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  1. These controllers any good on GRAW?
  2. Start >> Control Panel >>> User Accounts >>>> Change the way users log on & off In their uncheck the Welcome Screen!
  3. Maybe finally we can have a truly silent PC. . . (If only)
  4. Come on Grin! . . . Give us some news. . . We can see you lurking. . .
  5. Hmm. . Cant be talking about me. . I quoted both the question and my answer
  6. Will be the same as on GR2: SS . . If the host has the update, you need the update to join. . If the host doesnt have the update, you cannot use the update!! Simple really, and the DLC is out now anyhow. . so you will see what i mean soon enough
  7. Same happened to 2 of us from out clan. . had to postpone the match until another night now, and we was stomping ahead!!
  8. Just wondering! Made me download an update for GRAW 2nite, but i didnt have to pay so must of been something different! Anybody actually got the content yet?
  9. This is for the Pc version / maps Just seen the button to change! lol
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