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  1. I am looking for a backup program for Linux. Something as easy to use as Norton Ghost. Closezilla looks like a good candidate. Are there any others suggestions?
  2. Fixed the problem, well sort of: Last Sunday I could not boot - not even in fail safe mode. After making a new install of XP, the original install boots fine again. Had to make a new install of opensuse anyway. It kept giving me a kernel error. A corrupted boot sector?
  3. Well, firefly - that was my initial thought also. But grub (http://www.susegeek.com/general/howto-edit-boot-loader-to-addmodifydelete-entries-in-opensuse/) does not mention Windows 7. So I guess that cause is to be found in the boot sector. I will give mexicobob's suggestion a try tomorrow.
  4. I run an XP / openSUSE multiboot on my pc. For a time I also had the trial version of Windows 7. The grub boot loader defaults to Windows, here I am prompted to choose between Windows 7 and XP. How do I remove this reference to Windows 7? It is not listed in boot.ini?
  5. Problem solved Parallel to this, I also had a problem with IE8 failing to open. I downloaded and reinstalled IE8 - this took care of both problems.
  6. Sorry for answering you this late Tinker. I have played the mission three times now - I'll leave as it is. Hopefully others will make use of it. Thank you for your efforts!
  7. - Copied the mail conted from folder A to folder B. - Emtied Folder A. - Set Folder C as new folder to store email in Outlook Express. - In Outlook Express I imported folders from folder B to folder C. - Same error
  8. Tinker, I had completely forgotten all about this. This evening I deleted all the save games and started over. Notice outcome in the attached file.
  9. "One or more parts of the message could not be shown." clicking OK wil result in "An error uccured while attempting to load the message. There is not sufficiant memory." (Loosely translated from Danish) Hard drive is 500 GB - don't know how much is not used. C drive is 42 GB - 15 GB not used.
  10. My desc top has been down for a while and I have been comunicating through webmail. The other day I managed to get my desc top up and running again. When logging on to Outlook express I get error messages telling me that there not to be enough memory to show my email - this goes for new, old and deleted ones. I have tried cleaning up but it doesn't help. Can any one please tell me what to do? As far as I get it from the net, OE can handle two GB information - but I am no where near that. XP home edition SP 3 1,5 GB RAM
  11. Have tried #4 and #6 - the only success was with the IE New Window maximizer utility. The window still opens in half size, but is then forced into full size. Would like to know the reason for the problem though. No Microsoft employees playing Ghost recon?
  12. I have tried dragging; dragging while holding shift; dragging while holding ctrl - same result, next window opens in half size !?!
  13. Some time ago I had to reinstall Windows XP on my parents' PC. After that there has been a problem with Internet Explorer: It opens up fine but links, such as pictures, opens in a half sized window. I have tried shift/close - this takes care of the problem. But when IE is started the next time the problem is there again. I have searched the net - what I find is the above mentioned. What am I doing wrong? XP sp3 home edition IE8
  14. Yes - I removed all save games and started over. Completed objectives in the mentioned sequence.
  15. Tinker, you should have a look at it again: - Knock out armor - promted with success. - Stop counterattack - promted with success. - Destroy outposts - prompted with success. Game ends - but counterattack listed as uncompleted?
  16. Thank you Tinker - worked out just fine. However I have found a flaw in the last mission. Going round the "wrong" way I succeded in stopping the counterattack before knocking out the armour. I was promted of this, but it is not listed as completed.
  17. Sorry to call for you again Tinker. Mission 12 - all four objectives completed, but again mission does not end.
  18. I have had no problems with the sound?
  19. Removed the save games - this time it worked. As always - you are the man, Tinker!
  20. Installed the mission file from this page - same result, game doesn't end?
  21. I am at mission 8 (swamp map). All four objectives have been completed, but the game doesn't finish. No extra objective appears, no extration point to move to?
  22. No luck I even tried removing it several places. Got fed up trying to make it work, so I got around it with cheats. Thank you though for your time and effort Tinker.
  23. I have just installed Iron Shield by Sixpence but I am stuck in the first mission. Beach and beach house are both cleared; charges are set on the three trucks; all three objecktives are marked as completed - yet nothing happens? I have tried taking the men back to the insertion point, no luck. There is no extraction point on the map. What am I doing wrong?
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