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  1. Looks like it's gonna be a good game. If you find the right players to play coop tactically and patiently.
  2. I'm not sure about who's the leader. But there's a member of the squad, the afro-american with the gutural voice, who stays in constant contact with Overlord, which is the operational callsign for Colonel Scott Mitchel. BTW: I don't see any image here.
  3. Yes, this is viral marketing. Warmongers Inc is the viral marketing website for Ghost Recon Future Soldier.
  4. These are contractors. I forgot to mention the problem that would cause by logistics. Also Mexican army will start to issue it's brand new Xiuhcoatl, "The Fire Serpent". Mexican licensed version of the G36.
  5. No. Even if you violated the EULA and cracked open the HD on the 360 (while voiding the warranty on your 360), the files are compressed and not in a format that could be imported into an editor and exported. Here's an idea.... add them to the PC version in an official patch . You're saying it to wrong fella, RedStorm is not involved in any way in GRAW.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion but I think I'll pass on the shades. Here is the latest for the marines. Also, thanks to Lancer, the ACU skin underwent some minor renovations over the weekend. I'll get a final version packaged soon. (Hopefully tomorrow) Can anybody think of anything else they want to see in the mod? I think the pistol holster is a bit too dark. Will you release a version with the Coyote Brown gear? And does this mod adapts itself to the first person perspective, or will we keep seeing multicam arms and legs for our character?
  7. Only [idiots] flame people for finding a SP cheat. Couldn't agree more. But it's more fun trying to beat the game without God mode. If there was a cheat for infinite magazines, that would be cool, not having to worry about your ammo. I used to play some games with mode God , just for fun, but then I realized it took away all the thrill and excitement of trying to avoid getting shot. Still, only idiots flame people for finding a SP cheat. If they wanna play the game with cheats it's their decision, their not causing us any harm, so we don't have the right to disrespect or flamme these
  8. Holy damn , if it weren for that olive-green vest, the mexican soldier would've camouflaged with the wall.
  9. In many pictures you see marines stationed in Iraq using this kind of yellow-brownish collor on their vests.
  10. It would make no sense for the Mexicans rebels to use AKs, AKs are for terrorists, comunist countries, and former soviet republics. The political influence of the US over the mexican government would never allow the mexicans to buy AKs. And besides, it makes sense for the mexicans to use G36s, since Spain uses them and it's quite common for Spanish Language countries to buy military hardware from Spain. It's just lack of creativity to pit the US' soldiers against the old generic terrorist/comunist guerrila armed with AKs, it's time to evolve, as Grin did. No one ever thought the Ghost's nex
  11. I surely hope someday for Ghost Recon franchise to migrate to another publisher, Ubisoft's "Xbox is my favorite plataform" policy sucks.
  12. I'm the point man, but my team is always on my six covering my ass. I don't thrust their AI enough to take point.
  13. You better post some screenshots before or no one will risk downloading a file they know nothing about it.
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