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  1. I'd like to see the ability to be able to run more than one instance of GRAW per CPU, or at least not completely HOG the whole system, so i can still run other servers too!
  2. Dedust from [GR]? I'm racking my brains bt dont remember a map called that from [GR], isn't that a name of a map in CS:S?
  3. Loooking GREAT Deleyt, this is going to be a great pleasure to play, and those screenshot comparisons, are awesome, brings back lots of memories
  4. I know of more conveniant way, GRIN could implement in their next patch?
  5. This game is great, it has flaws, what PC game doesn't? it has patches, most of which gave what the community what they asked for! and still people moan. I played [GR] for 5 years, but now i'm done, GRAW is a great game and it has replaced [GR] (for me), if you wanna play [GR], go play it, but quit trying to compare, IMO, GRIN has has done a great job, it's listened and delivered. I'd also like to throw a thought out there, a reason why there are not many people playing this game, maybe it's because GRIN has done what we all asked for, and because of that, created a game that caters for such a small group of people, trying to please a minority (all you folk here at GR.net) that it has excluded the average gamer! just my penny's worth!
  6. Can't wait, i used to LOVE siege on that map **Hint**hint**
  7. Thanks Tom, I already had those Maps, but didn't realise they could be used in the new patch, a bit silly of me really, thanks for takinh time to reply! and Grim, Maps look awesome, keep up the good work!
  8. I was just wondering if anyone out there is making any maps for Siege, I have finally gotten other clan mates interested in this game, thanks to Siege gametype, but now they are getting bored! personally i love this game, i played [GR] for 5 years and plan to do so with this game, but more maps for siege are needed. oh, another question, i have NOT actually looked at the Mod Prog. yet, but would it be a case of opening one of the current maps and chaging the gametype and putting down some spawns and zones? if so i may give it a go myself?
  9. more than 50 rounds? wouldn't you rather an automatic rifle?
  10. GRIN did do a great job, but the lack of weapons is a little frustrating! Rabbi, you are right about the M24, it would have been a much better choice of weapon for the style of locations in this game, accuracy on that weapon is second to none! and what about the L85a2, i know its largely British made (which i know someone is gonna say an "American Ghost would never carry") but surely a weapon as formidable in accuracy and power would have to be a must!
  11. this is a message i just had when i crashed out a moment ago! i dont think its related to the nade problem as i was firing my scar-l primary at the time, just thought i would mention it just in case! as for the custom maps folder, i've cleared it out and fired a few rounds of the UGL, and had no problems but not between your indicated distance, i am just about to test again EDIT:: OK, i just tested, with an empty custom_maps directory, on the same server, BDA, roughly pinging about 120, i crashed straight to desktop with the scar-l UGL at around 10 feet, it exploded and so did my game! no error message or log!
  12. i just crashed out of the BDA server, i launched from a scar-l UGL the second it exploded, on a wall maybe 10feet away, i crashed out straight to desktop, no error message or anything, justa clean crash, in fact it shut down the game so fast i wanna know hows its done! lol anyway, i usualy ping around 90-130 on the BDA server, depending on how full it is, and my ever un-faithfull fluxuation of net speeds! i have a clean intall of the game, CD-->1.30 no modded .xml files, but i do have a truck load of maps in my custom folder, im gonna take them out and see if the problem repeats!
  13. well, you aint bloody kidding about the re-skinning thing, it's annoying the hell out of me, any kind tutorial would be good there! its not that i cant do it, it's the figuring out what script template is for what section, i mean, you'd think "main body" would be the main boxes to all the site, but NOOOOOO! lol, oh well, back to the drawing board!
  14. it may not seem as though you have said alot rocky, but thanks, vBulletin is just what i was looking for! and wOw, how vast it is! "big boys" is right now to figure it all out and get it looking good and intergrated, thanks rocky
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