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  1. Well after spending several hours playing MP, its not really any fun unless your using TS or Vent while playing with a group of people. Its just that you need to be tactical with your teammates or you will lose. With that said, what GRAW clans(or general group of people playing GRAW) have TS or Vent that would be willing to open spots for the public? I think it would enhance the MP side of GRAW tremendously.
  2. I found this on the UBI forums, and I was playing with a hacker last night too, bs, we need some PunkBuster http://forums.ubi.com/groupee/forums/a/tpc...13/m/8331054934
  3. I was playing some MP last night and it seemed as though I would have to put a good amount of bullets (6-8) to take someone down(with scar-L). Maybe it just my ping of like 120 but i doubt it, anyone else notice that?
  4. Actually, we should be seing it in a couple of years, the technology is now
  5. hah, one of my teamates died and I went back to see if I could grab his ammo, and his head was gone!!
  6. Increased my FPS by 15! P4 3.0ghz 2gigs 7800GT Everything Maxed at 1280x1024
  7. I ordered the 25th as well with OVERNIGHT AIR!!! And last time I checked, overnight air does not take 4 days and counting. Not whining, just frustrated, caint wait to play this game!!! mantis <3 GRIN!
  8. Download the nvidia beta driver, and for me I had to adjust my sound settings, try that
  9. I got everything maxed at 1280x1024 and im loving it!!! Just download the nvidia beta and everthing is slick!!! I only got a 7800gt too!
  10. I have a p4 3.oghz evga 7800gt 2gigs of ram Sound Blaster Live 24bit Whenever a teamate next to me fires his weapon, I cant hear my gun shoot, just the bullets hiting walls, etc.....All my drivers are up to datte....######? Help is appreciated
  11. this is also happening with me, its as if my mouse is 2 seconds slow :\ I hope they fix this !
  12. Well I just started DLing the demo, and I was wondering if any of you could tell me if this system can run everything max on 1280x1024@75HZ P4 3.0ghz eVGA 7800GT 256mb 2gb pc3200 in dual channel Sound Blaster 24bit Live 80gb WD HDD
  13. IMO, its ridiculous, this game/demo is a total resource hog!!!
  14. so will all of us have to RE Order or will UBI take care of that?
  15. I just pre ordered mine from the official UBI site and I chose the fastest shipping, will I receive it on the 27th too? mantis <3 GRIN
  16. http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/bonus.../analysis.tmpl# :)
  17. Hey guys, I was wondering what the functions will be for each weapon. Like, 3 shot burst, single shot, auto, and could someone tell me what functions are available for certain weapons? By the way, great job so far GRIN
  18. I know nobody will answer this but just in case, Im running a P4 3.0ghz, 2gb ram in dual channel, and a 7800GT, wondering if i can play all out on 1280x1024
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