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  1. These controllers any good on GRAW?
  2. Start >> Control Panel >>> User Accounts >>>> Change the way users log on & off In their uncheck the Welcome Screen!
  3. Maybe finally we can have a truly silent PC. . . (If only)
  4. Come on Grin! . . . Give us some news. . . We can see you lurking. . .
  5. Hmm. . Cant be talking about me. . I quoted both the question and my answer
  6. Will be the same as on GR2: SS . . If the host has the update, you need the update to join. . If the host doesnt have the update, you cannot use the update!! Simple really, and the DLC is out now anyhow. . so you will see what i mean soon enough
  7. Same happened to 2 of us from out clan. . had to postpone the match until another night now, and we was stomping ahead!!
  8. Just wondering! Made me download an update for GRAW 2nite, but i didnt have to pay so must of been something different! Anybody actually got the content yet?
  9. This is for the Pc version / maps Just seen the button to change! lol
  10. Just booted in safe mode and its perfect! Is also perfect if i dont install nvidia drivers! Is their anyway around installing nvidia drivers? Cos i cant play games unless the nvidia ones are installed, but the nvidia ones screw my card up !! Thanks
  11. That what it does ^^ (Thats after scrolling a few times on a webpage, normally isnt that bad)
  12. Im getting red dots all over my screen, when i open a window etc they apear around the edge! It happens all the time, not just while gaming! The 6800GS i have is only running at 41. It seems to have only happened since i installed tomb raider, but now i have formatted and resinstalled windows and its doing it again! Its fine until i install the nvidia drivers (Off disc or updated ones from website) Anybody know how to stop this? Thanks
  13. Do you really think your going to be able to pwn the guys who wrote the physics etc to the game? Really?
  14. That has just made me the happiest man alive!!!
  15. I'll add you to msn mate, we can talk easier that way. . . lol
  16. Still does the same thing! lol. Does it run forum sofware? Link me direct to the index.php if it does. . .
  17. I still just get a white page! It autoforwards onto: http://www.ukgf.co.uk/modules/news/ and stays blank Will keep trying
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