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  1. Sweden largest newspaper had a interview with Mr.Bo about GRIN's new projects. GRIN are working on three new game titles . The unknown titles / projects are based on established licenses. (Tom Clancy’sGhost recon) ? "Switch " new game for PSP Unknown title /xbox360 GRAW 2? Uknow title /PS3 GRAW 2 ? The fun part is when news guy will start to inteviuw the lead artist (Ricard Johansson) at GRIN. Mr.Bo instructs Rickard what to say and not to say. And Rickard somehow slipps.. Du fÃ¥r prata om â€Switch†och â€GRAW1â€, inga andra titlar. – â€GRAW1â€? Det finns alltsÃ¥ ett â€GRAW2â€? FrÃ¥gar jag. BÃ¥da tittar pÃ¥ mig och ler brett. You may speak about "Switch" and GRAW 1 no other titles. -GRAW 1? So there is a GRAW 2? I ask. Both Bo and Ricard are looking at me with a big http://www.aftonbladet.se/vss/noje/story/0...,860599,00.html
  2. QUOTED FROM OFFICIAL GRAW SITE I don't know about you, but I think reading might help sometimes So July MP pack/patch is for free Aug/Sept/Oct patch will be NOT be free ?? hurray !
  3. IF THIS TURNS INTO THE UBI FORUM IM GOING TO BE VERY UPSET *If you want to whine go to the UBI.com forum!@!!!#1 *If you want to post bugs, please do so in an orderly fashion with the right patch in the right forum! I dont whine ! just saying what I think of this game..
  4. I think that this game is so dead or atleast it's bleeding to death and Ubi is trying to patch it up. There is to many bugs, lack of game mods that GR fans really like to play.The game engine is not optimized for MP game ore even SP. This patch did not bring anything good.
  5. I assume you updated your sound-drivers first, right? Installed the latest drivers from creative web page. And still NO GO ! so there is some problem with the patch and audigy 2
  6. Found the problem and fixed it ! Seems that graw patch 1.10 does not like SB audigy 2, made couple of google search of ctdproxy.dll . And it's SB audigy 2 related. -Disabled my SB audigy 2 card -Turned on my onboard sound card in bios Then my game started ...
  7. Reinstalled everyting again ! then 1.06 patch RETAIL then 1.10 RETAIL Still NO GO Was looking at event viewer: Faulting application graw.exe, version, faulting module ctdproxy.dll, version, fault address 0x0000ab1a.
  8. Same problem here ! Installed a fresh copy of graw then RETAIL 1.10 pach . 1.Hitting exe file 2.DVD starts to spinn 3.screen goes black 4.black screen+mouse 5.GRAW.exe has encounted a problem and need to close Note: Game worked with the last patch !! P4 3.4Ghz 2Gig pc3200 Nvidia 6800GT (latest drivers)
  9. Found this !! http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=70056 Some ut2007 guy from nV news talks with one of the epic programmer ""Jacob- There was a lot of controversy with the recently released Ghost Recon, where some players got lower performance when enabling Ageia effects because the video card has to render more objects. Is that something that should be expected or should frame rate be the same?"" Sweeney- For the record, acceleration hardware is supposed to accelerate your frame rate, not decrease it! [laughs] That seems like it’s just a messy tradeoff that they made there.
  10. Yepp LD is really nice looking, let's just hope Ubi release the god damn patch so we can play it online
  11. Ok guys let's say we get dedicated servers, but I can't even start to imagen the FPS drop when playing on server with let's say 10+ ppl It's hard as it is now on high end rigs !!
  12. Hahaha GRAW is yet another lockdown.
  13. Hmm playng the demo @1024@756 everthing on min and it's not smooth at all max 20 fps my rig Intel p4 3.4Ghz 1G of pc3200 ram and nvidia 6800GT
  14. Peerfactor is slow in the begining ! butt now it's up @ 500K/s
  15. yepp it's slow getting it @100k ore so
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