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  1. I had to go to a new hard drive. On this I am having trouble with Windows live mail:

    - the attached image shows the error at installing.

    - I can receive email; but when I try to write a new one or to reply nothing happens. No error - no pop up that disaapears - just nothing.

    - I have copied all messages from the folders on the old hard drive to the folders on the new hard drive, but they don't show up when I lauch Windows live mail.

    Does anyone have an idea hove to solve this?

    And before someone comes with the suggestion - Windows mail is not an option for me. It seems like a rouged webmail client to me. Then I would rather go with Opera mail or Thunderbird.


  2. Well ApexMods, I've been in this forum since 2006 ;-)

    I am totally noob on VirtualBox - what do you mean by " Safe Booting XP required "? I have looked in the manual for VirtualBox, but the options I have in the "advanced" tab doesn't make my any wiser.

  3. Finaly got Ghost Recon and R6: Raven Shield installed on a VM VirtualBox running XP - but:

    - When I try to start Ghost Recon, I get the same result as in Win 10; a square dot in the center of the screen and nothing else.

    - When I try to start Raven Shield, I get the message: "Critical error. Failed to initialize 3D hardware. Make sure Direct X 8.1b or greater is installed on your system." (drivers have been installed from disc)


    Can anyone please tell me what I need to do, to make it work?


  4. Having updated to Win10 I am no longer able to allow SECDRV to run. I have received two suggestions from friends:

    1) Burn an image from my CD, and run it with a DEAMON tool.

    2) Install a virtual PC with XP to run Ghost Recon.

    Any technical or legal issues I should be aware of here?

  5. Running backup tonight Comodo stopped with an "error 9 (internal error)". I deleted the one file that was created today. When running Comodo again I get this:
    "All splits need to be in the same folder to beform append to a cbu archive" and "Backup failed with code 103".

    Any idea how to solve this? Or is the only thing to do, to start a new separet backup?


  6. Suddenly two of my Red Storm games have stopped working:

    - Pressing the play button on the Ghost Recon launch menu, I am prompted that I need to be logged in as administrator to run it.

    - Starting Raven Shield I am promted (as usual) if I will allow the program to make changes to the system. Clicking yes, nothing happens.

    I have tried checking the "run as administrator" field - no difference.

    I have Win7 and has allways only had that single user account.

    Do you guys have any idea what is wrong?

  7. I have just gotten a new pc, switching from XP to WIN7. On installing programs, I discovered that my Norton Ghost 14 is not compatible with WIN7.

    Have taken a look on the internet, but is not getting wiser on the results.

    What would you suggest as replacement? I am looking for a no noncense program to backup to an external harddrive. I would prefer an ability to make incremental backup.

  8. Sorry for my late reply. Works OK with OpenGL, though the texture are nowhre near Voodoo. (as far as I rember)

    Man it is tough to play a 3rd person shooter after so many years of 1st person. Especially when 1st person sight mode doesn't work properly :(

  9. I have a (very) old game that I would like to play again - Spec Ops: Rangers Lead The Way from Zombie Studios.

    When installing I have four video options:

    - software

    - OpenGL

    - Voodoo

    - Voodoo2 (used this on my first PC)

    On "software" it is hideous, the graphics are granier than doom!

    Is there a way to emulate Voodoo cards? How do I run it with OpenGL? Does anyone have a third solution?

  10. Hi guys,

    I have some old games that I would like to play (Quake - Doom - various flight sims). My intension was to install Virtual PC 2007 on my XP-machine, but I am in doubt if VPC will let me simulate slower hardware?

    I can install Quake, but when I try to start it up it will crash - my guess is that the clock frequens is to high?

    Are there other ways of doing this? I have an old pc with WIN98, but would rather stick to just one physical pc?

  11. This definately is not a Linux issue. I have removed the drive with the new XP installation, but when booting I am still prompted with two XPs.

    Can anyone advice me on removing the extra XP from the MBR - or any other trick that will solve the problem?

    (I have not reinstalled OpenSUSE yet)

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