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  1. This forum has more topics then GRAW has players. Too bad, it had such potential. Well theres always R6 Vegas. Maybe UBI wont screw us on that. Im getting kinda tired of them telling me to bend over.
  2. going back to old issues. a GL????? What were you thinking GRIN? Join any mp mode except coop and you will find leet players who like to pwn the noobs by firing their gl randomly.
  3. I am of the opinion that UBI has sold a lot of copies of GRAW pc. Heck, there are probably 10 members of the clan that i am in that bought it. It just happens to be off of their computer and on the shelf collecting dust. (There are about 15-20 active members)
  4. I dont mind a little complainign now adn agian, hell ive done some of it myself. But a thread complaining about complaining? Cmon guys thats jsut retarded. And dont tell me how great this game is. Last night i loaded up GRAW for some MP action adn there was a grand total of 23 people online. So i shut down GRAW adn loaded up BF2 adn saw over 22000 were online. Now you can tell me how its a terrible game and its not tactical enough for ya, but its a decent game and its as tactical as you make it, and people actually play it. Lone wolf players tend to get owned by clans working together.
  5. Its been out for 2 months. When is it going to be finished??? I will say this, the GRAW community will be tight, with everyone knowing everyone else. Iexpect you will find a lot more people playing [GR] than GRAW in the near future. Well heres to R6 Vegas. Lets hope UBI doesnt screw this one over too.
  6. First off quit quoting the whole damn thing. Second off, why is it so important when someone joined? i didnt join until just before the game came out. Does that mena my opinion doenst matter?? So i wasn't a GR fan before graw, so what. I was hardcore RS and RVS nad was hoping for a solid game in Letdown and after that was hoping for GRAW to save the day. It didnt adn i siad that in these forums in probably all of my previous posts. But hey I moved and lost my high speed a couple days after it came out. But hey, ive heard good things about the mp upgrades and when i get high speed back
  7. sorry to have to break the news to you, but the majority of people are already gone. Either playing what they were before GRAW, or waiting for the next high profile game. Releasing a game with weak mp doesnt cut it, no matter how solid the sp is. Especially after the huge amount of hypethis game had. Im not blaming GRIN, as UBI was probly pushing for a release. Grin has been an amazing dev team imho, but if you dont have the time to finish it, you cant expect a large number of gamers playing your game. jsonedecker "If you have a patch that size then your game should never have been r
  8. Iti s my understanding that although for the most part, american soldiers abide by the rules of NATO, they are not required to as they didnt sign up. Just what read or heard somewhere. Not 100% sure as i am Canadian not american.
  9. Ihad such high hopes for GRAW. After the R6 Letdown, myself, adn a lot of others were waiting for GRAW to be the game that lived up to the hype. But when it was released with limited MP adn runs like shat on medium spec computers, it seems to be heading the same way as lockdown. It has a solid SP, but most people dont buy games to play SP. Im hoping this upcoming patch will be enough to revive GRAW adn get people back playing, cause everyone i know that owns it had uninstalled it after the first week. Will this patch bring people back, or will it be another lockdown with a few dozen hardco
  10. Just a suggestion, but maybe you should get out for awhile. You know, takes some time off of playing GRAW. Play in moderation
  11. From my understanding of the activation key for GRAW from D2D, you can always request a new one at no aditional cost. The game will just not work with the old key, eliminating passing it around to your buddies. And as for always ahving to redownload the game when you reformat or switch computers, Burn it to disc.
  12. What everyone should keep in mind when people are talking about GRAW is that there are 3 groups of people. 1. There are the GRIN fanboys, who think grin can do no wrong. Now dont get me wrong. I think GRIN is an amzing dev team adn really apreciate all the extra time they took to post in this forum before GRAW was released. However, they are human. 2. The second group is the UBI haters. They feel like UBI has personally kicked them in the balls. Nothing that comes out with UBI's name on it is worth buying and is complete garbage. Now sure UBI has burnede us in the past, whether
  13. Im running with just onboard sound, adn am having no problems with whistling, or anything else for that matter.
  14. Thats odd. Im running AMD 2400, 1.5gb ddr , 6600 128bit and onboard sound on medium and its not choppy at all.
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