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  1. Hi Sairus! I succeded in holding the platform - the rest of the map was fairly easy . I also found out it is a good idea to start bringing all your soldiers into the tunnel to avoid early detection. Some of my weapons were silenced. As earlier mentioned if I started shooting the bad guys in front of me, I would be spotted and the dam detonated. However, using grenades in the tunnel would not set the alarm until the stairs leading to the platform. Weird ?! I just went through the next map also - this is really easy in comparrison. With a little luck I might finish the campaign today Once again - thanks a lot for your help guiding me through!
  2. Made it almost to the position but the dam was still detonated . So I gave it a try starting all over and this time I made it to the platform - only to lost the last soldier secends later ! But this seems to be the right way to do it. My last resort would have been to start the campaign over again on a lower level (doing it on veteran). Thanks again Sairus!
  3. Thanks Sairus. It turns out if I use grenades in the tunnel I am not spotted?!? I have now succeded getting further inside the tunnel. But whether I keep left or take the stairs to the right the dam is again detonated. Can you give me a rough picture of how you completed this map?
  4. Having just finnished "Frostbite" I turned my attention to "DTD - no easy day". I have reached mission 3 but can't complete it. Whether I go forward or left down the tunnel I am spotted and the dam is detonated. There must be a 3rd solution - but what is it?!
  5. Thanks for the help Avey. I just finished the map. The target is passenger in no 2 truck. But there most be some kind of code error, ´cause the troops in the truck don't show until they jump of?!
  6. I need a little help: I have reached map 3 Snipers Nest, but I can't figure out what to do. Where is my target? I would asume he is in the convoy but I cannot spot him?! This is the convoy I see: BMP SA-13 Truck Truck with three civilians Jeep with two soldiers Who am I supposed to shoot???
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