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  1. KS: Jan Urbanek http://www.kickstarter.com/profile/janekx $50
  2. I say you what is for that all DRM .... I buy Splinter Cell Conviction at friday, and find out that there is [Thing that should not be spoken of here IAW Forum Rule 3.7] key to successfully run game. In my country there was first release distributed to 30 April without CDkey in box and in count of houndred mabey thousand boxes this way affected. So now I must my game send back, and they change for new. So I and many others as paying customers that had priority to play game before others that wait for crack will wait about week to get game back. That is not first time. For me now is crack the only solution now. All is badly started, high prices that make space to crack games. I know how to DL game, apply crack and play, but I buy game to thanks developers for good work and have original to collection.
  3. "Please note that a free ubi.com account and a free GameSpy account are mandatory to taking part in the beta test." This is that must have Gamespy registration or subscription?
  4. For me no answer too. Only first mail. If I didn't buy subscription to FP, I didn't got key. That first mail had no sense. Only demage UBI reputation. This was easy to solute, if we got mail "Sorry there was mistake in first mail you need subscription" or easily told FP "these people was invited, here you have nicks to enable access without subscription." and to us send " go to this link ... you will get access". If UBI will get us keys additionally, I wonder what will tell people that but FP subscription based on beta test needs even was invited.
  5. Not to me too and was invited, but after that they not send me mail for me long time that was invited and I look for mail that may come before that FP free signin.After I buy FP subscription so I get key. Dificould to read? many beers
  6. No no no, I did the same I have 8800 GTX and NO 8800 were mentioned only 79xx so I put other and I am beta testing !!!! you got invite mail, than you go to fileplanet and got key without been subscriber?
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