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  1. Maybe people like different things in a game than you do. A review is, after all, mostly an opinion-oriented view of the game. If you want a review to say something specific, you may write your own.
  2. This is when I whip out the soldering iron
  3. Wife called and said I received my copy a bit ago... unfortunately, I can't play it till I get off work and get home... I think she's taunting me.
  4. Dunno... probably in record time Just only install bare minimals and play. You can install the rest later
  5. they use those new grenade-proof doors in Mexico City
  6. What makes me the most annoyed is that they're talking about how it's illegal to sell a game before the release date.... but what about charging customers' credit cards before the product is delivered? I mean sure that happens all the time legally, but it's different when the customer is told and expects to be billed first and when they just you bill first.
  7. I remember reading many posts similar to these before when GR1 came out... the people talking were mostly players of previous RS games. Some posts were about how they were frustrated that their hardware couldn't run it(voodoo 3 fuzzy fonts come to mind). Some posted that they didn't like the gameplay compared to the RS games. Some players never played GR1 as much as they played their original games and moved on to other games later. Some players did end up playing GR1 and enjoying it for the years it lasted. Many of the players that came to GR1 were new players that found the game unique and had not played any previous RS games. I'm willing to bet that the same could probably be said for GR:AW as it matures. Some of you may and possibly already have moved on. Others will stay, and yet others will come fresh to it. As with anything changed and new, some will like the changes and some will not. The goal a game publisher has in remaking an old game or adding a sequel is not to keep the entire same audience because that's impossible. It's to keep as many old players as possible while gaining enough new audience to hopefully equal if not increase the total overall audience.
  8. I'm sure it'll pop up on a torrent somewhere soon after release... that'll be one way to not have to wait or deal with a bogged down server.
  9. Maybe if you have been around here and read what the developers have to say you would be better informed than hanging out in that kiddo infested UBI forum. Sorry man, but this is getting tired. ← There are just as many smacktards here as there are over there. And even if the members of the official forum are younger and perhaps a little less articulate, that doesn't make their opinions any less valid than yours. ← I agree. I respect people's opinion, and some people over there have also some good ideas for the game. But I still like it here, because people are more mature and are more polite than the UBI forum. @UBI forum people are hostile and start flaming the devs and each other for insignificant things. ← You take the blue pill and the thead gets locked. You wake in by your computer and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill and you stay in GR-Land and Grin shows you how deep the rabbit-hole goes. (pause) Remember -- all Grin is offering is GRAW, nothing more. Oh wait... no... I didn't say that... I'm not really that geeky.... really!
  10. Is the network code for GRAW based off of the network code from the original GR? There were many good things and bad things about that protocol, and I'm interested if we can expect similar behavior. I'm not sure this has been asked quite this way before... I am hoping that a dev will answer, but anyone with info, please share. [Merged into existing thread - Please check before posting]
  11. I definately enjoyed the LAN play -- My brother and I coop'ed all of the missions and later went on to player created missions in the later days [GR] when some of the really detailed coop missions started coming out. That was some massive fun, and I hope to do the same for GRAW. Unfortunately, my bro and I don't room anymore, so we'll have to play over the VPN we've set up between our appartments.
  12. In addition, MS knows that they don't "own" the gaming market. If MS stopped supporting gaming for its OSs, they know that another OS will give the support lacking from MS. They're already loosing some market share with many users turning to Linux, and now the Intel based Macs(mostly for purposes other than gaming). Right now, those competitors don't really significantly cut into the gaming market for Windows, but if MS stopped supporting games, it would lead even more customers away from MS. Not that MS couldn't survive without it's gaming support, but it would definately start to hurt them... and they're not about to let something slip that easily when they're already losing some customers.
  13. Hmm... I don't really think that any of us said that "our version" of GR would be any better... we just prefer the type of games generally released on PC platform. There are many who prefer those released on consoles. It's not necessarily right or wrong or better or worse. I believe what was originally being expressed was more along the lines of: We're hoping that the manufacturer keeps making apples because we prefer apples over oranges even though many people like oranges.
  14. Yes, I believe every game company is fully aware that the PC market and the console markets are still quite distinct. While there are people who buy both copies of a game released on PC and console, I believe the majority of the market is dedicated to a single platform. I don't really see this changing anytime soon... not just because of hardware differences, but also because of the differences in the expectations of the different audiences. It may happen, but I don't see it happening before another generation or two of consoles hit the market.
  15. Good point. The gap definately is closing, and perhaps there will come a time when the differences between console and PC are irrelevant. However, despite the additions of hard drives to the latest consoles, there are other limitations involving consoles -- Video and Audio. Right now, consoles have to be designed assuming the worst... that the video is hooked up to a normal TV and the audio could just be the build-in TV speakers. While there is support for HDTV and 5.1 surround sound(or better), developers still have to assume that it's possible for it not to exist.... or make the game require the higher end hardware and miss out on a portion(possibly a large one) of the potential audience. Which some consoles developers might be doing(I'm not sure).
  16. Yes, they definately want to capitalize on the momentum of the game name. Why spend money on marketing two different games when you can do it once? Historically, the point of consoles were only to get a better gaming experience up until the original Nintendo. After that, the point of consoles have mainly been to attract the audience that doesn't have computers or doesn't want to spend the money to make their computer gaming-worthy. It's a heck of a lot cheaper to buy a console than it is to build/buy a gaming system.(At least it is if you're looking to play the latest and greatest as they are released). The PC players will almost definately get deeper into the game and play it longer than console gamers... one of the fundamental differences between a PC and a console is that consoles are designed to keep people from changing anything, but that exact difference in a PC is what attracts a lot of people to PC gaming... the opportunity to change nearly anything. Now... some people take that in a negative direction(cheats... not that they don't exist for consoles... they're just arguably more rampant on PCs)... and some take it in a positive direction -- game mods that make the gameplay many times over any console game.
  17. At first glance, that may seem correct. However, there are some preconceptions that the people who play on those platforms have. People who play an Xbox360 or a Playstation or whatever buy those consoles because they like the way that the games for those consoles play. They kinda have a genre of their own. If a game company wants to market their game to attain the best sales for each platform, then each platform would need a game that plays a bit differently from the others.
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