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  1. Weird...I have to force it to one core or elese it wont start...
  2. The game now (with 1.16) crashes with Dual Core CPUs. It starts and then crashes back to desktop during the ubi intro. Forcing affinity to one core does it. But I couldn't get to force it with either "imagecfg" application or windows task manager. Had to force it with another application you don't wanna hear about. The game used to start with both cores enabled before 1.16.
  3. Let's not call it AA shall we, cuz it's not. It's more like a "Blur-o-rama post effect" Still....it's there...how's the perfomance hit anyway ?
  4. That's what I'm asking to know. Is it a blur effect they added ? Quincux style AA ? Or is it really SSAA. I'm not asking to know how they coded it, all I want to know is if it will be usable or useless (in the case of SSAA).
  5. It's easy if you play on "Easy" mode and if you don't care about loosing your men. I do. I play on Hard mode and I want every single of my men to go through the entire mission. Now THAT is HARD. Anyway, that's not the point. Give the player the option to choose wether he wants to use quicksave or not. IT HAS to be there. Every single PC game has a quicksave function. As of now, I'm so sick of redoing "Strong Point" over and over again because stupid AI always screws up and I have no way of quicksaving.
  6. All I want is a confirmation from GRIN as to how they did it.
  7. Yes, we N E E D quicksave. I can't believe they left that one out too. GRIN, have you guys ever played any other PC game than GRAW ?
  8. I believe that it will be SSAA (bad perfomance ) or antialeasing with the Pixel .Shaders ( god perfomance ) SSAA = supersampling antialising Well They [being players] wanted it not they got it !! like saying I want my cake, here it is, O' I want the other one ! AA is here for all Jaggy fans.... MS or SS it's AA And your point is ?
  9. Just curious. How did you guys manage to stick Anti-Aliasing in ? Is it true FSAA which we can enable in either our control panel or in game ? What will the performance hit be like ? thx
  10. Can we get the original post (in french) about the patch ? The translation is horrible.
  11. I think they most likely took the diesel engine and slapped DirectX 9 features on it. That's why it runs like ######. The engine is not built on DX9 from the ground up.
  12. Waiting too. Prior to release I was really looking forward to buying GRAW. I thought it would replace the aging Raven Shield as my favorite MP tactical shooter. Obviously it does not. Unless they fix A LOT and I mean A LOT of GRAW's issues including both Gameplay and Technical issues I doubt I'll buy it. If they do, I'll gladly pay for it.
  13. Absolutly not. GRAW is simply built on a sub-par engine. Look at Half-Life 2 Lost Coast, it has HDR, it looks better then graw, and it still runs great. I can't really blame GRIN for that though, there isn't many developpers that have the experience and resources to build efficient and versatile engines. EPIC, id Software and Valve do that and they are extremely good at it. The thing is, if GRIN would have chosen a third party engine like the Unreal engine, Source engine or even the Cry engine, instead of building their own, they would have saved a whole lot of time and the game would probably look, play and perform better. Why ? Because Epic, id and Valve are veterans at building game engines. Look at the Doom 3 engine. It is scalable, you can play doom 3 on a very low end PC and it still is playable. On the other hand you can play doom 3 on a very high end PC and it will look damn nice. And last but not least, their engine is mod-friendly, because they built the engine with mods in mind. Same goes for the Source Engine. I think it all comes down to "programming skills". How can you explain that GRAW looks almost on par with let's say, Far Cry, yet, it runs 10 times worse than FC. The way they coded it is not the most efficient way to do it. You can't really blame them for that as they didn't have time to build a whole engine. And I doubt Ubisoft wanted to pay 500k - 1M USD for a Unreal/Source/Cry engine license.
  14. 1- Quicksaves 2- Anti-Aliasing and a way to turn off HDR 3- A "new order" notification, in COOP you don't know if the leader has sent new orders unless you directly see the icon. 4- More guns 5- More MP modes 6- Fix LAN issues 7- Improve AI
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