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  1. Thanks ROCO your link would be nice to have in the FAQS
  2. Could someone inform me how and where to create a welcome message when creating an online server. Thanks in advance.
  3. I created another folder labled custom_levels_unused and moved the unwanted maps into the folder, then when I want to play them I just move them back. works for me but not an expert.
  4. Had same prob. Called tech support (ubi) hint press "0" to talk to a real person. They're hidden files and the support person will walk you right through it....took less than 5 mins.
  5. Thanks for the info. I made through it by going a different route.
  6. 1. ban/kick options(refer to [GR])........currently you can't even get rid of a high pingers that bring the whole server down. 2. weapons restrictions(primary only, no explosives, ect.) (refer to [GR]).......some of us HATE the nade-fests. 3. server host can change game mode, max players,respawns, map, ect in server.(refer to [GR]).......this just makes sense. 4. Game modes: Siege, Last man standing.(refer to [GR]).........DM?..I didn't even know what this game mode was as I am a GHOST RECON ONLY fan. 5. More server info(mods being used, version, game mode, ect.) (refer to [GR]) THE ABOVE OPTIONS, IMO, IS WHAT MADE [GR] SO GREAT. GRIN/UBI......I enjoy the current game, impressed with the next gen of GR......BUT... I feel that you have overlooked what made [GR] what it was(and still is) and the features that made the online play so popular. Please take a look at the [GR] again and add to GRAW the features that the true GR fans enjoyed for over 5 yrs. Thanks in advance!
  7. single player crash occurs while escorting tanks to exit(after encountering snipers). started game back up and crashed occurred in same spot. Crash in application version: grpcrc1.16 data\lib\units\ai\soldier\scontrollogics.dsf(-1): cant find member: damage_data in type <Unit> SCRIPT STACK data\lib\managers\aihivebrain.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\aihivebrain.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\aihivebrain.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\aihivebrain.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\aihivebrain.dsf(0) data\lib\setups\setup.dsf(0) data\levels\mission06\mission06.dsf(0) Thanks in advance, GRIN
  8. Just curious, how many ppl having problems went straight to 1.16 patch. I did incremental install and have no problems. Hosted dm(anti cheat off)...no problems....did see a couple guys try to join with the cd key error. Don't know if this helps or not....just my observation....GR1 was tricky with the order of patches and expansion discs. That was the ONE thing that was nice about the lobby chat...being able to help others before the tards/hackers invaded it and forced ubi to shut it down. good luck all
  9. I strongly agree, weapons restriction options needed for MP. That was one of the best features for GR1 MP
  10. Same happened to me. My problem came when I reinstalled the game and went straight to the 1.10 patch. Looks like you have to patch in order...1.06 then 1.10. Seems like the laser mice are affected. (I have razer copperhead) Hope this helps.....currently running 1.10 with everything working.
  11. I'm back.......I don't think I solved the problem. I think somehow I was not running with sli enabled. I can start and run the game fine with non-sli configuration. I shifted over to sli enabled and back to the same problems....I have to alt-tab and rejoin the game then it will be fine for awhile. All drivers are up to date. Is this a sli X16 issue? What should the voltage be to my vid cards? Something's not talking to something here......any msi diamond plus users running sli successfully please let me know if you got it running
  12. Trying to create an account for multiplayer. I get following error message: "A gamespy account that corresponds to your email address was found but password is incorrect". I JUST GOT THE GAME LOADED UNTO MY NEW COMPUTER for the first time 3 DAYS AGO. How do I get this corrected? thanks in advance!
