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  1. Which one is applicable on you?? * RTFM? * Did the Training? * Copied the game illegally Sure hope it is not the last one, coz then it's your own stupid fault!!!
  2. Hi there! This is a great forum!!! I would like to add three more questions.... 1] IS there a seperate XBOX forum??? Where is it?! 2] If I want my teammates to hold, they ALWAYS continue to come along with me. The same with, if I don't want them to fire..... Is there a way I can make them stop? Except for which I think might be a bit too radical! 3]Is there any rumour on GR part 2??? Because I think that the second part will be the best!! If GR would have upgraded it's graphics to XBOX quality this would have been my HALO killer!!! Now it comes on second place.
  3. Hi there! [XBOX version] I'm owning THE game now for two weeks, and I just absolutely love it!!! As usual there are always some buts in there....and one of them is the following one: When I make up may path with some waypoints for team A and B and join my team (which is usually team B). When I first start I see the waypoint indicator. Then (and I have the feeling this is around the time the first enemy comes up) all of a sudden it just disappears!!!??? When I click the left trigger and assign the way-path again, I see the waypoint-indicator for a few seconds (if att all) and it disappears again..... Does ANYBODY know what's going on here??? Is the path not valid anymore after the first enemy shows up??? Thanx
  4. No it's the XBOX version I have..... That doesn't sound too good Guy!!! NOBODY who knows where they are? Guy: Mayby you have to play all multiplayer levels first??? I read that the DS levels are only multiplayer - which I personally think is a shame....but as usual I will be the only one to think so...
  5. Hi there! Just a simple (typical newbie) question: Where are the Desert Siege maps - it's called Desert Siege right? Which are they? Are they fun? Thanx!
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