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  1. I cant begin to tell you how much I myself appreciate what your are doing Cangaroo. I know my name does not carry much weight around here, so it might not mean much, but Im sure Im not the only one to feel this way. Good luck with the finished product, and thank you for your efforts.
  2. This is a case where we get what we asked for. No map for any game is going to stop camping unless its flat with no obstacles on it, and the spawns are 50 ft apart. I like when people camp their spawn, cause then I know exactly where they are. Camping is just another part of any game you play whether it be Quake, CoD, ArmA, [GR], and GRAW. You cannot escape it, as some people enjoy it. I remember playing a game ( not sure which one ) that had a mod that revealed your location after camping for more than 10 seconds. And another version that killed you if you did the same. Well, if GRAW had the same measures it would kill the game for many, if not all. Sorry this portion is kinda random....... It is a slow paced game, and to be honest.... the best part of the game to me is the tension that builds up waiting for the first team to make a mistake, and get a guy killed. That is of course during matches, Pub play is a different story. I can feel for you though, as we all have pet peeves about games, but honestly 99.9% of the time its fixed by adaptation of the player, not the game itself. Hope it all works out for you in the end.
  3. From what Ive seen... that game will be more taxing on your system than GRAW2. Could be wrong... but something to watch for.
  4. I like the way they are now for MP, but for Coop I can see why they would want the choice.
  5. Im not sure where you are going with this, but w/e. What Im stating here is simply a suggestion. If they never put it in the game, I will still play it, as I enjoy it very much. But I do see what the OP is talking about when he says it sux to be shot by someone you are filling full of lead. As someone stated earlier, Im not looking for total realism ( ArmA comes close enough for me ), but I would like to see some issues cleaned up. As for whoever told me there were more important issues to be taken care of ( sorry to lazy to go look you up ).... I cant agree with you more, but this thread is not about the other issues. Its about reactions to being shot in game, and thats what Im posting on. Ok just looked... Brok21k... As far as adapting to a new game... I do it all the time, as does everyone else in here. Problem is, we would rather have to adapt to new and interesting things offered to us, instead of being asked to adapt to the lack of things offered. If you listen to the people in this forum, and other forums on this game, they are all pretty much saying the same thing. They want a game built on the game play of [Ghost Recon], not just on the name. You dont take the carbonation out of Coke and call it Coke 2 is all Im saying.
  6. I think Nutlink nailed it. We just need penalties for different wounds, and it can all be done without adding animations. Shot in the arm = Slower scoping, or no scoping at all Shot in the leg = Unable to sprint or reduced to crouched knee drag Shot in the head = instant death Chest area = small damage to all areas, takes 3 to kill. Im sure a mod could make this, but the problem is getting the mod approved for matching. So it would be much better for the community if GRIN could work it out for us.
  7. It was I who stated shooting someone behind the fence, but it was a chain link fence I was talking about. The OP if Im not mistaken, was saying his rounds were bouncing off the fence instead of going through. So sadly I have not had any bullets strike anyone behind a wooden fence, or even a metal one. But that is a nice find, maybe some tests would be in order to find out the truth of the matter.
  8. I agree with Roco as well. I love GRAW 2 so far, but MP is already predictable after first spawn. Snipers run to sniper positions and take out every single soul running through a tight spot, and the nades fly with perfect timing already into choke points. Put the 4 random spawns in, and this would be a thing of the past. And you would have so many happy TDM players. Not to mention, matching in ladders would gain so much more replay value. Please Grin...... help us out a little? kthx
  9. I remember the OICW, and the there are two differences in what we had in [GR] and what we have in GRAW 2. [GR]'s OICW was balanced by movement while shooting. If you were moving while using the GL, it could pretty much go anywhere, including at your feet which equaled death for user. So you had to stand still, line your shot/shots, and fire. So running in the open, and stopping on a dime to use one was out of the question. GRAW2 is balanced by number of shots, and reload time. You can only pop off one round at a time, and then it takes a bit to reload if you have any shells left. But you can be at a full speed sprint, stop on a dime, and accurately put a round where you want it at close range. I would rather have the launcher game play from [GR] as it slowed the game down abit, but I dont get upset at the ones we have in GRAW2, as most times if played right, you can take out a guy with a launcher pretty quick. Sniper rifles for me is a different story. My problem is not with the the way they are used..... but how many are used. Would nice if you could restrict the number of certain weapons used during a round. I know people would complain about not being able to use the weapon of their exact choice, but I see that option in other games, and after awhile, people get used to it.
  10. Yeah, I tried that, it was telling me that it could not write it to disk. So I had to manually do it.
  11. Thanks Pave Low.... I looked at the disc and there is a smudge that i cannot remove... so A friend was nice enough to send me the file I was having problems with, which was the Direct X file... thank you for the help, now If I can just figure out how to patch the game lol
  12. When installing the game I get an error towards the end of installation. Component: DetectionCommon File: D:\Support\Detection\detectionapi_rd.dll Error: Data Error (cyclic redundancy check) It usually pops up when it shows its installing the graw2.exe. It went through the entire installation once, and thought I was good to go, but then when I hit the desktop Icon to start the game, it had to look for it, and then told me it was not found. I would really appreciate any help... I dont know enough about PCs to even know where to start.
  13. I just dont see it. I know there are cheaters, I know they are in every game, I guess they just dont hang the same places I do. Ive seen them, Ive caught them, but just not in the droves you seem to think are out there.
  14. I dont even know what to say. Im not new to gaming, but that is the first time I have ever seen advertising for hacks. And I have to say, its pretty sad. The biggest problem is the fact of all the accusations that fly, and with those you get people who feel they are being hacked, so why not do it back. From all my years of gaming, nothing stops hacks faster than a good community. Of course you still need the help of a an A/C, but with a strong community, they seem to go away faster.
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