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  1. I've been around 2/3 of the map, beat Caimans now, following the assistant was a pain, had to repeat it a bunch of times, finally figured out a helo between 200 and 300 yards is where it's at... getting the hang of those things finally.  I've done at least a couple of the story missions in most of the provinces I've passed through, getting a good handle on the overall story, which I'm digging...  there's some good storylines, which is why gaming will always be better than tv!  I collect a lot of intel and know where the guns are, but haven't gone after too many of them.  I'm primarily using the silenced G-36 w/ the GL and the MSR.  Seems like with the update I can't take out a chopper with the MSR so easy, but I took down a Unidad Blackhawk with a Kiowa with dual cannons in like one burst which was cool.  I have a lot of resources, I take out any convoy I'm near, blindside headshot the lead driver when they come around a turn then drop a couple 203's into the escorts.  I like the drone to plan smaller engagements, but for bigger ones I just roll the dice and tell the team to fire and I chase AI through the mayhem.  Still haven't played co-op, but I might give it a shot one of these days... this game is lots of fun on one player so far!  (When the 4 v 4 comes out though, I'd love to get in on that with some of y'all, so keep me in mind!  my pc gt on steam  is fischercat  )

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  2. So far I killed yuri and polito, then have been getting everything in that area before moving on, I crossed the borders a couple times and found that helicopters want to kill me and I need to find a  better way to take them out ,cause it's hard with the 203.  Tonight I think I'll get a plane and see what else is out there, didn't realize you could go looking for guns like that!  So far it reminds me of a far cry game... but way better looking, more fun,  and more challenging. 

  3. My favorite was always No Easy Day, I can still hear the music from that one!  Really liked YOTM, too.  That Canadian ips one had a couple great C7 variants that were fun, too.  British SAS was a great mod.  man, memory lane on this post... 5 mins till launch.  Time to crack a beer! 

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  4. So, GRWL is about to launch, I'm way more psyched than for xmas!  I'm an old guy, played GR a ton and GRAW a bunch.  Spent waaaayyy too much time playin AA when it was good.  Since AA went south though, hadn't played much of anything too much.  When I need to kill someone online these days I get my fix on Starwars Battlefront, 'cause lightsabers are kicka$$.  Apparently I've had a GRNET account for 11 years, and haven't ever really posted here.  I plan on spending an unhealthy amount of time playing GRWL though, so I'll be on here a bunch... can't wait to meet a bunch of you guys and hopefully get some good headshots on some of you! :cowboy:  K, now there's 21 mins left!!!!

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