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  1. i have an onboard card and have the problem. But i found a very interesting error when i tried to uninstall the game. "The setup has detected that version 1.10.000 of GRAW is already installed. This setup installs and earlier version of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (1.06.000). You will have to uninstall the previous version before installing this version" Keep in mind this is going through add/remove programs and start/ubisoft/graw/uninstall. In other words..it wont even let me uninstall the game..
  2. After the second savepoint, i go up the hill after the helo comes and kill some people. Then i run up and pass these 2 shack/gate slabs sticking up in the ground and my game just crashes to the desktop. No error.. iv tried rebooting. and i dont really want to reinstall since ill have to redo the first 6 missions but that seems to be the only option. I was on the 5th mission when the patch came out so its not that loading problem that's in the 4th mission. anyone else have this problem?
  3. i have the same video card (and 2 GB of ram) and i run effects on high and texture on medium and the game runs well on 1024x768. I dont know how to get FPS so im not sure the exact number. My problem with MP is that is a fast paced setting with a slow paced game, but it runs about the same in MP.
  4. iv seen it. been able to ignore it though, doesnt really take anything away from the game. Hopefully they fix it.
  5. I agree with the MP maps and 1 gameplay. Not quite bored with it yet because i havent really played domination yet, but i mainly like the game for SP (at least for now..till the patch comes with TDM and i play MP more). Hopefully the mod thing gets figured out and people make some maps. But..between bf2 and this, i have my fill of FPS's. the patch in late july/early august should be huuge. I know it says june but..c'mon..its ubi
  6. the gamestop i preordered at said theyd be getting DVD's in..went in today and said they only got CD versions of the game. I took it and ran.
  7. i can understand why no lone wolf since they emphasized team work this time around. I havent been on MP, but SP was ment to be slower and tactical..nothing tactical about firefight and defend. Can kill all ur teamates then lone wolf the rest of the way if you want.
  8. I didnt understand what was going on, my bad. My brother just got the game and is having the same problems..very weird (he has 2 gigs)
  9. i had this problem in battelfield2, so im not sure the solution is the same. But i had 1 gig of ram and had the same exact problem ur having, and i swore it was connection (but it was happening in SP too). But i upgraded to 2 gigs of ram and bf2 runs perfectly. GRAW runs pretty good but my video card is the thing that drags it down for me. I highly recommend a second gig of ram if you dont have it.
  10. long story why i have 3 geforce 6600GT 128MB's, but i put in my one eVGA instead of the two gigabyte geforce's and the problem went away. I was just trying SLI, and some guy was giving me two cards for 25 bucks so i just tried it..sometimes stuff just doesnt work out..
  11. I couldnt get the print screen button and time it right, because the flashes only happen when i press for the tactical map, or F to look at my weapons list. Its a little hard to explain, but the screen flashes with some weird purple triangle type shape on the top left corner of the screen, right when i press those buttons. Theres also some purple lines but its really fast. Ill keep trying to get a screenshot, but its hard to time, if anyone knows what im talking about, please help. Really annoying.. edit: im timing it perfectly (pressing the button, seeing the flash, and pressing print screen) and it still isnt showing up on paint. This time the flash was a rainbow in the middle of the screen that was skinny near the top but got bigger as it got to the bottom of the screen.. i have: 2 gigabyte geforce 6600GT 128MB 2 gigs of ram
  12. thanks for the info (still have to wait a day to get mine). quick question: are the SP maps all in the city? i loved the demo and the game, just curious if theres more than city, so i can brace myself for the 50 threads on "EVERYTHINGS THE SAME!". Thought i saw some desert map on a video a while ago but it was bad quality so i couldnt really tell. Thanks.
  13. never said what? made multiple points.. I do have a problem with that though (team leader dieing=game lost)..probably shouldve stated that,lol. Can check one of my first posts a while ago right after the demo came out and said almost the same exact thing. But, ill live with it. edit: im not trying to change ur mind into liking the game,lol. People play the game and they like it or they dont..but if you say the game isnt like [GR] and you dont like the feel, expect a rebuttle from the other side. Because i dont want people who havent tried the demo to come in and think "oh..hack's got good points, im not going to try the game out". If they see both sides they can think about it, play it, then make a decision.
  14. your talking about GR as if it were lockdown. LOCKDOWN is the one with the "not a bad game..but not rainbow six/its like every other FPS out there" label. I dont see GRAW as every FPS out there..which one has on the fly directing, which one is insanely focused on teamwork and being careful. "Every FPS" consists of run and gun, spawn, rush die, etc, etc,. This game is different. It's slow, its close quarter combat (iv only played the demo, so im not sure what is in the other maps) instead of a humungous desert or something. I didnt want another one of those kinds of games. I got tired of [GR] when the newer game came out..cant remember what that was though. I loved the demo. Are there kinks? of course. But when you go into something with expectations of it being a certain way, your setting yourself up to be disappointed. Just because the maps arent open field kind of maps doenst mean it "isnt ghost recon"..whatever that means.
  15. Tool- 10,000 Days (the song) amazing song..not really into the other songs on the album, need to listen to it more. and all of Lamb of God- Ashes of the Wake
  16. I think ill have it the 4th. I went to gamespot and reserved it, but they suspended it a day so i dont get it tomorrow. She asked if i had a DVD-rom, which i do, so im assuming im getting the DVD version. Im kind of glad i wont get it till the 4th because i have a big essay and a test this week. Now ill actually be able to get them done,lol.
  17. maybe they strip the demo down a bit so it runs on peoples computers? more incentive to buy it. not sure though..since i know nothing about this kind of stuff..i just play games,lol.
  18. Thats exactly what i do with splinter cell (the third one obviously since the first 2 are linear). Im also for quick saves.
  19. i do think there should be a speed in between slow and running, but the slow walk is perfect. When you are walking and aiming, expecting to shoot, you dont speed walk.
  20. i can tell you next monday how 2 6600's 128MB SLI works for me. Always good to have multiple responses even if it's the same specs. I got an amazing deal, so thats why its not a high end card, and why i dont have it yet. I have a 19" LCD syncmaster930B, so its a good monitor, just not widescreen.
  21. i actually kind of wish it was in the game. Part of me likes the realism and emphasis on being careful, but theres just sometimes when an enemy sneaks by and puts you in the red in the beginning and you can help but think "i have to go another hour and not get shot". Maybe have 1 guy be a medic, and have a limited supply of medicine/tourniquet/whatever.
  22. UBI sucks.. GRIN has been awesome through the whole process, now the one time UBI can show some love (since GRIN doesnt control this part) they completely leave us in the dark... i think it will be out thursday..dont demos usually come out tuesday and thursday? definitly isnt coming out tuesday
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