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  1. Weird...I have to force it to one core or elese it wont start...
  2. The game now (with 1.16) crashes with Dual Core CPUs. It starts and then crashes back to desktop during the ubi intro. Forcing affinity to one core does it. But I couldn't get to force it with either "imagecfg" application or windows task manager. Had to force it with another application you don't wanna hear about. The game used to start with both cores enabled before 1.16.
  3. Let's not call it AA shall we, cuz it's not. It's more like a "Blur-o-rama post effect" Still....it's there...how's the perfomance hit anyway ?
  4. That's what I'm asking to know. Is it a blur effect they added ? Quincux style AA ? Or is it really SSAA. I'm not asking to know how they coded it, all I want to know is if it will be usable or useless (in the case of SSAA).
  5. It's easy if you play on "Easy" mode and if you don't care about loosing your men. I do. I play on Hard mode and I want every single of my men to go through the entire mission. Now THAT is HARD. Anyway, that's not the point. Give the player the option to choose wether he wants to use quicksave or not. IT HAS to be there. Every single PC game has a quicksave function. As of now, I'm so sick of redoing "Strong Point" over and over again because stupid AI always screws up and I have no way of quicksaving.
  6. All I want is a confirmation from GRIN as to how they did it.
  7. Yes, we N E E D quicksave. I can't believe they left that one out too. GRIN, have you guys ever played any other PC game than GRAW ?
  8. I believe that it will be SSAA (bad perfomance ) or antialeasing with the Pixel .Shaders ( god perfomance ) SSAA = supersampling antialising Well They [being players] wanted it not they got it !! like saying I want my cake, here it is, O' I want the other one ! AA is here for all Jaggy fans.... MS or SS it's AA And your point is ?
  9. Just curious. How did you guys manage to stick Anti-Aliasing in ? Is it true FSAA which we can enable in either our control panel or in game ? What will the performance hit be like ? thx
  10. Can we get the original post (in french) about the patch ? The translation is horrible.
  11. I think they most likely took the diesel engine and slapped DirectX 9 features on it. That's why it runs like ######. The engine is not built on DX9 from the ground up.
  12. Waiting too. Prior to release I was really looking forward to buying GRAW. I thought it would replace the aging Raven Shield as my favorite MP tactical shooter. Obviously it does not. Unless they fix A LOT and I mean A LOT of GRAW's issues including both Gameplay and Technical issues I doubt I'll buy it. If they do, I'll gladly pay for it.
  13. Absolutly not. GRAW is simply built on a sub-par engine. Look at Half-Life 2 Lost Coast, it has HDR, it looks better then graw, and it still runs great. I can't really blame GRIN for that though, there isn't many developpers that have the experience and resources to build efficient and versatile engines. EPIC, id Software and Valve do that and they are extremely good at it. The thing is, if GRIN would have chosen a third party engine like the Unreal engine, Source engine or even the Cry engine, instead of building their own, they would have saved a whole lot of time and the game would probably look, play and perform better. Why ? Because Epic, id and Valve are veterans at building game engines. Look at the Doom 3 engine. It is scalable, you can play doom 3 on a very low end PC and it still is playable. On the other hand you can play doom 3 on a very high end PC and it will look damn nice. And last but not least, their engine is mod-friendly, because they built the engine with mods in mind. Same goes for the Source Engine. I think it all comes down to "programming skills". How can you explain that GRAW looks almost on par with let's say, Far Cry, yet, it runs 10 times worse than FC. The way they coded it is not the most efficient way to do it. You can't really blame them for that as they didn't have time to build a whole engine. And I doubt Ubisoft wanted to pay 500k - 1M USD for a Unreal/Source/Cry engine license.
  14. 1- Quicksaves 2- Anti-Aliasing and a way to turn off HDR 3- A "new order" notification, in COOP you don't know if the leader has sent new orders unless you directly see the icon. 4- More guns 5- More MP modes 6- Fix LAN issues 7- Improve AI
  15. Why would I save every 3 seconds ? I only want to save the game whenever I need to, not use it to "cheat" through the game. Makes you more carefull yes, removes some of your freedom too. Exemple : I get close to that courtyard with 6 tangos in there. There are 2 entrances, 4 possible roads to use. Should I try to flank them by going over the 4th road and then back entrance and kill them all instantly without them even realising what happened (ghost . It's a long shot and it will require very good planning. Or I could go the easy way, get in by the front entrance and kill them all one by one, that is sure going to work, but how fun is it ? Without quicksaves, I am forced to go the easy way, because if I try flanking them with a somewhat elaborated plan it could fail and I'd have to redo the whole checkpoint again. That's what I mean as in loosing freedom. No one's forcing you to use the quicksave function anyway.
  16. Yup exactly. I like to try every different approaches the map gives you. But I can't try them all because there are no quicksaves.
  17. We need a quicksave function. I'm sick of redoing the same thing over and over again everytime I try something new. You can't try new tactics because if you are too far off a checkpoint and your new tactic ######s up, you're stuck redoing that part of the mission all over again. Please include a quicksave function and keep the checkpoints. That way, I can save between checkpoints and have fun trying loads of different tactics without having to worry about redoing the whole thing again.
  18. Seriously man, you did a damn nice job with the sound in GRAW. I played the whole day on my Z-5500 505w RMS THX and holy jeez everything sounds awesome ! I can see the difference between GRAW and let's say, FEAR. I thought fear sounded like ass. Gun shots didn't have that "bang" feeling to them. GRAW has it perfect.