  13. PROBLEM SOLVED.....DOCUMENTING THAT IT MAY HELP OTHERS. HERE'S THE SCENERIO OF EVENTS. 1) Removed onboard sound (audigy se) from bios and removed drivers. 2) Placed gfx non-sli mode. 3) Hooked up external creative s/b extigy; loaded extigy drivers from cd. 4) Downloaded and installed driver update for extigy from creative website. 5) Started GRAW, GFX issues stated above went away. (Still in non-SLI mode) 6) Shifted to GFX cards to SLI. Restarted GRAW.....PROBLEM CAME BACK! 7) Removed extigy drivers. 8) Ensured GFX cards set for SLI mode. 9) REINSTALLED extigty original extigy drivers AND updates. 10) Started GRAW...GFX issues went away. Ran game all evening without a single problem. CONCLUSIONS/NOTES/ 1) DEFINATELY A DRIVER ISSUE 2) It appears that GFX SLI may need to be in SLI mode when installing and updating drivers. 3) Upon closer look at the install cd that was shipped with my diamond plus, the audio cd says sound blaster live(BOARD COMES WITH ONBOARD AUDIGY SE). When trying to download/install driver updates for audigy se from creative, the driver install program did not recognize the audigy onboard sound. Then tried automatic driver update (on creative's site) it recognized my onboard sound as sound blaster live and automatic download updated the drivers for soundblaster live and that did not fix problem....MSI's goof sending wrong install disk? soundblaster live drivers conflicting with onboard audigy se? installed sb live drivers preventing me from down loading correct audigy se driver update? Do I need original audigy install disk to install then I will be able to get proper driver updates for my onboard sound that was one of the factors why I chose the MSI mo/bo? HHHMMMMMMMMMM 4) My problem currently is not a heat issue(at the moment anyway). Running 620 amp PSU SLI cert'ed.(13 CM PSU fan pulls quite a bit of air through my case along with two 80mm...haven't seen temps about 46. GFX cards are evga 7900gt KO which have improved cooling(also lifetime warranty if anyone is shopping around) 5) I am enjoying the game tremendously with the sys that I built this weekend. ZERO LAG!!!!!!!!!! OUTSTANDING GFX NO JAGGY'S THAT PPL TALK ABOUT. My recommendation is if you are looking to upgrade, spend the extra money and get an SLI x16 board. It allows 16 bits to each card vice 8 & 8 on conventional SLI boards even though you have two 16 bit cards. Get one card now and one later. Build for the future. More than happy to pm my shopping list that I used to order. I never built a computer before, not as hard as one would think. Now if I can only remember my gamespy account name and password I'll be doing great. See ya on the battlefield. Hope above info helps someone else NICE JOB, GRIN!!!! THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT WE ARE SEEING! NOTE TO GRAW. RUNNING SLI (2) 7900GT 256. VIDEO OPTIONS HAVE MEDIUM AS HIGHEST SETTING. Recommend give us high setting option reguardless of sys specs/vid card memory......I think most of us can figure it out if not running in high.....thanks in advance. MUNCH USN, RET UPDATE: GOT THE ONBOARD SOUND RUNNING USING SAME PROCEDURE. ENSURE GFX CARDS ARE SET UP AND RUNNING IN SLI MODE, THEN REMOVE AND REINSTALL VIDEO DRIVERS. (EVEN THE DRIVERS FROM INSTALL CD WORK NOW)
  14. msi diamond plus sli x16 (2) evga 7900gt's (SLI'd) G15 keyboard razer cooperhead mouse wd 3.0 gb/s hard drive 2 gb xms ram onboard sb audigy. Upon game load: get black screen with diagonal white dots momentarily(~5 secs) then intro starts. ...can see intro stuff. When the video starts the screen goes funny again. I alt tab to desk top and re-enter game. screen goes black with white diagonal dot again then screen changes to flickering light blue and the can see the screen. Upon entering mission and/or mission briefing, the same occurs and have to go through the same routine......seems like any scripted video causes the problem. I have updated all drivers and still have the same problem, read a post almost the same and drivers fixed problem....NOT ME. looking for advice from other msi diamond plus SLI X 16 users if they are out there....other inputs welcome, of course. THANKS IN ADVANCE
  15. Just ordered one for my new rig that I'm building(Just for GRAW)....not delivered yet. The key board can't map mouse clicks(so I hear) Hopefully earlier post can find a way...please inform if you do. (Thanks in advance) Are you listening, GRIN? It sure would be NICE if GRAW supported the G15 key board or at least allow us to map the weapons without using the mouse so we could use the G15 and program the 18 hot keys. Thanks in advance GRIN! Haven't even played the demo yet, have the game sitting in a box on my desk patiently waiting for the computer parts to arrive....current computer won't support the game(GFX, 1.3MHz. and <ram)
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