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  1. OK so maybe not, but when i saw this ubi was the first thing i thought about, and it's French made to boot . All the hype money can buy only to find out it sucks after you bought it. Enjoy http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=9731d_4407
  2. Created by Shadow=ASP= You guys should check this out. It's similar to The Graw community Mod, but it removes a bit more, and shifts things around a bit. Worth a look. http://www.simhq.com/simhq3/sims/boards/bb...c;f=75;t=000494
  3. It looks almost like that for me. Not so much the laser beam effect, but I can definatly tell what direction the bullets are going in if someone shoots past a door just by watching the tracers.
  4. I read a post a while back, I think it was Hatchetforce that said it. The M9 is used because it was a part of an base deal with italy. Basically you buy the M9 from us, and we'll let yhou keep the bases here. I may be wrong. I've read though that the M9 is a pretty sucky weapon. It lacks the penetration and stopping power of a .45 which isn't good in combat situations. Keep in mind that I'm no gun expert by any stretch of the imagination, so i may be wrong.
  5. I have seen alot up as well. What i meant was that when you first click the join button i think it brings you to a lobby of sorts. However when the Host starts the game and the map loads it removes it from teh server list. Since at that point no one can join anyways it really doesn't make a difference.
  6. I run an Intel 2.8 dual core, and there is nothing weird about how GRAW runs. I Find it highly unlikely that a dual core processor can make you run faster or cause any undue side affects at all. Sounds rather screwy to me.
  7. That's because they forgot what they were doing before they clicked the link
  8. I don't think it shows co-op servers that are in the middle of a mission. Not sure if it's a bug or an intended feature.
  9. Does anyone here play either one of these games? They are great Helicopter sims. I used to play but It's been a long time, been thinking of dusting off the discs and breaking out the x36.
  10. This might explain how there are people using the M99 in semi-auto. I have seen it in co-op a few times. 5-6 shots in rapid succession.
  11. That could be due to the server not being a very fast computer. I have played on may servers with absolutly no lag whatsoever, then other where it seems like you are shooting blanks. So i'm guessing it's mostly a server hardware issue more than a netcode issue. I would like to see some filter options in the browser personally. To only show populated servers, below a certian ping, gametype, and filter by patch version.
  12. I love this mod, It make you think before you act, and the blood mod offers a very nice visual indicator. It makes CO-OP so much more fun because you have to slow down and be purposful in your movement. It has an interesting effect on Dom mode as well with no friendly diamonds. You can't just shoot everything you see anymore.
  13. It's pretty easy to get one shot kills in mp with the Scar-H. I hope though that the damage model is unique to domination mode, and that a more realistic model is used for the pending tvt game modes.
  14. I noticed an odd one tonight. When i type a message out, it sometimes clears what i write after hitting the space bar. For instance i hit the "y" key to type a message. Then i can get 2 or 3 words typed till I hit the space bar and it clears the text field. It's not a game breaker but it's definately annoying to say the least.
  15. I may be wrong on this. But I dont' think it's possible to reach them before they die. It's probably scripted.
  16. Hey guys I love GR and GRAW but i don't like playing alone, who does . I was wondering if there was anyone willing to let me play with them. I can use TS and Vent. I prefer co-op, but i'm not adverse to TvT. I play mostly 6-11pm on week nights GMT -5 and on weekends. So anyone who wouldn't mind having a stranger play with them?
  17. What is with all the hateful and negative reply semper? I would seriously like to see how well you do if you boss told you had had a year and a half to do 3 years worth of work.. They did an excellent job with what time they had. And they are already working on a patch. My guess would be that Dom mode was not necessarly GRIN's decission. I would say that UBI wanted a catchphrase to put on the box, and that is why it went in before TDM and other game modes. Give them time, the are working on it. And as for the cheating, well GRIN promised an inhouse anti-cheat so hopefully that does the trick. The fact that they interact with people here alone give me faith in them that they want GRAW to be as good as possible. Taking cheap shots at them at every chance does is not helpful. As far as replays go... If everyone thinks that GRAW is a system hog now, I would seriously like to see how well it would perform having to record everything for playback.
  18. I get it as well. I was happening before the patch as well though
  19. Avenues Church isn't bad but it's really easy to get pinned in your spawn if your team wont' coordinate.
  20. I have a 2.8 ghz dual core, 2gig of ram, and a 256mb 7800GTX, with and X-Fi card. I play at 1680x1050 with about 30-35 fps, and it's very playable and looks excellent. Effects on medium, and dynamic shadows off. I understand that games should scale to lower end systems. But I think it's a good thing that GRAW pushes the envelope, because in a year or two it will still look good imo.
  21. the camera for the cross com is on the side of thier helmut. So even if they were using NVG's it wouln't help the camera.
  22. What gun were you using? I find that when I use the MR-C I always have to shoot more than once for somereason. Most likely due to the low impact strength. When I use the M8 or either one of SCAR's though they go down in one, even with a torso shot.
  23. The SP campaign was awesome I actually really like MP. I don't really see it as GR when I'm playing it though. More as a souped up version of what I enjoyed about BF2. A focus on infantry with more realism added. I do look foreword to no repawn TDM though, and I hope that when they add it the multiple hits needed for a kill go away.
  24. I quite clearly remember an Apache or 2 being brought down by small arms fire in Iraq. It may not be easy, but it's not impossible. They are not bulletproof. And i'm pretty sure that a .50cal round that is placed well would cause some pretty serious complications to the internal workings of a helicopter, as would multiple 5.56mm rounds.
  25. In SP either the M8 with silencer and scope or the MRC with silencer and scope. Is it just me or does anyone else feel like the MRC is extremely underpowered. When you shoot someone it's almost gaurenteed that you will need to follow up with a second burst. Otherwise they'll stand up and shoot you again. And in MP unless they are almost dead or you get the drop on them your going to lose a gunfight. Especially if you bump into them. For a gun that hits like a girl it is a bit pricy imo. For MP though I find that the SCAR-L and silencer are a very deadly combo. By not using a scope you get better peripheral vision when sighted so i just walk around all the time scoped. It works great, and it's very accurate even at range.
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