  19. Your agrument is pointless. GR:AW has a lot of aliasing. I myself am playing at 1600x1200 and I swear it looks like 1024x768. Some games are like that, look at Quake 4 or Doom 3, you can play these games at 1280x960 and there isn't a lot of aliasing. Full Spectrum Warrior 1 and 2 are just like GRAW. Just look at how much aliasing there is in these games, even at high res. My guess is it has something to do with LOD. GR:AW reduces poly count too much at a too near distance of the player's point of view resulting in jaggies everywhere.
  20. Yah GRAW's fov sucks. It's one of the first things I noticed. And I'm a Quake 4 player, I'm used to 110degree "fisheye" FOV..
  21. As I really like GRAW's gameplay I went trough a lot of testing to get the game running as it should. Here's what I found to be working. Mouse lag fix : On nvidia cards, putting the number of frames to render ahead to 0 almost removes mouselag completly. Makes a world of difference ! SLI Users : GRAW defaults to SFR(Split Frame Rendering). But the game runs almost twice as fast using AFR(Alternate Frame Rendering not AFR2). Now it's a lot smoother ! So just create a new profile and select AFR instead of the default SFR mode. 84.43 Forceware seem to be a lot better than 84.25 and older for GRAW. They are beta drivers though, no WHQL. Now if only we could get an option to turn HDR off and kick in some FSAA. I'll be somewhat happy.
  22. I run the demo at 1900x1200 with everything as high as you can set it, plus all the file-tweaks - and i get a smooth, high fps. I'm starting to think that ATi has some serious performance gains over nVidia in G.R:A.W DFI LanParty NF4 SLI-DR AMD A64 FX55 ATi X1900XTX 2GB of OCZ'z ← ` Blah blah blah "I get smooth FPS". Then how come it runs like ###### on my SLIed 7800GTX 512MB and my FX60 ? Guess what ? 30 fps with dips to the low 20 IS NOT SMOOTH for a PC game. This game has a poor engine, and IMO, nothing can fix that. Just like FEAR's engine is uber trash. Still, I guess if they give us an option to kill HDR we might gain some perfomance and get rid of the jaggies. As of now, 1600x1200 looks like 800x600 cuz of the aliasing galore. ← Sounds more to me like you have a much more serious problem which unfortunatly GRIN wont be able to help you with!!. It's called "Badly configured computer" you can have all the most expensive hardware you want if you don't know how to configure the computer right it will still run like ###### and that goes for all game that is high demanding. Hence why you seem to think both GRAW and FEAR is ######ty engines. I have AMD64 4400 1 gig geil extreme NVIDIA 7800GS And I have everything in xml set to high and running at 1152x864, and I have NO mouse lag, NO stuttering, and no slowdowns. People are often first to knock the game, when in most cases Ive seen it often comes down to people not knowing how to do a prober setup computer. Ofcourse saying that will not get me anything but flaming from you now, since those users rarely also admit that would be the case. Same users oten see them self as computer experts above all others. I see it all the time when I need to configure computers work related. You would be amaized what ###### people put on their computers and unnecessary things running that does nothing but slow it down. Often also it ofcourse comes down to people simply not knowing what hardware is compateble with what hardware. Alot of people go out and buy cause they read a good review of it or whateverr reason not knowing how that part actually work together with another part in the computer. Anyway....I could talk all night about that...gotta cook!! Dawn ← lol who the hell do you think I am ? Some average joe with a Dell computer ? I built this rig from scratch, overclocked and tweaked it to death. I spend days testing overclock settings and different ram timings to get the most out of 3dmark01/03/06. This rig has a fresh install of XP SP2 from yesterday, I only have the bare minimum running, the damn thing boots on less than 80Mb. I have the latest drivers (Forceware 84.25). Everything is running at full speed. Oh yeah right, your magic 100bucks 7800GS running alongside your 1GB of ram sure renders the game at 1152x864 with no slowdowns...sure it is Get real, the GRAW engine totaly sucks, it does not look good, and it runs like ###### even on very high end hardware. It is sad, because I absolutely love GRAW's gameplay, but it is spoiled by its mediocre perfomances. And btw, anyone saying FEAR's engine is a great engine proves he doesn't know ###### about PC gaming.
  23. I agree with your assessment DonMiguel. Thats why I gave them a 7 as well. Frankly, I was being generous. Note that I am going to buy this game. And like you I will enjoy the game as long as I think of it as "its not GR, its another game". But your right.....its not gr. And this title will not have the staying power of GR1. In a few months other titles will be coming out that will go way beyond this effort.......graw is a fine effort yes......but it doesn't have the legs. And I'm still absorbing more opinions before I give my official assessment. ← I don't get how poeples could be lured into thinking GRAW would even remotely feel like GR1. Come on, GRAW should be called Advanced Warfighter, there is NOTHING related to Ghost Recon in GRAW apart from the squad's name. The first screenshots we've seen months ago showed urban warfare. There is almost no urban warfare in GR1, it was mostly very large and open maps with bushes and trees to hide into and hunt your enemies. And about that "hunter" feeling, it's not in GRAW . Anyway, I can't see the link between both titles as far as Ghost Recon goes. GR was a almost a sim. GRAW is a tactical shooter...a good one (technical issues aside) but it's not GR...unfortunatly. PS : Don't put your head in the sand. Retail will be the exact same thing. They most likely had the game gold and started putting the demo together afterward. I'm pretty sure this is final code.
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