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  1. I had downloaded 16.04 desktop. It suceeded with 18.04 alternate in stead. With only 512 mb RAM FireFox seems to take to much of the ressources. Any good lightweight browser you can recommend?
  2. I am trying to install Lubuntu on an old laptop, following this guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXvTQTRpczc At "forcing PAE in CPU flags" nothing happens? I have tried wainting, but gave up after half an hour.
  3. Resently I had a try with Evolution, but couldn't get it to work proberly. It would crash whenever I tried to answer a received mail. Have found Mailbird - it looks rather promissing. We'll see how it turns out.
  4. I had to go to a new hard drive. On this I am having trouble with Windows live mail: - the attached image shows the error at installing. - I can receive email; but when I try to write a new one or to reply nothing happens. No error - no pop up that disaapears - just nothing. - I have copied all messages from the folders on the old hard drive to the folders on the new hard drive, but they don't show up when I lauch Windows live mail. Does anyone have an idea hove to solve this? And before someone comes with the suggestion - Windows mail is not an option for me. It seems like a rouged webmail client to me. Then I would rather go with Opera mail or Thunderbird.
  5. Apex - you're the man Both games are starting up now
  6. Well ApexMods, I've been in this forum since 2006 ;-) I am totally noob on VirtualBox - what do you mean by " Safe Booting XP required "? I have looked in the manual for VirtualBox, but the options I have in the "advanced" tab doesn't make my any wiser.
  7. Finaly got Ghost Recon and R6: Raven Shield installed on a VM VirtualBox running XP - but: - When I try to start Ghost Recon, I get the same result as in Win 10; a square dot in the center of the screen and nothing else. - When I try to start Raven Shield, I get the message: "Critical error. Failed to initialize 3D hardware. Make sure Direct X 8.1b or greater is installed on your system." (drivers have been installed from disc) Can anyone please tell me what I need to do, to make it work?
  8. Having updated to Win10 I am no longer able to allow SECDRV to run. I have received two suggestions from friends: 1) Burn an image from my CD, and run it with a DEAMON tool. 2) Install a virtual PC with XP to run Ghost Recon. Any technical or legal issues I should be aware of here?
  9. Running backup tonight Comodo stopped with an "error 9 (internal error)". I deleted the one file that was created today. When running Comodo again I get this: "All splits need to be in the same folder to beform append to a cbu archive" and "Backup failed with code 103". Any idea how to solve this? Or is the only thing to do, to start a new separet backup?
  10. Thank you - got both games up and running again
  11. Suddenly two of my Red Storm games have stopped working: - Pressing the play button on the Ghost Recon launch menu, I am prompted that I need to be logged in as administrator to run it. - Starting Raven Shield I am promted (as usual) if I will allow the program to make changes to the system. Clicking yes, nothing happens. I have tried checking the "run as administrator" field - no difference. I have Win7 and has allways only had that single user account. Do you guys have any idea what is wrong?
  12. Yes - that was my own conclusion also. Have ordered a new cartridge. Though everything was OK, as I have no warning lights flashing. But I can see now that running an elder printer on Win7/Win8 will rob you of a lot of the supporting tools
  13. Update: Tried printing a Word document in Word and LibreOffice Writer - no black on white text is printed.
  14. My printer (HP Desk Jet 5940) is behaving rather strange: When printing an Excel document I get the table, and the colored fields with text. But the text in the uncolored fields is not printed. Any ideas why?
  15. Sorry for the late reply. It seems that WIN7 can make incremental backup, so I will start out with that. Thank you guys.
  16. I have just gotten a new pc, switching from XP to WIN7. On installing programs, I discovered that my Norton Ghost 14 is not compatible with WIN7. Have taken a look on the internet, but is not getting wiser on the results. What would you suggest as replacement? I am looking for a no noncense program to backup to an external harddrive. I would prefer an ability to make incremental backup.
  17. Sorry for my late reply. Works OK with OpenGL, though the texture are nowhre near Voodoo. (as far as I rember) Man it is tough to play a 3rd person shooter after so many years of 1st person. Especially when 1st person sight mode doesn't work properly
  18. I have a (very) old game that I would like to play again - Spec Ops: Rangers Lead The Way from Zombie Studios. When installing I have four video options: - software - OpenGL - Voodoo - Voodoo2 (used this on my first PC) On "software" it is hideous, the graphics are granier than doom! Is there a way to emulate Voodoo cards? How do I run it with OpenGL? Does anyone have a third solution?
  19. Doh - just realised I never got back on this one. Dannik - DOSBox was just whar was needed Had some troubles with a game that was to run from the CD. A look at the guide got me going in minutes.
  20. Sorry for the late reply. I have downloaded it now and will give it a try, one of the next days.
  21. Hi guys, I have some old games that I would like to play (Quake - Doom - various flight sims). My intension was to install Virtual PC 2007 on my XP-machine, but I am in doubt if VPC will let me simulate slower hardware? I can install Quake, but when I try to start it up it will crash - my guess is that the clock frequens is to high? Are there other ways of doing this? I have an old pc with WIN98, but would rather stick to just one physical pc?
  22. I am trying to download videofiles from a Danish tv site - military documentaries of course ) They are run in Silverlight. Orbit downloader starts, but stays at 0% - no error message. Am I using the wrong program for the job, or are the files locked against downloading?
  23. Gache - you are correct. I have removed the extra XP from boot.ini - should have thought of that. But why on earth did Windows 7 not appear in boont.ini also? When I was running all three OSs boot.ini only listed XP?
  24. This definately is not a Linux issue. I have removed the drive with the new XP installation, but when booting I am still prompted with two XPs. Can anyone advice me on removing the extra XP from the MBR - or any other trick that will solve the problem? (I have not reinstalled OpenSUSE yet)
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