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  1. Cr4p so that´s why my dl stopped suddenly without warning. PS: luv those Grin smilies
  2. How did that topic grow so fast?! Grenade topics merged. ← Oh........now I get it.
  3. Maybe cause in Hollywood they use white phosporus, and all cars are sprayed with flamable painting and use propane engines?
  4. Your English is pretty good and better than some of our normal English speaking members. ← Thanks
  5. Something like that, but have you played Raven Shield? Many who bought this game had no ideia of the tactical realism that marks every Tom Clancy´s game. So many who bought the game expected something like Counter-Strike (that 30cm blast ratius grenade), then they would throw a grenade and instead of taking cover they would just stand, waiting to see the explosion. And then you were behind cover, waiting for the grenade to go off, suddenly BOOM, the grenade goes off and your teamate dies in a stupid way . Those good times gave some great laughs. PS: my english svcks....sorry
  6. It will be fun seeing people who never played Tom Clancy´s games blowing themselves with the blast ratius of the grenade.
  7. C4 is not backpack kit. It is used on objectives - such as installations or ADATs or what have you. You do not throw it around no. ← Thank God. I mean....thank GRIN.
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