of linux and see how it runs!
  18. i was goiing to pre order it now, but i decided to wait because my computer might not be able to run it well.
  19. if they actually get it im going to be...well....mad.
  20. why do they make us be patient!!!! Someone mght commit suicide!
  21. You ever think it may just be a faulty card?
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